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DOS games of old that were somewhat under-appreciated
(Image via DOS gaming has garnered up quite the following and a loyal one at that. In a modern world full of technological advancements and sophisticated graphics, gaming with an older, more authentic feel to it appeals to a whole host of gamers. Of course other games have their place too, with the appeal of them being more than understandable. They too have a huge following with the likes of FIFA 19 for the gamers who enjoy sports offerings, Fortnite if you relish teaming up with your friends and creating havoc, and casino games like 3 Card Brag and the like also. But there’s a certain charm and nostalgic feel to DOS games that the modern offerings simply can’t match. Nothing modern is like it. So, as we show our continued support for the DOS gaming world, we thought we’d highlight some of the DOS games which have perhaps gone unnoticed or have been forgotten about over the years. Of course there’s so many, but here’s a few that spring to mind. Dune An adventure strategy game that followed the novel fairly closely, Dune is a game we simply had to kick off with. Playing as Paul Atreides, you were tasked with overcoming the battle against the Harkonnen to drive them off Dune, all whilst managing mining the Spice production. An engaging, captivating game, Dune is well worth a go if you haven’t played it already. Epic Pinball An absolute classic, Epic Pinball is a game many have played as it came free with various magazines. The ultimate DOS pinball game, you could spend hours on it trying to rack up humongous scores. For its time too, though, the graphics, sound effects, speed in which the ball moved and the music were brilliantly executed. If you can find it, play it - especially if you enjoy pinball games. Epic Pinball really does live up to its name. Comanche Comanche is a game that almost certainly slipped under many gamers’ radars, but boy was it good. A helicopter combat simulator, Comanche was incredibly fun as you took down the enemy and caused destruction along the way. Flying through valleys, over season and above mountains, Comanche was an excellent play. Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Star Trek is absolutely huge and has a worldwide following, which is perhaps why it was so surprising to see Star Trek: 25th Anniversary slip somewhat under the radar. The game was fantastic. The floppy disk version took a while to install, which is why we’d probably recommend the CD version. It had better sound effects and music too, anyway. Full of missions whilst onboard the Enterprise - with the point and click adventure mode a particular highlight - there’s a lot to the game, but you’re guaranteed to have fun playing it. Pipe Mania A puzzle game which could keep you hooked for hours on end, Pipe Mania was all about placing down sections of a pipe that appear - much like the iconic Tetris - in the hope you’ll keep the green liquid flowing. If you manage to lay the pipe down correctly, the green liquid will flow through the sections and you’ll proceed to the next level. It’s simple but effective. Tyrian (Image via We had to end on Tyrian. Regarded by many as one of the best top-down scrolling shooters ever, Tyrian was all about seeking revenge for your character and ace pilot, Trent Hawkins. Your enemy, MicroSol, killed your best buddy Buce Quesilliac over the discovery of an ultra-rare mineral Gravitium. Full of endless enemies and battling, Tyrian is epic.
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Retro VS New casinos
Retro VS New casinos Online casinos have been increasing in popularity since the end of the ‘90s when DOS and Linux made it technically possible for us to gamble from our computers. Today, casinos online are easily accessible from most devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and even smartwatches. But what exactly is it that has changed? We’re taking a closer look at what retro casinos offered, and compare them with the new and upcoming.

Retro equals rough?

Just like old-school video games, the first online casinos were quite simple, and sometimes even a bit difficult to get one’s head around. The websites were made using basic HTML-coding and sometimes had the feel of a game library with rows and rows of hyperlinked game titles, rather than an interactive site with icons. The games available mainly consisted of RNG table games, and classic slots of the standard three-wheel, 3-row setup, rarely exceeding five paylines. Deposits and withdrawals were possible by either bank transfers or credit card, often with processing times of several days, and bonuses or special promotions were more or less non-existent.

The rise of the new

As our technological society has evolved, a lot has changed. Today, websites (or apps) are readily available, designed to incorporate everything to animations, videos and previews. A fast internet connection and more straightforward software have made this possible, meaning that you can interact with the website more easily and quickly than before. The main difference between retro and new is, however, the games. Video slots and live casino are both very advanced game types able to offer players a vast selection of gaming entertainment. Lightning-fast HD-streaming at real live casino tables streamed instantly, and video slots created with animations and unique features, all in one place. Together with that we’ve also seen a rise of proper guides for gambling such as askGamblers or Casinopiloten that provides fellow players with top end information related to gambling. But, that’s of course not all. Thanks to the e-commerce industry, several smart payment options are available at most online casinos, such as PayPal, Trustly, Swish, Skrill and more, many of them processing transactions instantly, without added transaction fees. Last but not least, bonuses and promotions are regularly offered to players, where casinos give players everything from bonus money to free spins and loyalty points. Things that weren’t technically possible to provide at the beginning of the online casino era.

All about taste

In the end, the best casino is the one that can provide the player with what they are looking for. Many of the casinos that started the industry back in the ‘90s are still operational, and they have, of course, upgraded their product since. A player looking for a casino that is all about gambling and games without a lot of ‘fluff’, a retro casino might be the best choice. For extra features, high-resolution video slots, or a mobile optimised website, a newer casino is the way to go. For those still not quite sure if the old outlive the new, it’s often possible to access the site and even play most games for free. The games are played in fun-mode, which gives a good indication of what games an online casino offers.

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The history of DOS and casino games
Whilst it’s hard to believe, it has now been approximately 38 years since the initial launch of the Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS DOS). For 80s and 90s kids, the mere mention of MS DOS gaming may bring back a flood of memories of all the many cases of games we used to keep.
From 3D Pinball Space Cadet, to Recoil, EverQuest and many more, MS DOS games bring back nostalgic memories and thanks to technology, are now firmly in the past. Whilst it’s no secret that today’s computer games are much more sophisticated than that of the MS system of the 80s and 90s, there was something about those games that has kept them popular, even today.
So, what made MS DOS games so popular with people of all ages back on the 80s, 90s and early 200’s, and how have these games helped to shape today’s gaming experiences? Keep reading to find out.
What is it made MS DOS games so popular?
After introducing their first range of personal computers in 1981, Microsoft soared to popularity with the introduction of the Disk Operating System. Dubbed as the most popular asset, it really put Microsoft on the map. DOS software was adopted by the majority of the market throughout this era and became a household name across the globe. Whilst it was the first of it’s kind, MS DOS enabled consumers to play classic games from the comfort of their own home, where they once would have had to travel to an arcade or a movie theatre to try their luck on one of the large console machines that only existed in public spaces. MS DOS was a game changer for the average consumer and responsible for the soar in popularity of computer gaming.
The rise of Business Opportunities through MS DOS

Computer games expanded from fun and entertainment into educational offerings, reaching a whole new market.
In addition, MS DOS created many commercial opportunities for small businesses, with the introduction of home-based learning being a major area of growth. The company were one of the businesses to hugely profit from the introduction of MS DOS, with their ‘Reader Rabbit’ series, which introduced primary school learning in the home.
In addition, more traditional educational play companies began to jump on the bandwagon, including New York based company, Fisher Price. Known for their classic dollhouses and baby games, this historic company began to profit from a seemingly brand new technology, which further grew their brand as a household name.
The benefits of MS DOS based games
Whilst we may not want to go back to MS DOS based games, there’s no denying that for previous generations they made up a great part of our childhood. So what were the benefits of MS DOS based games?
• They were easy to sell on to others
• Second-hand games were easier to come by for a fraction of the price
• You could build up an impressive physical collection to show off to friends
• Discounts were more frequent
• No need to worry about internet speeds
The rise of casino-based games in the home

PC based casino games started to become popular which was just the start of the amazing online casino offerings we have today.
Between 1990 and 1997, the number of households owning computers with MS DOS grew from 15 to 35%. This meant that there was a growing opportunity for even more industries to jump on the bandwagon, particularly gambling and betting companies.
By the early 2000s, casino-based pc games were popping up, left, right and centre with the likes of Casino Inc, Hoyle Casino, Slingo, Caesars Palace 2000 and many more.
Whilst these games may have lacked the fully stocked bars and buzzing atmosphere of Las Vegas style venues, there, have certainly been, and continue to be significant benefits to virtual based casino games. Some of the benefits include:
• Increased player convenience
• Amazing variety of games
• High quality graphics
• Enhanced customer safety and security measures
• Availability on multiple platforms

How do today’s casinos games differ from the MS DOS based games?
Today’s online casino games are significantly different from that of the late 20th and early 21st century, with more than 5.5 million people in the UK gambling online as of today.
Not only do they offer engaging live casino environments but also fun slots and scratch card games too. According to a study from gamble aware, out of all online gamblers, online slot games account for the highest expenditure compared to other betting-based games.
This is partly because the player experienced offered at some online casinos is nothing short of electric today. Take for example 888 Casino, which offers players an enhanced gaming experience online with an expansive variety of slots games to play. Experience free spins, themed games, mini bonus games and more when you try out their online slots games.
What is the appeal of online slot games?

Quick wins and engaging graphics make today’s slots games so exciting and popular.
Online slot games feature incredible graphics and are much more interactive than their predecessors, and whilst wins on MS DOS based games were purely simulated, today’s wins are 100% real and much more beneficial. With higher pay-outs, frequent promotions, and an abundance of bonuses, as well as free slots and a variety of games to choose from, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.
Overall, whilst MS DOS based games may have set the scene for home-based casino games, online slot games have revolutionised a new wave of digital casinos, which continue to fund the betting, and gambling industry. Games such as Caesars Palace, Crazy Nick’s Leisure Suit Larry Casino and Trump Castle – The Ultimate Casino Gambling Simulation may have characterised the industry back in the 80’s and 90’s, have been replaced by a completely different gaming experience online.
But for some, the nostalgia of MS DOS means that today’s online casinos just can’t compete. So what will you choose? Will you be sourcing the classic MS DOS games to relive those childhood memories or will you be embracing online casino games?

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The evolution of old-school DOS games to modern online slots
In most areas of gaming we can see a clear evolutionary pattern from the early, crude inventions right through to the present day. One of the biggest developments in the industry occurred in the 1980s with the inception of DOS in 1981.
This platform offered a significant breakthrough in computing as a whole but as far as gaming was concerned, this was a revolution.
Early Games
Present gamers may not be familiar with DOS as a concept, but they may have heard of some of their gaming titles. Quake, Day of the Tentacle, Blood, and Command and Conquer were 90s classics that clung on in the early days of the internet and continue to offer a nostalgic aspect to gaming.
Developers in the modern day have built on the success of those early DOS productions and this is where we can trace the evolutionary pattern. The leap from Command and Conquer to big ‘shoot em up’ titles such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive isn’t too hard to see. The jump can be seen in other games too but the difference between now and those far off DOS days is that the current options are so much better.
Clearer, stunning graphics and perfect sound effects help to bring gaming into the 21st century and that evolutionary path continues. It’s fascinating to trace the lines back and we can also see this development in the world of online gambling games.
Take a Spin
DOS gaming wasn’t short of casino options and several titles began to appear from their birth in 1981. Lucky’s Casino, Vegas Casino and 4 Queens Casino are just three options and each of them had a loyal following.
If we take a look at those games now, we can easily date them to their origins between the late 1980s and the early 1990s. They’re fun but the graphics are basic to say the least and the sound quality is also lacking. Casino games are just part of the DOS story but it’s a part that underlines the theory of gaming evolution perfectly.
Compare and Contrast
If we take a look at the online gambling industry today, not only have we seen a huge improvement in the quality of games, the question of choice will also make us thankful that we’ve arrived in the 21st century.
A direct comparison can easily be made with table games such as blackjack, poker and roulette. Very basic examples existed during the days of DOS, but these have made a huge leap into the present day. Not only is there the possibility to play with high quality automated software, many operators have now introduced live casino into their platform. With clear visuals and pitch perfect graphics, it’s the closest thing to playing in the real world.
The gaming choice for players is also so much larger and varied now with gambling sites making sure they cater for everyone giving players the choice between bingo and slots as well having classic card and table games. Some sites also even have an option to play and bet on lotteries from around the world.

The advancements in technology have enabled Gaming graphics to develop with games having much clearer visuals and realistic sounds. Clear Examples A number of operators underline just how far the gaming industry has come in the years since DOS launched in 1981. Among their number are 888Ladies who list one of the widest sets of bingo and slots games online. Slot machines proved to be problematic for early developers, there were some options but they were extremely basic and crude, so this area of casino play was largely left to the physical realms. Contrast that with the landscape today where an operator such as 888Ladies has over a hundred different slot titles to choose from. Advances in software have meant that games developers can provide players with a host of themes from classic horror, adventure, cartoon fun and titles based on popular films and TV shows. Classic fruit machine games still exist so those with a nostalgic outlook are fully catered for too. Bingo is another game to have benefitted from the current makeover. From very elementary games produced by early developers, this area of online casinos employs a number of cards with a choice of entry levels. That’s another obvious change - the ability to stake and, hopefully, win some money, but in regards to the transition from 1980s DOS to the present day, it’s mainly about quality, entertainment and variety. Keeping it Real It is still possible to play DOS games using modern equipment thanks to a clever piece of software known as the DOSbox. This, together with a set of safe downloads from an established and respected central website, will allow players to access a wide range of titles and many of the old favourites are in there including Quake, Dark Forces, and the classic Tetris. While it’s great to be able to play titles that bring an edge of realism into our gaming, there will always be a big demand for nostalgia. That’s particularly true for those who played the original DOS games back in the 1990s and beyond but there is a whole new generation of fans switching on. That need for nostalgia will hopefully continue and we’ve seen it elsewhere with the likes of Atari and early Super Mario games attracting a lot of interest. It’s undoubtedly true that developers do it bigger and better in the modern day but it’s always important to look back to the roots of gaming and, while we appreciate what we have right now, we can still switch back and play in the old fashioned way.

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Profitable E-sports Teams
E-sports, also known as electronic sports, refers to the world of organized video gaming played on a competitive level with tournament structures and cash prizes. E-sports involves multiplayer competitions, particularly between professional players, whether individually or as a team. Popular with at-home gamers, participants from different teams or leagues compete in the same video games. Some of the familiar eSports games played are Fortnite, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Madden NFL, Mortal Kombat, and League of Legends. E-sports has gained so much popularity that there are now Esportsbetting sites. These sites let you post your predictions for eSports matches and contend for real money prizes.

Will E-sports Be in The Olympics?

The demographics of gaming in today’s world continues to change from recreational to competitive. Gamers worldwide can participate in eSports though it requires a great deal of commitment, dedication, focus, and loads of practice to become a professional. E-sports is already becoming mainstream, with the eSports 2019 World Championship being a huge success. The match was based on the game League of Legends and took place in Paris, France, on November 10th.
The first nationwide eSports competition for Space Invaders was held in 1980, with 10,000 participants after home consoles became somewhat standard in 1972. Five years ago, eSports, a fast-growing global phenomenon, was already an explosive billion-dollar industry with billions of dollars at stake and millions of fans.
Leading up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, to be held in Japan from July 23rd, 2021, there will be an eSports tournament. The 2024 Summer Olympics, being held in Paris, will comprise of demonstration eSports events.
It is highly unlikely that eSports will take over conventional sports as each one has its following and satisfies different preferences. E-sports gratifies online lovers, and for those who love the outdoors, sports arenas would be hard to let go of. That said, the viewership of a single eSports final is higher than that of professional hockey, soccer, and baseball finals. E-sports currently enjoys a worldwide audience of 454 million people.
According to, the most profitable E-sports teams are:
• Cloud9 & Team SoloMid - both worth US$400 million
• Team Liquid – US$320 million
• FaZe Clan – US$240 million
• Immortals Gaming Club – US$210 million
• Gen.G – US$185 million
• Fnatic – US$175 million
• Envy Gaming – US$170 million

Can E-sports Be A Career?

In 2013, the Staples Center in Los Angeles had sold out tickets within minutes for the League of Legends championship. Live events and streaming services have transformed casual gamers into earnest stars who sometimes earn seven-figures and enjoy enormous brand endorsements and sponsorships. If you’re wondering whether eSports can be a profitable career, by all means, yes! And for other wagering opportunities for the non-professional gamers, you can engage in Esportsbetting, a popular way to bet on eSports. There are numerous online sites available that facilitate Esporstbetting.
E-sports has functionalities that are very similar to traditional sports leagues. In April of 2018, the NBA held a draft inauguration of its eSports league, centered around the basketball-themed NBA 2K game franchise. Professional eSports players were nominated with all the splendor and spectacle customarily reserved for players on the court.
E-sports has extended its reach to colleges with a considerable number of them offering the competitions. These college competitions are recognized by a governing body that gives thousands of dollars in prize money, which is then put towards scholarships for the champions.

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The History of Online Poker

There is a man that in his own words, lives like a “hermit in the Ozarks” that you have probably never heard of. His name is Mike Caro and he is one of the most influential men in the history of gambling, although you wouldn’t necessarily think so if you met him.
“The Mad Genius” as he is also known is the ultimate encyclopaedia of poker and to many, the Father of online poker. In 1998 Caro was the key influencer endorsing ‘Planet – Poker’ the world’s very first real money online poker room.
Shortly after that Caro departed to the Ozarks to live his life of solitude only reconnecting with modern society on rare occasions to deliver seminars and lectures on poker. An awful lot has happened in the world of online poker since 1998, so if you’re reading Mike, here’s a complete history of online poker from 1998 to the present day.
The Early Days: 1998 – 2003
As mentioned earlier in the article, Planet – Poker became the first company to offer real money online poker facilities to the general public. Initially their success was slow paced but slowly and steadily word got out about their excellent poker games.
Once it did a whole host of companies began to take advantage of the buzz surrounding online poker with Paradise Poker quickly becoming the most popular. They raised the bar when it came to software and gameplay but despite that, there were still issues with the servers.
Players were often kicked from games as servers crashed, unable to handle the sheer number of people wanting to play Texas Hold ‘Em or 7-card stud.
The Moneymaker Effect: 2003 – 2006
In 2003 a 27-year-old accountant from Nashville, Tennessee called Chris Moneymaker made headlines around the world when he bluffed his way to victory at the WSOP Main Event final table. What made his victory so spectacular was the fact that he was by no means a professional, having qualified for the tournament through an online satellite.
The nature of Moneymaker’s victory over Sammy Farha at the WSOP final table combined with his backstory made for fantastic copy in the media. Footage of his victory was played non-stop on ESPN and Moneymaker’s story soon began to inspire people to take up online poker.
As a result, there was an explosion in online poker rooms and for the first time in the game’s brief history it began to be enjoyed by people outside of the USA. Prior to 2003 90% of online poker players were Americans but after Moneymaker’s WSOP victory thriving communities began to pop up in Europe, Australasia and beyond.
A new breed of online player was born too, with hundreds if not thousands of players deciding to treat poker as a career choice rather than a hobby. As such cash prizes began to soar and tournaments began to spring up to cater for demand.
Everything was perfect in the online poker world until…
The Unlawful Internet Gambling: 2006 – 2010
Just when online poker was really starting to gain a foothold in America the government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) which made it illegal for Americans to play poker online.
The UIGEA proved to be the death of many of the early pioneers of online gambling, but a select few survived by diversifying and moving to territories with less prohibitive laws. Between 2006 and 2010 the groundwork was laid for a thriving online poker industry in the UK which brings us on to…
The Online Poker Renaissance: 2010 – 2015
With much of North America off limits for online poker companies a new home had to be found for the industry. The UK – a country with less stringent laws – was the home of choice for the majority of large online poker companies.
Between 2010 and 2015 the online gambling industry in the UK experienced a period of phenomenal growth, mainly driven by the popularity of online poker. At the same time, software caught up with demand resulting in excellent lobbies and gameplay for players.
During this period a number of American politicians in favour of repealing UIGEA began to cite the UK as an example of how a well-regulated online poker industry could thrive and succeed in the USA. Although it took some time for that argument to pass water, with only minor movement being made on the issue now in 2020.
Mobile Growth: 2015 – 2020
In 2010 there was nothing new and flashy about mobile gaming, the creation of the iPhone three years prior had already introduced people to the idea of playing games on their mobile devices. However, gambling companies were slow on the uptake, not taking mobile gaming seriously until around 2015.
Prior to that, if people wanted to enjoy an online poker room on their mobile device, they would have to access it via their browser, leading to a clunky and tedious playing experience. 2015 saw the first real efforts from poker sites to adapt their offering to the mobile market.
Belated though it was, it proved to be a huge success for the industry, boosting playing numbers all across the planet. In fact, now in 2020, the majority of poker players access their favourite site via their mobile rather than their PC or laptop.
Mobile compatibility has made poker accessible and easy to play, and the future of the industry is sure to lie on mobile devices.

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Rayman Ubi Studios

Producer: Ubi Studios
Publisher: Ubisoft
Year: 1995
Keywords: Platform Adventure Single-player Side-scrolling 2D
Compability: MS-DOS, Atari Jaguar, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DSi, iOS, Android

The original Rayman video game was released across multiple platforms in 1995, followed by DOS in 1996. Thanks to its huge popularity it was later adapted to many modern formats, including Android and iOS. Rayman is one of the most influential platform games in history, resulting in a franchise consisting of 45 games across multiple platforms.
In Rayman we follow the recurring protagonist Rayman; a literally limbless cartoon with floating appendages. The character is easily recognizable and famous for his trademark helicopter hair and literally throwable punches. Rayman lives in a colorful and peaceful universe, inhabited by many strange creatures. In the middle of the world stands the Great Protoon; a power cell that creates balance in the universe. Everything is peaceful until one day when the evil and mysterious Mr. Dark steals the power source and kidnaps the small creatures known as the Electoons.
It is now up to Rayman to restore balance to the universe. In the game we follow him through 6 worlds where he needs to find and free all the caged Electoons, gather special powers bestowed by Betilla the Fairy and defeat the bosses. When all the Electoons have been freed, the final challenge awaits at Candy Château; the home of Mr. Dark.

The world of Rayman

The feeling of vastness in Rayman’s world was unlike anything anyone had ever experienced back when the game was released. The 6 unique worlds are centered around inspired and imaginative themes so unlike each other that it makes the game feel much bigger than it actually is. The themes range from the beautiful and magical Dream Forest to the harsh and cold Caves of Skops. And my personal favourite, Band Land; an icy music world with an excellent soundtrack, where the player must use acrobatics tricks and skate through the slippery lands full of evil notes and instruments in order to reach the evil saxophone boss Mr. Sax. The game faces Rayman with the following worlds and bosses:

  • The Dream Forest - Moskito
  • Band Land - Mr. Sax
  • Blue Mountains - Mr. Stone
  • Picture City - Space Mama
  • The Caves of Skops - Mr. Skops
  • Candy Château - Mr. Dark

The game also throws in the odd mini-boss and bonus levels where Rayman has to quickly escape a chasing enemy or rising water level, making the player have to race against the side-scrolling screen. In addition, many of the Electoons in the early levels can not be reached and rescued until Rayman has received a certain special power. This leads to some good old metroidvania-style backtracking where the player continues to discover secrets in previous worlds. The difficulty is progressive, which means that the early levels are a piece of cake, while later bosses such as Space Mama can be more frustrating than modern games such as Dark Souls. If you do not love a challenge, odds are that you will not finish Rayman. (Find out more about odds at

Graphics, sound and gameplay

Back in the mid 90’s when Rayman was released it was one of the most beautiful games anyone had ever seen. The graphics still stand surprisingly strong even today. Nothing less can be said about the soundtrack; unique and magical compositions specially made for each of the 6 different worlds in order to create the perfect atmosphere. The gameplay is flawless as well. The player instantaneously understands how to control Rayman, and every time a new power (such as the ability to run, hang or fly using the helicopter hair) is introduced, Betilla the Fairy tells the player how to use this new ability. One major issue with the game is the difficulty. The game was released without ever being play-tested, which has led to it being renowned for its difficulty even today. It is far from impossible, but a majority of players never complete the game.

Rayman - In conclusion

Rayman is an absolutely fantastic game and an immortal classic. It has inspired countless game developers and spawned a series of 45 games, the original perhaps the best one. The world, characters, powers and bosses are one-of-a-kind, and the sound and visual effects are way ahead of their time. I really want to give the game a full score of 5/5, but because of the tremendous difficulty it makes many players rage-quit towards the end of the adventure. For this reason alone we stop at a rating of 4. If you want a nostalgic and magical platform experience and do not fear a proper challenge, Rayman may be the perfect option for you!

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Quake - The history and legacy

24 years ago, idSoftware’s to-be multiplayer giant Quake was released. Quake is one of the most important games ever for the first-person shooter genre, online multiplayer deathmatches, and for electronic sports. Real-time 3D rendering made the graphics outstanding and pioneering, and the later QuakeWorld update introduced the QuakeSpy software; laying the groundwork for fair online multiplayer matchmaking. Quake was also one of the first games to popularize downloadable mission packs and optional extra content. Before the year 2000, Quake had sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Today, there are few games who haven’t heard of the series.
The world of online gaming, FPS and electronic sports would not be the same without Quake. We have a lot to thank the series for, but many people fail to realize just how much of an impact it has had. In this article, we are going to take a look at the Quake franchise, its history and legacy.

The Quake franchise

The storylines and games of the Quake franchise are scattered and have little to do with each other. They are set in different universes. The first Quake and its mission packs are set in a dark fantasy/sci-fi universe. Quake II, 4 and Enemy Territory are set in a separate universe, following humanity’s war against an alien race. The Arena series, including Champions, are multiplayer focused spinoffs centered around the arena deathmatch modes. Notable releases are:

   • Quake (1996)
   • Quake II (1997)
   • Quake III Arena (1999)
   • Quake 4 (2005)
   • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (2007)
   • Quake Champions (2017)

In the end of the 90’s, the popularity of Quake as a multiplayer game was massive. This led the developers to start the Arena spinoff franchise, focused on the multiplayer aspect of the games. Several games received both additional mission packs and multiplayer packs to add on to the experience.
Quake was a smash hit when it originally released in 1996. Meanwhile, the Doom franchise had made the multiplayer deathmatch games extremely popular. This led to idSoftware releasing the update QuakeWorld in December 1996. QuakeWorld greatly reduced lag and improved performance in gameplay and game physics. This was the start of a new era of online multiplayer gaming, and QuakeWorld has been called the first ever popular multiplayer first-person shooter by IGN. idSoftware always continued rewarding loyal fans, with releases such as Quake Live; a 2010 free-to-play updated and modern version of Quake III Arena. Since August 2018, Quake Champions has also been free-to-play, further increasing popularity of the game and its multiplayer modes.

Multiplayer and Esports

Since the initial release of Quake, and especially following the QuakeWorld update, the franchise has been one of the most popular multiplayer shooters in history. So popular in fact, that a yearly convention and competition, QuakeCon, has been held annually since the release of the first game. QuakeCon has been called the “Woodstock of gaming”, and has greatly affected and inspired electronic sports. In addition to QuakeCon, the game has also been popular in competitions such as CPL, ESWC and Dreamhack. The popularity also greatly helped the evolution of Esports betting, and gamblers can bet on the outcome of Quake and other Esports to this day (for more information about Swedish sports- and Esports betting, visit

Quake platforms and formats

The original Quake was written for DOS, which meant that it was commonly played on Windows 95. This however meant that it could not run on NT-systems. Shortly after its initial success, a version called WinQuake was released in order to sort out this problem. The game was translated into many different formats, such as VQuake and GLQuake. By the time Quake II was released, popularity had increased so much that it called for a vast platform expansion. Quake II conquered PC, MAC, Amiga, Linux, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and was later even converted to Xbox360. The later releases are available on most modern formats and platforms.

Quake - Final thoughts

The world of Esports would not be what it is today without Quake. Quake helped lay the foundation of what would become crucial parts of FPS, deathmatches and playing games on the internet. The developers describe it pretty accurately when they say that the fast, skill-based arena-competition style deathmatches of the original Quake games helped turn them into modern day legends.

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Fallout Interplay Productions

Producer: Interplay Productions
Publisher: Interplay Productions
Year: 1997
Keywords: Single-player RPG Future Open-world Turn-based
Compability: MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, OS X

In an alternate future, where the world took a different technological and political course after the second World War, mankind again faces impending doom. This time due to global petroleum shortage. With Alaska remaining the single place on earth still hosting oil, China decides to invade the United States. After the development of a powerful battle armor, the US manages to easily defeat the Chinese invasion, and decides to take the battle to China. In 2077, after years of conflict, a global nuclear war finally breaks out. In a matter of hours, most major cities on the planet are destroyed, society collapses and the world is buried in nuclear fallout. Most of mankind is destroyed, and the ones who survive struggle to settle in the nuclear wasteland that is now the world. Spread throughout the United States, underground fallout shelters known as vaults have sheltered some survivors from the radiation and mutations. 2161, 84 years after the nuclear war, Californian Vault 13 opens, and our protagonist starts exploring the nuclear wastelands.

Graphics and sound

Cultural progress seems to have stopped in the Fallout world, trapping the US in a 1950’s looking sort of world and giving it a classic Raygun Gothic appearance. The style is easily recognized and known for combining Art Deco, Streamline Moderne and Googie architecture to create the sort of retro-futuristic style that has become so typically associated with the Fallout franchise. The nuclear wastelands concept adds its own darkly flavored new frontier touch, and while surveying the landscape and hunting mutants, you might just stumble on an old western style saloon where you can play Blackjack and gamble (Read more about Blackjack at Blackjack Sverige). Graphics wise, Fallout if nothing too impressive. It does not look bad, it just does not really compare to many of the FPS games released for MS-DOS at the time. The soundtrack does a great job setting the required atmosphere of the game, but does not leave a particularly lasting impression. The game did not have a particularly impressive budget, and the focus was always with the gameplay.


One of the things that made Fallout so unique at its release was the RPG elements. In fact, many the decisions you make when creating your character will dictate much of your overall Fallout experience. Few other games have had such an important and impactful character creation setup. Besides the obvious attributes such as strength, intelligence and agility, the players will also set their character’s luck, charisma and perception. These choices will change the way you play the game, what items you may or may not find, if other characters are likely to help you and much more. As if this wasn’t enough, Fallout also lets the player select from a wide range of skills such as barter, energy weapons, making traps and even gambling! (For more information about gambling and games of chance in Sweden, visit RouletteSverige) Optional traits also include things such as a fast metabolism, which makes the character heal more and faster, and jinxed, giving you a lucky chance to be missed by enemy critical attacks.
This system makes Fallout incredibly replayable, and every playthrough will differ greatly. In case you haven’t caught on yet: Fallout is massive! When you have created your character, it’s time to explore the wastelands, defeat enemies, complete quests, level up and collect gear and weapons to make life easier. There are often more than one way to complete a quest or task, and doing things the “right” way will grant you additional karma and better rewards. Enemy monsters, mutants and humans are faced in turn-based combat, and the extensive combat system must be experienced first hand to be understood.

The Fallout franchise

The massive success of the unique future RPG concept in Fallout launched the series into a worldwide bestseller, selling tens of millions of copies. Fallout was followed by Fallout 2, Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout Shelter, Fallout 4 and the later installment Fallout 76, released in 2018.
Fallout is a fantastic game (and series), with incredible RPG elements making it replayable, and each playthrough unique. The world is large and full of characters and items to interact with. Graphics and sound wise, the game does well, but is nothing groundbreaking. Fallout is all about the gameplay, and it does it very well; 4/5.

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Classic Old-School Games We Keep Coming Back To

There’s something about the magical feeling of nostalgia we get when playing old-school video games. Whether it’s because they remind us of simpler times when the most we had to deal with was trivial things, or simply because they were at the start of our long gaming journey, nothing beats a few hours with a classic on our hands. If you’re feeling like you want to ditch the graphics-intensive games of today and go back to some simple, pure entertainment, then here are a few old school classics you can play instead!

While to some it might seem like a strange choice to add Roulette to this list, this casino staple has made its way into the hands of gamers for decades. There have been dozens of versions of roulette made for a slew of consoles over the years, and most of us have given the wheel a few spins simply out of curiosity. Today, roulette and other casino classics can be found in online casinos. These websites host a lot of great games that players can try for free or play for real money. With that in mind, you can play roulette online here and enjoy the game’s simple charm.

Resident Evil
Resident Evil has without a doubt become one of the biggest game franchises in the world. With the many new remakes of old-school Resident Evil games coming our way, many of us are tempted to travel back in time and give the original horror-inducing titles another go! Of course, this is a great idea! While the new versions of the first few games are far better than what any of us had expected, there’s a certain charm to the blocky graphics and weird controls that enhance the terrifying atmosphere these games inherently carry.

Bloody Roar
Here’s a game that a lot of you might not be familiar with. While we originally wanted to go with Tekken for this list, we decided to honor a less popular fighting game instead. This gem gained some traction back in the day but ultimately wasn’t too successful outside of Japan. Like most of the incredible fighting games through the years, Bloody Roar included special moves, great combos, and intense gameplay. What truly set the game apart though was the beast transformations that every character could activate to boost their power and show off a new set of moves!

It was never a question whether the old Pokémon games would make it on this list. The legendary franchise might have spawned the sensation that is Pokémon GO and the mega-popular anime series, but most of us were introduced to it through the classic Nintendo games that first came out decades ago! It might be a little hard for us to get out hands on a Nintendo Gameboy or a Nintendo DS these days, but luckily, emulators have us covered! You can download these incredibly helpful apps on your PC or mobile and run old-school games like the Pokémon games without a problem.

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With Accounts in Decline, Facebook’s Focus is Scattering

With Accounts in Decline, Facebook’s Focus is Scattering

Facebook’s number of daily and monthly active users has declined in the second quarter, the company announced.

While infinite growth is the MO of most, if not all, businesses, Facebook having 2.7 billion users – roughly a third of the whole global population – means they must be reaching the limit of who can become a member, if they account for those who can access the platform and the fact they can’t expect all possible members to become members.

Stagnation is still an issue, which is why daily and monthly active user figures receive scrutiny. However, despite the sense that penetration is ebbing, Facebook continue to innovate and diversify their platform.

Facebook Gaming

What is getting considerable promotion and focus is Facebook Gaming. There is the streaming branch of Facebook Gaming, and there is the technical branch of Facebook Gaming.

The Streaming Branch

The streaming side of things is trying to be built to compete with likes of YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer. What they’ve recently announced, which is huge news for streamers, is that Facebook will no longer charge fees on subscription prices: streamers will get one-hundred percent of the revenue.
Additionally, having the streaming platform within the existing, main social media platform enables a convenient flow of traffic. They’ve already attracted popular streamers like Nepenthez, Disguised Toast, KingRichard, and Corinna Kopf, all signing exclusive contracts with the site.
Cloud-based gaming is its other prospect. What it offers is vastly different to the cloud-based platforms Google and Amazon have. Facebook want cloud-based gaming to revolve around free-to-play games, in a similar vein to the platform’s classic Farmville, which was based on simulation games like Zoo Tycoon and Dinopark Tycoon.
Facebook faces steep competition. The online gaming landscape is busy with giants of the industry, and they need to contend with the online casinos offering free spins to new members, as well as long-established fan-favourites such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends and the Triple-A PC gaming titles.

A seamless transition between gaming and social media is the ideal. It hopes cloud-based gaming will mean they can create and make available more complex games than they have been previously able to.

The Technical Branch
The technical side of things has two points of focus: cloud-based gaming and VR. Both of these are popular research technology in the wider gaming industry as of right now.
Facebook’s Oculus brand is already a household name in the VR world. Having released and discontinued a few VR products – Oculus Go, Rift, and Rift S – Oculus’s Quest 2 is it’s most recent release (September 2020) and pursuit. The original Quest got a lot of people excited for VR, as it wasn’t required to be tethered to a PC. It was standalone, and, because of this, it didn’t have much competition in the market. That is still true with the Quest 2. The new model is slimmer and lighter, has a higher resolution, and its base model is $100 cheaper than its predecessor. Reviews indicate it improves on the first Quest in a lot of ways. It has access to all the popular VR games, while you can also view VR-enabled videos on YouTube and other media too. It is immersive.

Facebook’s Approach to Research
Facebook have a lot of research interests, in some cases pursued through acquisitions like other major technology companies like Google. For instance, Novi, a regulated finance company, are researching cryptocurrency and blockchain for Facebook’s Libra payment system, which is the tech giant’s own cryptocurrency.

Of course, there are in-house research projects also. Some have obvious benefits for their social media platform. Natural Language Processing & Speech is one of those. The research seeks, through “deep learning/neural networks, natural language processing, language identification, text normalization, word sense disambiguation, and machine learning,” they hope to build robust translation solutions, which would help people talk and connect independent, to an extent, of their native or chosen language.

Innovation for the social media platform is a hybrid of maintenance and enhancing; it’s not just a new lick of paint. Whether or not they succeed depends on how well they truly know their users, and how adept they are at bringing those all-important sign up numbers back up.

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How to Earn Money Playing Online Casino
Anytime you play at a casino, while you are having fun, the real goal is to earn as much money as you can. If you are going out to a brick and mortar casino you might have the goal of just having a fun night with your buddies, but still, who doesn’t want to win some money? And, when you take your gaming to an online casino, you lose much of the social element, making that big money much more important!
Don’t be afraid to walk away no matter the run you are on. Many machines are run by random number generators, so you do not have better odds of winning if you play a while, no matter if you are on a winning streak or a losing streak. Making the most of the bonuses most online casinos offer is the easiest way to win money when you are playing online. From welcome bonuses to loyalty bonuses, there are a lot of different ways you can earn free bonus money that you can put to good use to win more money.
Take it seriously
The number one rule with online casinos is to take them seriously. You are playing for real money; don’t forget that just because you didn’t travel and plan for a night out at the casino. You can get in more trouble online in the same time it took you to take an Uber to a casino. Be careful and go slow since you are indeed playing for real money.
This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, just watch your bets and don’t throw all your money down on the first wager you make. Every online casino is a little different than the rest. What games do they offer? Do they require high minimum wagers?
Pick your games too. If you like to play poker, play poker. But, until you get a feel for the game maybe stay on the lower side of how much money you wager. It is best to start small and work your way up than risk losing it all before you even settled into play.

Don’t Chase the Big Win
Yes, arguably the most important thing to know about winning big at online casinos is to not force it to happen. Random number generators are designed to randomize the odds at online casinos. For example, if you have been playing slots for hours, you have just as much chance at winning on your next spin as you do with your first spin. For this reason, it is always good to walk away after you are on a losing streak, as there is no incentive since persistence does not pay off in this case.
In fact, some online casinos use the random number generators for more than just slot machines. If you are playing blackjack, the number generator might be set up to skew in favor of the house, making you actually have worse odds than if everything was completely randomized.
Don’t forget that this applies to winning streaks too. If you hit big on an online slot machine a few times in a row, don’t think you have a good chance of doing that again. The odds are not in your favor. Give up on the idea of the grandma sitting down at the slot machine in casino and hitting it big because she sat there for 12 hours and the machine was due for a jackpot. It’s vital to remember that you have just as much of a chance to win on your first spin as if you played the machine all day long – or all week, for that matter.

Casino Bonuses give you Money
Aside from not giving away your money and protecting it by not chasing big jackpots, the easiest way to maximize money at an online casino is to take advantage of all of the free bonuses you have available, and each type of bonus offers different rewards.
Welcome bonuses should never be ignored. In fact, it is safe to say that you should never sign up and play at an online casino unless you receive a welcome bonus. These bonuses might be simple like a couple of free spins or they might even give you real money in your account to use as you choose. The point is you should get something for registering with an online casino for the first time.
Think of deposit matches like a sale. Yes, you will have to deposit your own money but in many cases, casinos will match your deposits making it essentially like a 50% off sale at your favorite store. Your money will stretch and last longer than if you did not have the match.
Loyalty bonuses are something many casinos do as a way to reward you for your loyalty. As you spend more money, all is not lost even if you lose big. You will gain VIP status with that casino and they will end up giving you some of your money back just as a thank you for being a customer.
Remember when Skill matters and when it’s all Luck
Even poker has some luck to it. Do not get a big ego thinking your poker skills should win you the World Series of Poker. Even if that’s the case, you still can’t win if you aren’t dealt a good hand of cards. Be smart and check your ego at the door.
Slot machines never require skill, no matter what you do you cannot increase your odds. If you want to play because you are talented, stick to card games. Blackjack is another good option if you want to feel like you have an outcome on the game, just remember that even that game also involves the luck of the draw. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do to win more.
Above all, take your time and don’t make any rash decisions. Don’t mix alcohol in while you are playing as you want to keep a cool, clear head.

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Ninja Casino Games

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