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Submitted by admin on 30. January 2020 - 20:36.
DOS games of old that were somewhat under-appreciated
(Image via DOS gaming has garnered up quite the following and a loyal one at that. In a modern world full of technological advancements and sophisticated graphics, gaming with an older, more authentic feel to it appeals to a whole host of gamers. Of course other games have their place too, with the appeal of them being more than understandable. They too have a huge following with the likes of FIFA 19 for the gamers who enjoy sports offerings, Fortnite if you relish teaming up with your friends and creating havoc, and casino games like 3 Card Brag and the like also. But there’s a certain charm and nostalgic feel to DOS games that the modern offerings simply can’t match. Nothing modern is like it. So, as we show our continued support for the DOS gaming world, we thought we’d highlight some of the DOS games which have perhaps gone unnoticed or have been forgotten about over the years. Of course there’s so many, but here’s a few that spring to mind. Dune An adventure strategy game that followed the novel fairly closely, Dune is a game we simply had to kick off with. Playing as Paul Atreides, you were tasked with overcoming the battle against the Harkonnen to drive them off Dune, all whilst managing mining the Spice production. An engaging, captivating game, Dune is well worth a go if you haven’t played it already. Epic Pinball An absolute classic, Epic Pinball is a game many have played as it came free with various magazines. The ultimate DOS pinball game, you could spend hours on it trying to rack up humongous scores. For its time too, though, the graphics, sound effects, speed in which the ball moved and the music were brilliantly executed. If you can find it, play it - especially if you enjoy pinball games. Epic Pinball really does live up to its name. Comanche Comanche is a game that almost certainly slipped under many gamers’ radars, but boy was it good. A helicopter combat simulator, Comanche was incredibly fun as you took down the enemy and caused destruction along the way. Flying through valleys, over season and above mountains, Comanche was an excellent play. Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Star Trek is absolutely huge and has a worldwide following, which is perhaps why it was so surprising to see Star Trek: 25th Anniversary slip somewhat under the radar. The game was fantastic. The floppy disk version took a while to install, which is why we’d probably recommend the CD version. It had better sound effects and music too, anyway. Full of missions whilst onboard the Enterprise - with the point and click adventure mode a particular highlight - there’s a lot to the game, but you’re guaranteed to have fun playing it. Pipe Mania A puzzle game which could keep you hooked for hours on end, Pipe Mania was all about placing down sections of a pipe that appear - much like the iconic Tetris - in the hope you’ll keep the green liquid flowing. If you manage to lay the pipe down correctly, the green liquid will flow through the sections and you’ll proceed to the next level. It’s simple but effective. Tyrian (Image via We had to end on Tyrian. Regarded by many as one of the best top-down scrolling shooters ever, Tyrian was all about seeking revenge for your character and ace pilot, Trent Hawkins. Your enemy, MicroSol, killed your best buddy Buce Quesilliac over the discovery of an ultra-rare mineral Gravitium. Full of endless enemies and battling, Tyrian is epic.
posted by admin // 30-01-2020 // permalink
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