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latest news
Has it been 76 years already?
Thx to a hard working BostonGeorge, we have new scans and manual in German for Shadow of the Comet.

Time for some old-school horror :)

posted by marko river // 31-03-2014 // box shots // permalink
Master Trick
Prepare for something special, as one of the few card games with a personality before Poker Night at the Inventory, makes its appearance on the site. Klondike Pro tasks you to become the best player in the Old West in the game of "duplicate solitaire", and features a rather lengthy written story placed in the heyday of the Gold Rush.

Also in this update, we're glad to add the boxshots and the manual for Super Solvers: OutNumbered!, from one of the more popular and fondly remembered edutainment series among retro gamers. A big thanks to Tanara Kuranov for supplying the review and all additional content in this update.

posted by TotalAnarchy // 11-03-2014 // downloadable // game // Simulation // permalink
Another Brix in the Wall
A cup of cookies to ibmpc5160 and goodies for you. New boxshots and floppy image for the logical gem Brix. Shake the brain, brain the wall.
posted by marko river // 12-02-2014 // downloadable // game // Puzzle // permalink

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Crime World & Wayne's City
The manual for Wayne's World and manual and reference card for Crime City have just been added. Check them out.

Cup of cookies goes to Tommyboy for supplying the goodies.

posted by marko river // 27-12-2013 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
Floppy Vs. CD - Friendship!
Floppy versions of Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II are replaced with enhanced CD versions. If you never had a chance to try them, now's your chance. Old floppy versions are available as Extras in case you need them again. Also, full Cd image is available in ISO Cellar.

Cup of cookies goes to SpiDoL for providing the Cd rip and image.

posted by marko river // 05-12-2013 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
Let's Play Guess the Villain
This is not about the well-being of the Forgotten Realms anymore. This time it's personal. The heroes have been cursed to wear azure tattoos of an unknown nature. With these bonds the enemies can control their every move. The party must now survive a world submerged in blood and conspiracies in order to regain their freedom.

Curse of the Azure Bonds is the second installment in SSI's Goldbox game series based on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. It continues most of the conventions set by Pool of Radiance in both gameplay and design. Read on to learn what are the differences. Big thanks to Deuce Traveler for reviewing this gem, to Vanshilar for supplying the archive and of course Geezer for the amazing amount of extras that comes with the game.

posted by TotalAnarchy // 19-11-2013 // downloadable // game // RPG // permalink
Unprotection, magic, funtime
After a long while, Magic & Mayhem is available for download again. If you haven't tried this one before, perhaps now it is time to raise your fantasy armies.

Some cookies goes to The Fifth Horseman for uploading the game archive.

posted by marko river // 11-11-2013 // downloadable // game // Strategy // permalink

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Hero rescues a damsel - this time in medieval Korea
We have something very rare: Korean action game from 1996 called Jisaeneun Dal. Fight with only a wooden stick against tons of bad guys and rescue your beloved. Surely not best of the kind, but a rare game that is hard to find is always something interesting.

A cup of old Korean tea (and some cookies) goes to our contributor derboo, and thanks again for bringing us more games from the east.

posted by marko river // 01-11-2013 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
Time is running out - and more than you think
Alone on the damaged ship, you need to patch it up before it is too late and then proceed with your mission - and surprises that await you.

Wear the boots of protagonist in Mission Critical, investigate the ship and solve puzzles. A cup of space cookies goes to Capo for writing a review, Smiling Spectre for archive and Ermuli for uploading CD images in ISO Cellar. Now that's a team work :)

posted by marko river // 23-10-2013 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
Help Save our Planet
We have some goodies for EcoQuest - The Search for Cetus: some boxshots from international release and, more importantly, English manual (in addition to already featured German manual). Some oxygen bubbles goes to AbandoniaEddie for submitting the stuff.

Inhale, dive and discover lost civilizations and face environmental hazards and learn about our planet.

posted by marko river // 30-09-2013 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
Dweep around
We have a cute little candy today. Dweep is the shareware game that came out in 1999 and won several rewards. We present you Dweep Gold that contains some additional levels. Have fun helping Dweep or creating your own levels.

Bowl of cookies goes to JudgeDeadd for this contribution. And now, it's time to dweep :)

posted by marko river // 07-09-2013 // downloadable // game // Puzzle // permalink
Fire up some nitro
You want something big and loud and crashing? Then it's Monday Nitro time.

Today's addition is wrestling game WCW Nitro. Some throwing, kicking and jumping with over-muscular men for you and bowl of cookies for SpiDoL for bringing us the game.

posted by marko river // 01-09-2013 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
B.A.T. in Azure color
Today's addition is the game archive and floppy discs files for Italian version of B.A.T. Look it up in Extras section of the game.

Cup of cakes goes to DaG II for providing the material. Have a alienless day :)

posted by marko river // 31-07-2013 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
Monster exterminators wanted!

The city of Phlan, once a flourishing trade port, is becoming overrun with monsters of all sorts... and rumor has it that they have amassed a quite spectacular hoard from pillaging the city! This is where you come in, brave adventurers: drive them out of the city and loot their coffers... or die trying.

Pool of Radiance was the first of many Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, or AD&D for short, role-playing games published by Strategic Simulations, Inc. back in the day, a series that would become known as the famed Gold Box games, named after the gold-colored boxes they came in.

So, dear player, look up why negative Armor Class is suddenly good and what the heck THAC0 means, roll your die, and go kill some monsters and steal all their money!

posted by Tomekk // 29-07-2013 // downloadable // game // RPG // permalink
Is this real...? Or is this just... unreal?

It was a long time ago that we surprised you with a new game, but here it is! It's not exactly THAT game with the same name from Epic MegaGames, but sure it's epic in it's own way.

If you are ready for some old fashioned hack-and-slash action against dragons, dinosaurs, and polar bears 1991 style, here it is! Immerse yourself in a world of ice, forests, and vile beasts - and ride a flame spewing lizard above the world!

We would like to thank marko_river for the excellent and unbiased review and the beautiful screenshots, oldschool DOS sensei Ermuli for the archives, and local treasure hunter Geezer for a scan of the original manual, a disk image of the original diskettes, and of course two high resolution boxshots of the jewel case.

posted by Tracker // 23-07-2013 // permalink