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Genoq... We're Into Your Genes
Now you're just a courier, going on what seems to be an usual errand to Genoq Biolabs in Singapore. But as soon as you step into the building, your priorities will most certainly change. In there lies a danger that threatens the peace of the entire world - genetically enhanced creatures waiting for their next prey.

D/Generation is an action game with good puzzles along the way. With each level passed, the difficulty will increase and you'll meet stronger enemies. These are named alphabetically: A-, B-, C/Generation, with the ultimate killing machine being called as the game itself. Big thanks to red_avatar who wrote the review, Paco who took the screens and Dragom who supplied the archive and various extras for your pleasure.
posted by TotalAnarchy // 19-04-2010 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink

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