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Submitted by admin on 27. October 2021 - 13:42.
Big Time Gaming

Megaways slots - The success continues for the amazing slot machines

No one can have escaped the success that Megaways slot has done in recent years. Since Big Time Gaming - the Australian game maker behind the success - launched the first Megaways slots, interest has continued to grow. Today, there is no online casino that does not have Megaways slots. Play with up to 117,649 winning ways, sometimes even more than that, which gives a superb gaming experience few casino games can match.

How does a Megaways slot work?

What makes Megaways slots unique is the number of winning routes that can reach an incredible 117,649. Sure, some slots have even more payouts, but 117,649 have become the norm. The reason is that the number of rows expands and varies from two to eight. The winning ways are significantly more than a classic slot machine when you play with the maximum number of lines on all six reels. Six reels are also the usual number for the number of reels on Megaway's slot machines. It is no exaggeration to say that Megaway's slots have fundamentally changed the industry, at least for those who prefer slot machines, which is the majority of all the world's players. The unique technology and game engine make the possible setup thanks to the innovative and groundbreaking format. Thus, it is the opposite of regular slots, where the paylines are fixed and appear on every spin. With a Megaways slot, the number of winning ways instead varies at each round depending on how many symbols appear on the different lines.

Dynamic wheels are the key

All wheels in a Megaways slot are thus dynamic. This means that the number of symbols on reel changes with each spin. The various symbols are multiplied along with the reels, creating thousands of different opportunities for winning. Even better is that symbols next to each other from left to right are also multiplied. This increases the profit potential dramatically. It is possible to calculate the number of paylines via classic multiplication. Still, the number of available pay-lines on each spin is in a slot machine corner to make it easy. This way, you know before each spin how many paylines apply to that particular round. This has been of interest to many Swedish casino sites.

Big Time Gaming - the creator behind the success

The Australian game developer Big Time Gaming has long been relatively unknown. Today it looks completely different, and the company is one of the most reputable players in the industry. The success and the big turnaround came in connection with the launch of Megaway's slots. The concept has been an enormous success and is one of the hottest trends in the casino world. Big Time Gaming was founded in 2011 by Nic Robinson who has been in the business since 1996. The game developer from Sydney was anonymous for a long time, but after Bonanza Megaways, many began to open their eyes to BTG. Today, it is one of the most attractive game developers on the market, thanks to its launch of Megaway's slots. The success was so great that Evolution Gaming bought the gaming company, and today they, therefore, have even more excellent opportunities.

Famous Megaways slots

There are so many different Megaways slots today that it's hard to keep track. NetEnt has launched some of the most popular ones, including Piggy Riches Megaways, Gonzo's Quest Megaways and Divine Fortune Megaways. Even Microgaming and several other developers have produced Megaways slots. Today you therefore have a lot of options. Try one Megaways slot today to get the real fun experience while you play casinos online.

posted by admin // 27-10-2021 // permalink
Ninja Casino Games

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