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Submitted by admin on 2. November 2020 - 20:07.
Fallout Interplay Productions

Producer: Interplay Productions
Publisher: Interplay Productions
Year: 1997
Keywords: Single-player RPG Future Open-world Turn-based
Compability: MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, OS X

In an alternate future, where the world took a different technological and political course after the second World War, mankind again faces impending doom. This time due to global petroleum shortage. With Alaska remaining the single place on earth still hosting oil, China decides to invade the United States. After the development of a powerful battle armor, the US manages to easily defeat the Chinese invasion, and decides to take the battle to China. In 2077, after years of conflict, a global nuclear war finally breaks out. In a matter of hours, most major cities on the planet are destroyed, society collapses and the world is buried in nuclear fallout. Most of mankind is destroyed, and the ones who survive struggle to settle in the nuclear wasteland that is now the world. Spread throughout the United States, underground fallout shelters known as vaults have sheltered some survivors from the radiation and mutations. 2161, 84 years after the nuclear war, Californian Vault 13 opens, and our protagonist starts exploring the nuclear wastelands.

Graphics and sound

Cultural progress seems to have stopped in the Fallout world, trapping the US in a 1950’s looking sort of world and giving it a classic Raygun Gothic appearance. The style is easily recognized and known for combining Art Deco, Streamline Moderne and Googie architecture to create the sort of retro-futuristic style that has become so typically associated with the Fallout franchise. The nuclear wastelands concept adds its own darkly flavored new frontier touch, and while surveying the landscape and hunting mutants, you might just stumble on an old western style saloon where you can play Blackjack and gamble (Read more about Blackjack at Blackjack Sverige). Graphics wise, Fallout if nothing too impressive. It does not look bad, it just does not really compare to many of the FPS games released for MS-DOS at the time. The soundtrack does a great job setting the required atmosphere of the game, but does not leave a particularly lasting impression. The game did not have a particularly impressive budget, and the focus was always with the gameplay.


One of the things that made Fallout so unique at its release was the RPG elements. In fact, many the decisions you make when creating your character will dictate much of your overall Fallout experience. Few other games have had such an important and impactful character creation setup. Besides the obvious attributes such as strength, intelligence and agility, the players will also set their character’s luck, charisma and perception. These choices will change the way you play the game, what items you may or may not find, if other characters are likely to help you and much more. As if this wasn’t enough, Fallout also lets the player select from a wide range of skills such as barter, energy weapons, making traps and even gambling! (For more information about gambling and games of chance in Sweden, visit RouletteSverige) Optional traits also include things such as a fast metabolism, which makes the character heal more and faster, and jinxed, giving you a lucky chance to be missed by enemy critical attacks.
This system makes Fallout incredibly replayable, and every playthrough will differ greatly. In case you haven’t caught on yet: Fallout is massive! When you have created your character, it’s time to explore the wastelands, defeat enemies, complete quests, level up and collect gear and weapons to make life easier. There are often more than one way to complete a quest or task, and doing things the “right” way will grant you additional karma and better rewards. Enemy monsters, mutants and humans are faced in turn-based combat, and the extensive combat system must be experienced first hand to be understood.

The Fallout franchise

The massive success of the unique future RPG concept in Fallout launched the series into a worldwide bestseller, selling tens of millions of copies. Fallout was followed by Fallout 2, Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout Shelter, Fallout 4 and the later installment Fallout 76, released in 2018.
Fallout is a fantastic game (and series), with incredible RPG elements making it replayable, and each playthrough unique. The world is large and full of characters and items to interact with. Graphics and sound wise, the game does well, but is nothing groundbreaking. Fallout is all about the gameplay, and it does it very well; 4/5.

posted by admin // 02-11-2020 // permalink
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