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The Best Games Set in Las Vegas
Las Vegas is one of the most recognisable cities in the world. You don’t need to have visited it to be able to picture the lights of the Strip with dozens of casinos crowding around each other, all set within the barren wastes of the Nevada Desert. It’s such an iconic sight that it’s no wonder it has been used as a memorable setting for numerous movies and video games throughout the years. Video games set in Las Vegas have given players the chance to investigate this amazing city in completely new ways. While some are set in the present and real world, others imagine an alternative landscape where Las Vegas is home to more problematic characters than pickpockets and card sharps. These video games are particularly enjoyed by those who enjoy playing live casino and those who live in countries where casinos are less available, since the games allow players to explore Las Vegas from a new angle. In Sweden, for instance, there are only 3 casinos. So Swedes may enjoy exploring the gambling world through video games without the long journey to a casino.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas

This hugely successful franchise puts you in charge of a team of counter-terrorists, and as the title suggests, this time you’re dropped into Las Vegas to root out your targets. The game was released in 2006, so by today’s standards its graphics look a little dated, but the gameplay is so great that it is still one of the best shooters. The designers took full advantage of the city setting, letting you carry out missions that wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else. You have to rappel down the outside of the iconic hotels, rescue trapped hostages from The Stratosphere, and stealthily cross the casino floors in pursuit of your targets. And when you’re done, you can enjoy the sequel, released just two years after.

Fallout: New Vegas

Another big series takes an outing to Sin City, but it’s not quite how we remember it. Set a couple of hundred years in the future, in a world where nuclear war has destroyed the country and mutated a decent number of bad guys along the way, Fallout: New Vegas turns Las Vegas into a desolate wasteland. Manu of the iconic landmarks are still there, including the legendary Welcome to Las Vegas sign, but they are no longer sparkling and well kept. It’s fascinating to see the downfall of such a famous city. The game lets you explore the wreckage as you loot and plunder in order to survive, and there are plenty of nostalgic references and easter eggs to keep players happy.

Dead Rising 2

Another game to take us into a dystopian future, Dead Rising 2 visits a Las Vegas-style city in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The casinos pay homage to the real-life city, bringing the same sense of extravagance and excitement, although with all the zombies roaming around you won’t really get the chance to sit down and play a few hands.

Déjà Vu 2: Lost in Las Vegas

The oldest game on our list, this is a point and click adventure game from 1990. Following on from the first game, you play a detective kidnapped by a mob boss. He gives you a week to recover some money he has lost, and you’ve got to use all your skills to return it. The setting of Las Vegas isn’t open world, meaning you’re limited to the different venues you can visit, but there’s enough to give you a feel of the city.

Need for Speed: The Run

This racing series is known for its beautiful locations, so it’s no surprise they eventually visited Las Vegas. While the whole game is set across a number of different cities, Las Vegas becomes the fitting finale for the career mode adventure. Racing down the strip in your fully customised supercar is an experience like no other – and one it’s near impossible to manage in real life.

In Summary

Las Vegas continues to draw billions of visitors every year, but for those who cannot make it in person, there are other ways to get a feel for its grandeur. Whether it’s a first-person wander around the casino floors or a race through the streets, video games give players a chance to experience the spectacle of Las Vegas for themselves.

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The Greatest Horror Game Franchises of All Time
The horror genre proves that people like being scared. That’s why it’s a genre that has been lasting for decades and will continue to thrive. There have been lots of horror games over the years. This has given rise to several successful horror franchises over the years. But only some of them can be called the greatest of all time. In that regard, here are some of them:

The Silent Hill Franchise

These games belong to the stack of games that defined the survival-horror genre. The town of Silent Hill is the setting for each entry in the series. It’s a town filled with fog and all kinds of grotesque creatures. But the blood and gore aren’t the means through which the game scares you. It builds the tension as it gets under your skin. Puzzle solving is another big mechanic of the franchise which defines the genre. The horror genre is a popular one when it comes to other aspects of popular culture like books and movies. The iGaming industry has also been inspired by this genre. The many horror slot games serve as proof of this. Though various online casino sites will focus on various things. For example, the best roulette sites will focus on providing the best roulette games. The thing to remember about these sites is to enjoy them responsibly.

The Dead Space Franchise

Blood and gore are a part of the Dead Space franchise. It’s a series of games that build eerie tension by putting the player in tough situations. For example, a dark hallway that seems safe as the zombies/aliens are dead can turn into a fight for your life once one or two of them suddenly attack you. As the franchise’s title suggests, the game is set in various places in space. There’s also an ancient artifact involved, but you’ll have to find out its role yourself. There is one feature that separates the Dead Space games from the other horror games. Usually, you shoot the enemy in your head to deal maximum damage. The aliens won’t budge if you shoot them in the head in Dead Space. Instead, you’ll need to shoot off their limbs to incapacitate them. You’ll also get various weapons, suits, and upgrades to help you in your missions.

The Resident Evil Franchise

This is another horror franchise that blood and gore play a part. The eerie setting is here as well but it’s present in all kinds of locations. For example, old mansions, cities, and labs are places that are frequent in the games. In this franchise, the outbreak of a virus is the cause of horror as it turns people into zombies. So, expect some jump scares when playing any game of this franchise. You’ll get to play with some iconic characters in the series like Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and others. You’ll meet the Tyrant and Nemesis and Umbrella Corporation, the company behind the virus. Crafting ammo and improving weapons are part of the franchise and so is solving puzzles. The first game got a remake and so did the second and third ones, so if you’re looking to try them out then you can enjoy them with modern graphics.

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The biggest video game franchises of all time
Although the video game world seems to be constantly producing new and exciting games from a range of developers around the world, by far the most popular — and profitable — games are those belonging to well established franchises.

The fact that the most popular games tend to come from established franchises gives you a sense of how the video game world differs from other forms of online gaming. For example, the online casino world seems to be dominated by unique games rather than those belonging to a franchise. This is certainly true of the likes of Mr Green, which is home to hundreds of unique games.

But what are the most successful video game franchises of all time and, more importantly, how many copies have they sold?

There are a number of ways you can measure the success of a video games franchise. You can firstly, measure it purely by the total volume of games sold. This involves simply looking at which franchise has sold the most copies overall. Secondly, you can choose to measure it by the total revenue it has generated.

This second measurement takes into account all the revenue a particular franchise has generated, either through direct sales, or through other revenue streams like game subscriptions, in game purchases or merchandising.

The highest grossing franchises

Of all the various game franchises that have come out over the years, what are the highest grossing in terms of total revenue? Here’s a run-down of the top five:

• Pac-Man, $14.1bn: In terms of classic video games, the Pac-Man franchise is just about as old-school as you can get. Although first released as an arcade game, it gradually made its way over to home video game consoles. Nowadays, it can be found on everything from mobile phones to the in-flight entertainment systems on airplanes. As a result, the Pac-Man franchise has generated a staggering $14.1bn!

• Wii Games: As one of the best-selling consoles of all time, the Wii game series put out by Nintendo has proven to be a sleeper hit. With a range of game types, Wii Games has been a hit with games for all ages. Since 2006, this franchise has generated $14.8bn in total for Nintendo.

• Call of Duty: By far the most popular first-person shooter game, the Call of Duty franchise has consistently been one of the most popular multiplayer games since it was first launched in 2003. Spanning various historical eras and regions, the Call of Duty franchise has proven to be a hit with fans. As a result, in just shy of two decades, it has managed to generate $17bn in revenue.

• Mario: It is hard to think of a classic video game more well-known and well-loved than Mario. Although tending to stick to a classic formula, it has continued to be a pop culture phenomenon. By spawning multiple sequels, game types and merchandising deals, Nintendo have earned £30.2bn since the first Mario game came out in 1981.

• Pokémon: Although it is almost three decades old, the Pokémon video game franchise has continued to be a hit with fans of all ages. Thanks primarily to an aggressive merchandising and licensing strategy, the Pokémon franchise has proven to be very lucrative for Nintendo. Since getting started in 1996, it has generated over $90bn in revenue — a figure that is so large, it is bigger than all of the previous titles combined!

The biggest game franchise by sales?

Interestingly, although Pokémon is by far the most successful franchise in terms of total revenue, it is not necessarily the biggest by total volume of sales. The top five best-selling game franchises of all time by sales are:

• Mario, 767.93m
• Tetris, 495m
• Call of Duty, 400m
• Super Mario, 380.63m
• Pokémon, 380m

This gives you a sense of how often the commercial success of a video game franchise will depend on its ability to generate revenue beyond direct sales. For example, what has made the Pokémon franchise so successful is that it has been able to diversify into other formats. This includes direct game sales, an anime series, a manga series, a trending card game, books, merchandise and over 20 films. The Mario series, in contrast, has sold a staggering number of individual games through various spin-off franchises, but has been less able to diversify into other media formats in the way that Pokémon has.

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How Technology Has Advanced Our Gaming Techniques
Over the last few decades, we've improved many industries with new technology, and the gambling industry is no exception. We recently discussed DOS casino games and how quickly the software industry grows. As this industry advances, so do similar fields, including online gaming and gambling. It's now easier to gamble safely than ever before, and online casinos carry more games than physical casinos. More and more casinos and sportsbooks are moving online to reach a wider audience. Modern technology allows these industries to grow. Users aren't limited by distance, only by their Internet connection.

Online Gambling

Online gambling existed as soon as casinos could make websites. Companies only needed to transfer a small amount of data between the player and the vendor, so gambling was easy even in the early days of the Internet. Now, we have better Internet connections, WiFi, and mobile phones. The gambling industry adapted to reach more people, and they've had success in new markets. You can get to online casinos from any device, so you have more options when it comes to deciding which is best for you. The online gambling industry alone is massive, and it's expected to grow. In 2020, the size of the online gambling market was 59 billion USD (71.4 CAD), and Statista expects it to double in the next few years.


As more people migrate from desktops to smartphones, the gambling industry moves with them. Because of smartphones, gambling is portable. You can move around anywhere and still gamble with your favourite casinos. Most online casinos take advantage of this new technological development and create apps for their players. People make mobile devices as powerful as regular desktop computers, so the trend of mobile apps will continue. Some mobile casinos incorporate virtual and augmented reality into their apps, making gambling even more immersive and fun. Not only will this development draw more users in, but it will also affect how people use virtual reality.


The number of games available to online players is greater than the number of games available in casinos. If your favourite online casino doesn't offer you a game that you want to try out, you can find another online casino that does offer it. You can make a new account and play the game all without leaving your house. You aren't limited by the casinos around you, either. Sometimes nearby casinos don't offer games that you want, or you might have to travel considerable distances in search of casinos that might not have enough variety. You also don't have to wait for others to finish their games, and you don't have to navigate busy casinos if you're using your phone or computer.


In the early days of the Internet, people had valid concerns about hackers breaking into online casinos and changing how they worked or getting personal information. Although this is always possible, online casinos are incredibly resilient against attacks. They've even furthered technology by helping to create and use encryption methods to ensure their players' information is safe. As security technology becomes more powerful and prominent, more people will be comfortable giving their information to websites to gamble, and the industry will grow.

Technology and Gaming

As technology advances, the gambling industry does, too. It also means that as the gambling industry uses new technology more, it becomes more beneficial to society and gets better. Smartphones and the Internet have made it much easier for people to gamble, and the variety of games that online vendors offer beats out physical casinos. You no longer have to navigate busy places or wait in line to play games; instead, you can log into your favourite website.

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The Best PC Poker Games

Ever since solitaire became on the PC, people have enjoyed playing card games on their computer. For many years now there have been solo games that you can play on your computer including Hearts, which allowed you to play against 3 computerised players and compete to be the winner. Of course, technology has progressed since then and there are now so many poker games that you can play on your PC. These can be on your own, against others and even for real money if you would like to, the choice is yours.

Playing Poker Online

You might well be wondering how to play poker - you wouldn’t be alone. Although poker is a popular card game, there are many different versions and not everyone knows how to play it. The good news is that there are lots of tutorials online so if you are looking at a guide on how to get started, you won’t be looking for very long before you find something that helps.

Playing Poker On Your PC

Lots of poker games, especially ones that you can play online have the capability to be played on a number of devices. However, if you’re looking for games that you can play via Windows on a PC then here are our recommendations:

Poker Superstars: Texas Hold’em All-In

As the name suggests, this allows you to place the Texas Hold’Em version of poker. In this game, you play against 24 other players, who are deemed the best poker players in the world by the game. You can work your way through levels to become a card shark and get extra hints as you play. It’s also set up for different abilities via different levels and game modes. You can even upload photos to the game to tailor-make it for you. It’s a great game for those new to poker because it allows you to click a hint button for a bit of extra help as you work your way through the game.

Arctic Stud: Poker Run

If you’re looking for a game that is fast-paced and fun, then Artic Stud is a great choice. In this game, you can do more than just play poker – including speed through a multiplayer battle experience in your player’s fully armoured vehicle. It might be a game with a difference but it gives you the chance to play against all sorts of other players, in a really fast-paced environment – great for perfecting your own poker skills.

Lucky Nights-Poker Game

This game allows you to play a virtual reality version, so you can really get stuck into playing and feeling immersed in the game. It feels much like a real game and you have the ability to play against friends or players you haven’t met before if you want to keep things interesting. You can also watch games to pick up tips on how other players play and what strategies they use in order to become a poker champion.

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DOS Casino Games

Over the years, gamers have enjoyed new technology that has greatly enhanced the gaming experience. One industry that has seen tremendous growth in the casino industry. Years ago, when DOS was the main operating system, games were basic and not overly innovative. There were some basic DOS casino games that had been developed and these were basically three-reel slot games, poker games or simple blackjack options.

These games were easy to play and made use of simple keyboard controls, just as with other DOS based games. While they did capture the essence of the casino game being played, they did not have much to offer in terms of graphics, animations or game features as players enjoy today.

Popular DOS Casino Games

When DOS was the main operating system players had no choice but to play the titles that were offered at the time. Those that had a love for gambling found there were a few great games that had been developed. For poker fans, some of the most popular game titles included Strip Poker and Ante Up at the Friday Night Poker Club. The latter offered versions of five-card stud, seven-card stud, and Texas Hold’Em.

Slot games were also available in DOS and some of the top games from the 1990s included Caesars Palace, Arcade Fruit Machines, Hot Slots, and Vegas Bandit. These games provided access to simple three-reel slots and while the graphics were extremely basic, the games did mimic slots found at land casinos.

Casino Games Today

Gamers who enjoy a retro feel will still be able to download many DOS casino games for free. However, compared to the games being created today, the DOS versions cannot hold a candle to the impressive graphics and gameplay that players are seeing now. The casino games that are being played on desktops and mobile devices are designed using state of the art technology. They deliver many great advantages and provide players with a feeling of actually being in a land-based casino setting. Let’s take a look at how the casino games of today offer more features and more exciting ways to play.

Enhanced Graphics and Gameplay

When you play casino games today. You will find they use the best graphics and animations to create a visual appeal. Many games offer 3D graphics and when playing, they offer animations that replicate what you would find in a real casino. With every new game that is created, better graphics are used and the gameplay is smooth. Games can also be accessed on desktops or mobile devices, allowing the convenience of being able to play at any time, anywhere.

More Game Titles

The software industry has grown over the years and there are now more companies creating top-notch casino games. You will find thousands of game titles being offered and many games can be instantly loaded through a web browser for immediate connections and exciting gameplay. Instead of being limited to a few slot selections and the basic card and table games, you will find that casino focused games offer hundreds of titles, many of which are actual games that are found on the gaming floors of popular casinos.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are the best way to enjoy any type of casino game and these casinos attract players from all over the world. They use outstanding graphics and animations and offer exclusive features that enhance the game. There is simply no comparison to the games found at the sites to those that were created for DOS.

With an online casino, players have the ability to play games for free without having to risk any money, but they can also place wagers and generate payouts, something that was never possible with older DOS games. The newest and best online casinos offer thousands of titles from various software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, IGT, Bally, NextGen, and many others. These games provide the feeling of real play and since plates have the chance to win payouts, these types of games have become a leading choice for players all over the world.

At an online casino, you will find all the popular game types, including three and five-reel slots, blackjack, baccarat, poker, craps, roulette, video poker, and even specialty games like Keno, Bingo, arcade style games, and lottery games. All of these can be played for various bet amounts to generate payouts. You will even find high paying jackpot games that can offer thousands or millions in payouts!

Perhaps the best way to experience online gambling is to access sites with live dealer games. These are simulcast from a land location and offer real-time play with professional dealers. These games are just like those found at land casinos and they offer social interaction, multiple camera angles, various betting limits, and even side bets that can generate more payouts.

Free Online Casino Games

You do not have to sign up at an online casino or risk any money to enjoy the best casino games today. There are many free software options that are available along with a number of gaming sites online that provide free play on some of the most exciting games. With these, players can enjoy a casual experience or they can use access to free games to learn game rules and develop strategies if they are planning on accessing an online casino for real money.

Free games can also be enjoyed on mobile devices and there are many casino apps that can be installed on mobile devices. You will even find popular social media platforms like Facebook featuring casino style games that can be played.

Over the years, the style and format of casino games have drastically changed. Gone are the block style graphics and slow gameplay. Now, you can enjoy fast and instant access to some of the best designed game titles in the industry and with the chance to play these for real money, the options are endless.

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Why is Online Casino Gaming So Fun?

Online casinos are the new face of the gambling industry. Millions of people access these sites each day in search of entertainment and a unique gaming experience. Experts believe that not only did these platforms managed to revolutionize the gambling industry, but they are also going to become the market leaders in the next 2-3 years.

Considering the fact that their global annual revenue in the past 2 years equalled to more than a fifth of the total revenue made by all gambling facilities, the aforementioned milestone is not a dream, but rather a reality which is bound to happen. To gain access to everything that online casinos have to offer, all you have to do is register. This is a simple process that only requires you to fill out an application form with some basic information.

Casino gaming is very fun and adored by many people from each corner of the world. With that being said, we wanted to name a few of the reasons as to why players are so fond of this type of gaming. Let’s check them out.

The Sites are Extremely Secure

One thing that makes every online casino very attractive is the fact that their sites are extremely secure. They use the latest SSL-encryption software, which is an AI system that takes all of your data and turns it into an unbreakable code. With that being said, unwanted third parties have no chances of gaining access to this type of information.

Considering the fact that we live in a time where online scams are one of the biggest threats to us, being secure online is a very important feature, and that is exactly what online casinos offer. Not only that, but players also have the option to play their games under aliases, thus experiencing a further increase in their security.

There Are Hundreds of Games to Choose From

Speaking of the seamless gaming experience, every player will be happy to hear that there are hundreds of games to choose from at every online casino. They are created by some of the world's most reputable game providers, which means that each game comes with unique gameplay and breath-taking graphics.

Registered players can choose between the latest slot games, table games, card games, lotteries, bingo, and most recently – live dealer games. This category has received positive reviews from the players who praised it for its uniqueness. Live dealer games are held in real-time from a studio in a certain location and players are able to watch the action happen in real-time as well. Live wagering is present here and that is what makes these games so exciting.

You Can Access Them From Anywhere

Research has shown that a big majority of the people now use their smartphones to surf the net. Not only that, but more than 70% of them will only use smartphones to surf the Internet by 2025. Online casinos are well-aware of this fact, which is why their games are fully optimized for mobile and desktop use.

Players can access them from any device and from any time and place. Regardless of which device you choose to access them from, you will not experience any changes to the overall gaming experience. Some online casinos even went a step further and developed mobile apps to further enhance the mobile gaming experience.

So, when you want to play these games, all you need is a stable Internet connection.

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How Casino Games Have Embraced the Retro Revolution

Retro gaming is a popular pastime, with gamers young and old attracted to the vintage games of their youth or their parents’ youth. Advances in technology mean that modern games are very different to games that came out even as recently as a decade ago, and completely different to those from the 1980s and 1990s when home gaming first exploded onto the scene.

Popularity of Vintage Games

As new technologies and software deliver ever-more exciting features to modern games, most people still enjoy the classic games of ghost-hunting as Pac-Man or indulging in some of the simpler but still engaging games of the past like Super Mario. Retro gaming has become so popular that modern software developers are beginning to incorporate elements and themes into new games to attract a wider audience.

Retro Casino Games

Many casino games can be classed as retro in that the games themselves have been around for a long time. As more casinos move online, players can indulge themselves in old-school gambling in a modern setting, played from the comfort of their own homes. By visiting almost any online casino Canada, players today can engage not only with classic table games such as roulette, blackjack and craps, but also with new versions of slots games themed to tie in with classic retro characters.

Adaptations of classic casino games that have been optimised for online and mobile play draw in millions of players every year. The online casino industry is booming, and many customers new and old are drawn to the vintage games they remember from their youth or recognise from watching classic movies based in casinos. Online casinos are uniquely placed to recreate the smoky, dramatic atmosphere of land casinos of the past, with live dealer games and virtual reality features making the whole experience more realistic.

Online casinos adapt classic casino games that are popular in land-based casinos.

From the earliest days of home consoles, there have been casino-based computer games. At the time of release, many of these were designed for at-home play without the internet, so were necessarily free-play games, using tokens or other in-game rewards to retain player interest. Today, players can access new versions of these classics online, often with real-money options thrown in to increase the excitement quotient. Vegas Stakes, Lynx Casino and Casino Kid were all highly popular console-based casino games in the nineties.

Themed Slots

Slots are one of the most popular casino games and as such, software developers are constantly seeking new angles to attract players to their variations of the game. Vintage slots games following the classic three-reel format are increasing in popularity once more, as players seek to enjoy the retro feel of experiencing games form yesteryear. Slots software developers are also utilising players’ love of retro characters and game styles by co-opting these into the games.

Some of the most popular slots games enjoyed online today are those that combine modern technology with classic graphics and characters. A large percentage of slots games available online are inspired by popular culture, both from recent times and more classic options. These include slots based on films, television series and cartoon characters, and also slots based on popular computer games from the last century.

Slot providers have incorporated classic retro characters into their themed games like Pac-Man.


Nostalgia is cited as one of the primary reasons for the surge in popularity of retro games in recent years. Certainly, many look back and feel fondly about the characters they grew up with, and today’s games often do not engender that sort of feeling. Popular modern games such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto certainly have their place and are extremely popular. However, few would feel emotionally involved with the characters portrayed in those games in the same way they might have done with Mario, Sonic or even Pac-Man.

Durability is also a key element in the retro revolution. Modern technology has a built-in obsolescence– technology advances so quickly these days that the latest version of a console is outdated almost before it enters the market, so machines are not necessarily built to last. However, consoles from thirty years ago can still be plugged in and played today, provided the right connections and equipment are available.

The simplicity of old-school games also has a certain draw. Even players who never experienced these games the first time around can appreciate the pared-back gameplay, which was enhanced by engaging narrative rather than spectacular graphics.

Retro gamers are not just those old enough to remember playing these games the first time around. Research has shown that younger players are embracing old characters and online versions of games that have been around for years. Online casinos have made the most of both nostalgia and a love for simple, elegant games with a focus more on story and character than on superior technology, introducing a series of online games that appeal to all age groups.

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How to Earn Money Playing Online Casino
Anytime you play at a casino, while you are having fun, the real goal is to earn as much money as you can. If you are going out to a brick and mortar casino you might have the goal of just having a fun night with your buddies, but still, who doesn’t want to win some money? And, when you take your gaming to an online casino, you lose much of the social element, making that big money much more important!
Don’t be afraid to walk away no matter the run you are on. Many machines are run by random number generators, so you do not have better odds of winning if you play a while, no matter if you are on a winning streak or a losing streak. Making the most of the bonuses most online casinos offer is the easiest way to win money when you are playing online. From welcome bonuses to loyalty bonuses, there are a lot of different ways you can earn free bonus money that you can put to good use to win more money.
Take it seriously
The number one rule with online casinos is to take them seriously. You are playing for real money; don’t forget that just because you didn’t travel and plan for a night out at the casino. You can get in more trouble online in the same time it took you to take an Uber to a casino. Be careful and go slow since you are indeed playing for real money.
This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, just watch your bets and don’t throw all your money down on the first wager you make. Every online casino is a little different than the rest. What games do they offer? Do they require high minimum wagers?
Pick your games too. If you like to play poker, play poker. But, until you get a feel for the game maybe stay on the lower side of how much money you wager. It is best to start small and work your way up than risk losing it all before you even settled into play.

Don’t Chase the Big Win
Yes, arguably the most important thing to know about winning big at online casinos is to not force it to happen. Random number generators are designed to randomize the odds at online casinos. For example, if you have been playing slots for hours, you have just as much chance at winning on your next spin as you do with your first spin. For this reason, it is always good to walk away after you are on a losing streak, as there is no incentive since persistence does not pay off in this case.
In fact, some online casinos use the random number generators for more than just slot machines. If you are playing blackjack, the number generator might be set up to skew in favor of the house, making you actually have worse odds than if everything was completely randomized.
Don’t forget that this applies to winning streaks too. If you hit big on an online slot machine a few times in a row, don’t think you have a good chance of doing that again. The odds are not in your favor. Give up on the idea of the grandma sitting down at the slot machine in casino and hitting it big because she sat there for 12 hours and the machine was due for a jackpot. It’s vital to remember that you have just as much of a chance to win on your first spin as if you played the machine all day long – or all week, for that matter.

Casino Bonuses give you Money
Aside from not giving away your money and protecting it by not chasing big jackpots, the easiest way to maximize money at an online casino is to take advantage of all of the free bonuses you have available, and each type of bonus offers different rewards.
Welcome bonuses should never be ignored. In fact, it is safe to say that you should never sign up and play at an online casino unless you receive a welcome bonus. These bonuses might be simple like a couple of free spins or they might even give you real money in your account to use as you choose. The point is you should get something for registering with an online casino for the first time.
Think of deposit matches like a sale. Yes, you will have to deposit your own money but in many cases, casinos will match your deposits making it essentially like a 50% off sale at your favorite store. Your money will stretch and last longer than if you did not have the match.
Loyalty bonuses are something many casinos do as a way to reward you for your loyalty. As you spend more money, all is not lost even if you lose big. You will gain VIP status with that casino and they will end up giving you some of your money back just as a thank you for being a customer.
Remember when Skill matters and when it’s all Luck
Even poker has some luck to it. Do not get a big ego thinking your poker skills should win you the World Series of Poker. Even if that’s the case, you still can’t win if you aren’t dealt a good hand of cards. Be smart and check your ego at the door.
Slot machines never require skill, no matter what you do you cannot increase your odds. If you want to play because you are talented, stick to card games. Blackjack is another good option if you want to feel like you have an outcome on the game, just remember that even that game also involves the luck of the draw. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do to win more.
Above all, take your time and don’t make any rash decisions. Don’t mix alcohol in while you are playing as you want to keep a cool, clear head.

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With Accounts in Decline, Facebook’s Focus is Scattering

With Accounts in Decline, Facebook’s Focus is Scattering

Facebook’s number of daily and monthly active users has declined in the second quarter, the company announced.

While infinite growth is the MO of most, if not all, businesses, Facebook having 2.7 billion users – roughly a third of the whole global population – means they must be reaching the limit of who can become a member, if they account for those who can access the platform and the fact they can’t expect all possible members to become members.

Stagnation is still an issue, which is why daily and monthly active user figures receive scrutiny. However, despite the sense that penetration is ebbing, Facebook continue to innovate and diversify their platform.

Facebook Gaming

What is getting considerable promotion and focus is Facebook Gaming. There is the streaming branch of Facebook Gaming, and there is the technical branch of Facebook Gaming.

The Streaming Branch

The streaming side of things is trying to be built to compete with likes of YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer. What they’ve recently announced, which is huge news for streamers, is that Facebook will no longer charge fees on subscription prices: streamers will get one-hundred percent of the revenue.
Additionally, having the streaming platform within the existing, main social media platform enables a convenient flow of traffic. They’ve already attracted popular streamers like Nepenthez, Disguised Toast, KingRichard, and Corinna Kopf, all signing exclusive contracts with the site.
Cloud-based gaming is its other prospect. What it offers is vastly different to the cloud-based platforms Google and Amazon have. Facebook want cloud-based gaming to revolve around free-to-play games, in a similar vein to the platform’s classic Farmville, which was based on simulation games like Zoo Tycoon and Dinopark Tycoon.
Facebook faces steep competition. The online gaming landscape is busy with giants of the industry, and they need to contend with the online casinos offering free spins to new members, as well as long-established fan-favourites such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends and the Triple-A PC gaming titles.

A seamless transition between gaming and social media is the ideal. It hopes cloud-based gaming will mean they can create and make available more complex games than they have been previously able to.

The Technical Branch
The technical side of things has two points of focus: cloud-based gaming and VR. Both of these are popular research technology in the wider gaming industry as of right now.
Facebook’s Oculus brand is already a household name in the VR world. Having released and discontinued a few VR products – Oculus Go, Rift, and Rift S – Oculus’s Quest 2 is it’s most recent release (September 2020) and pursuit. The original Quest got a lot of people excited for VR, as it wasn’t required to be tethered to a PC. It was standalone, and, because of this, it didn’t have much competition in the market. That is still true with the Quest 2. The new model is slimmer and lighter, has a higher resolution, and its base model is $100 cheaper than its predecessor. Reviews indicate it improves on the first Quest in a lot of ways. It has access to all the popular VR games, while you can also view VR-enabled videos on YouTube and other media too. It is immersive.

Facebook’s Approach to Research
Facebook have a lot of research interests, in some cases pursued through acquisitions like other major technology companies like Google. For instance, Novi, a regulated finance company, are researching cryptocurrency and blockchain for Facebook’s Libra payment system, which is the tech giant’s own cryptocurrency.

Of course, there are in-house research projects also. Some have obvious benefits for their social media platform. Natural Language Processing & Speech is one of those. The research seeks, through “deep learning/neural networks, natural language processing, language identification, text normalization, word sense disambiguation, and machine learning,” they hope to build robust translation solutions, which would help people talk and connect independent, to an extent, of their native or chosen language.

Innovation for the social media platform is a hybrid of maintenance and enhancing; it’s not just a new lick of paint. Whether or not they succeed depends on how well they truly know their users, and how adept they are at bringing those all-important sign up numbers back up.

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Classic Old-School Games We Keep Coming Back To

There’s something about the magical feeling of nostalgia we get when playing old-school video games. Whether it’s because they remind us of simpler times when the most we had to deal with was trivial things, or simply because they were at the start of our long gaming journey, nothing beats a few hours with a classic on our hands. If you’re feeling like you want to ditch the graphics-intensive games of today and go back to some simple, pure entertainment, then here are a few old school classics you can play instead!

While to some it might seem like a strange choice to add Roulette to this list, this casino staple has made its way into the hands of gamers for decades. There have been dozens of versions of roulette made for a slew of consoles over the years, and most of us have given the wheel a few spins simply out of curiosity. Today, roulette and other casino classics can be found in online casinos. These websites host a lot of great games that players can try for free or play for real money. With that in mind, you can play roulette online here and enjoy the game’s simple charm.

Resident Evil
Resident Evil has without a doubt become one of the biggest game franchises in the world. With the many new remakes of old-school Resident Evil games coming our way, many of us are tempted to travel back in time and give the original horror-inducing titles another go! Of course, this is a great idea! While the new versions of the first few games are far better than what any of us had expected, there’s a certain charm to the blocky graphics and weird controls that enhance the terrifying atmosphere these games inherently carry.

Bloody Roar
Here’s a game that a lot of you might not be familiar with. While we originally wanted to go with Tekken for this list, we decided to honor a less popular fighting game instead. This gem gained some traction back in the day but ultimately wasn’t too successful outside of Japan. Like most of the incredible fighting games through the years, Bloody Roar included special moves, great combos, and intense gameplay. What truly set the game apart though was the beast transformations that every character could activate to boost their power and show off a new set of moves!

It was never a question whether the old Pokémon games would make it on this list. The legendary franchise might have spawned the sensation that is Pokémon GO and the mega-popular anime series, but most of us were introduced to it through the classic Nintendo games that first came out decades ago! It might be a little hard for us to get out hands on a Nintendo Gameboy or a Nintendo DS these days, but luckily, emulators have us covered! You can download these incredibly helpful apps on your PC or mobile and run old-school games like the Pokémon games without a problem.

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Fallout Interplay Productions

Producer: Interplay Productions
Publisher: Interplay Productions
Year: 1997
Keywords: Single-player RPG Future Open-world Turn-based
Compability: MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, OS X

In an alternate future, where the world took a different technological and political course after the second World War, mankind again faces impending doom. This time due to global petroleum shortage. With Alaska remaining the single place on earth still hosting oil, China decides to invade the United States. After the development of a powerful battle armor, the US manages to easily defeat the Chinese invasion, and decides to take the battle to China. In 2077, after years of conflict, a global nuclear war finally breaks out. In a matter of hours, most major cities on the planet are destroyed, society collapses and the world is buried in nuclear fallout. Most of mankind is destroyed, and the ones who survive struggle to settle in the nuclear wasteland that is now the world. Spread throughout the United States, underground fallout shelters known as vaults have sheltered some survivors from the radiation and mutations. 2161, 84 years after the nuclear war, Californian Vault 13 opens, and our protagonist starts exploring the nuclear wastelands.

Graphics and sound

Cultural progress seems to have stopped in the Fallout world, trapping the US in a 1950’s looking sort of world and giving it a classic Raygun Gothic appearance. The style is easily recognized and known for combining Art Deco, Streamline Moderne and Googie architecture to create the sort of retro-futuristic style that has become so typically associated with the Fallout franchise. The nuclear wastelands concept adds its own darkly flavored new frontier touch, and while surveying the landscape and hunting mutants, you might just stumble on an old western style saloon where you can play Blackjack and gamble (Read more about Blackjack at Blackjack Sverige). Graphics wise, Fallout if nothing too impressive. It does not look bad, it just does not really compare to many of the FPS games released for MS-DOS at the time. The soundtrack does a great job setting the required atmosphere of the game, but does not leave a particularly lasting impression. The game did not have a particularly impressive budget, and the focus was always with the gameplay.


One of the things that made Fallout so unique at its release was the RPG elements. In fact, many the decisions you make when creating your character will dictate much of your overall Fallout experience. Few other games have had such an important and impactful character creation setup. Besides the obvious attributes such as strength, intelligence and agility, the players will also set their character’s luck, charisma and perception. These choices will change the way you play the game, what items you may or may not find, if other characters are likely to help you and much more. As if this wasn’t enough, Fallout also lets the player select from a wide range of skills such as barter, energy weapons, making traps and even gambling! (For more information about gambling and games of chance in Sweden, visit RouletteSverige) Optional traits also include things such as a fast metabolism, which makes the character heal more and faster, and jinxed, giving you a lucky chance to be missed by enemy critical attacks.
This system makes Fallout incredibly replayable, and every playthrough will differ greatly. In case you haven’t caught on yet: Fallout is massive! When you have created your character, it’s time to explore the wastelands, defeat enemies, complete quests, level up and collect gear and weapons to make life easier. There are often more than one way to complete a quest or task, and doing things the “right” way will grant you additional karma and better rewards. Enemy monsters, mutants and humans are faced in turn-based combat, and the extensive combat system must be experienced first hand to be understood.

The Fallout franchise

The massive success of the unique future RPG concept in Fallout launched the series into a worldwide bestseller, selling tens of millions of copies. Fallout was followed by Fallout 2, Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout Shelter, Fallout 4 and the later installment Fallout 76, released in 2018.
Fallout is a fantastic game (and series), with incredible RPG elements making it replayable, and each playthrough unique. The world is large and full of characters and items to interact with. Graphics and sound wise, the game does well, but is nothing groundbreaking. Fallout is all about the gameplay, and it does it very well; 4/5.

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Quake - The history and legacy

24 years ago, idSoftware’s to-be multiplayer giant Quake was released. Quake is one of the most important games ever for the first-person shooter genre, online multiplayer deathmatches, and for electronic sports. Real-time 3D rendering made the graphics outstanding and pioneering, and the later QuakeWorld update introduced the QuakeSpy software; laying the groundwork for fair online multiplayer matchmaking. Quake was also one of the first games to popularize downloadable mission packs and optional extra content. Before the year 2000, Quake had sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Today, there are few games who haven’t heard of the series.
The world of online gaming, FPS and electronic sports would not be the same without Quake. We have a lot to thank the series for, but many people fail to realize just how much of an impact it has had. In this article, we are going to take a look at the Quake franchise, its history and legacy.

The Quake franchise

The storylines and games of the Quake franchise are scattered and have little to do with each other. They are set in different universes. The first Quake and its mission packs are set in a dark fantasy/sci-fi universe. Quake II, 4 and Enemy Territory are set in a separate universe, following humanity’s war against an alien race. The Arena series, including Champions, are multiplayer focused spinoffs centered around the arena deathmatch modes. Notable releases are:

   • Quake (1996)
   • Quake II (1997)
   • Quake III Arena (1999)
   • Quake 4 (2005)
   • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (2007)
   • Quake Champions (2017)

In the end of the 90’s, the popularity of Quake as a multiplayer game was massive. This led the developers to start the Arena spinoff franchise, focused on the multiplayer aspect of the games. Several games received both additional mission packs and multiplayer packs to add on to the experience.
Quake was a smash hit when it originally released in 1996. Meanwhile, the Doom franchise had made the multiplayer deathmatch games extremely popular. This led to idSoftware releasing the update QuakeWorld in December 1996. QuakeWorld greatly reduced lag and improved performance in gameplay and game physics. This was the start of a new era of online multiplayer gaming, and QuakeWorld has been called the first ever popular multiplayer first-person shooter by IGN. idSoftware always continued rewarding loyal fans, with releases such as Quake Live; a 2010 free-to-play updated and modern version of Quake III Arena. Since August 2018, Quake Champions has also been free-to-play, further increasing popularity of the game and its multiplayer modes.

Multiplayer and Esports

Since the initial release of Quake, and especially following the QuakeWorld update, the franchise has been one of the most popular multiplayer shooters in history. So popular in fact, that a yearly convention and competition, QuakeCon, has been held annually since the release of the first game. QuakeCon has been called the “Woodstock of gaming”, and has greatly affected and inspired electronic sports. In addition to QuakeCon, the game has also been popular in competitions such as CPL, ESWC and Dreamhack. The popularity also greatly helped the evolution of Esports betting, and gamblers can bet on the outcome of Quake and other Esports to this day (for more information about Swedish sports- and Esports betting, visit

Quake platforms and formats

The original Quake was written for DOS, which meant that it was commonly played on Windows 95. This however meant that it could not run on NT-systems. Shortly after its initial success, a version called WinQuake was released in order to sort out this problem. The game was translated into many different formats, such as VQuake and GLQuake. By the time Quake II was released, popularity had increased so much that it called for a vast platform expansion. Quake II conquered PC, MAC, Amiga, Linux, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and was later even converted to Xbox360. The later releases are available on most modern formats and platforms.

Quake - Final thoughts

The world of Esports would not be what it is today without Quake. Quake helped lay the foundation of what would become crucial parts of FPS, deathmatches and playing games on the internet. The developers describe it pretty accurately when they say that the fast, skill-based arena-competition style deathmatches of the original Quake games helped turn them into modern day legends.

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Rayman Ubi Studios

Producer: Ubi Studios
Publisher: Ubisoft
Year: 1995
Keywords: Platform Adventure Single-player Side-scrolling 2D
Compability: MS-DOS, Atari Jaguar, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DSi, iOS, Android

The original Rayman video game was released across multiple platforms in 1995, followed by DOS in 1996. Thanks to its huge popularity it was later adapted to many modern formats, including Android and iOS. Rayman is one of the most influential platform games in history, resulting in a franchise consisting of 45 games across multiple platforms.
In Rayman we follow the recurring protagonist Rayman; a literally limbless cartoon with floating appendages. The character is easily recognizable and famous for his trademark helicopter hair and literally throwable punches. Rayman lives in a colorful and peaceful universe, inhabited by many strange creatures. In the middle of the world stands the Great Protoon; a power cell that creates balance in the universe. Everything is peaceful until one day when the evil and mysterious Mr. Dark steals the power source and kidnaps the small creatures known as the Electoons.
It is now up to Rayman to restore balance to the universe. In the game we follow him through 6 worlds where he needs to find and free all the caged Electoons, gather special powers bestowed by Betilla the Fairy and defeat the bosses. When all the Electoons have been freed, the final challenge awaits at Candy Château; the home of Mr. Dark.

The world of Rayman

The feeling of vastness in Rayman’s world was unlike anything anyone had ever experienced back when the game was released. The 6 unique worlds are centered around inspired and imaginative themes so unlike each other that it makes the game feel much bigger than it actually is. The themes range from the beautiful and magical Dream Forest to the harsh and cold Caves of Skops. And my personal favourite, Band Land; an icy music world with an excellent soundtrack, where the player must use acrobatics tricks and skate through the slippery lands full of evil notes and instruments in order to reach the evil saxophone boss Mr. Sax. The game faces Rayman with the following worlds and bosses:

  • The Dream Forest - Moskito
  • Band Land - Mr. Sax
  • Blue Mountains - Mr. Stone
  • Picture City - Space Mama
  • The Caves of Skops - Mr. Skops
  • Candy Château - Mr. Dark

The game also throws in the odd mini-boss and bonus levels where Rayman has to quickly escape a chasing enemy or rising water level, making the player have to race against the side-scrolling screen. In addition, many of the Electoons in the early levels can not be reached and rescued until Rayman has received a certain special power. This leads to some good old metroidvania-style backtracking where the player continues to discover secrets in previous worlds. The difficulty is progressive, which means that the early levels are a piece of cake, while later bosses such as Space Mama can be more frustrating than modern games such as Dark Souls. If you do not love a challenge, odds are that you will not finish Rayman. (Find out more about odds at

Graphics, sound and gameplay

Back in the mid 90’s when Rayman was released it was one of the most beautiful games anyone had ever seen. The graphics still stand surprisingly strong even today. Nothing less can be said about the soundtrack; unique and magical compositions specially made for each of the 6 different worlds in order to create the perfect atmosphere. The gameplay is flawless as well. The player instantaneously understands how to control Rayman, and every time a new power (such as the ability to run, hang or fly using the helicopter hair) is introduced, Betilla the Fairy tells the player how to use this new ability. One major issue with the game is the difficulty. The game was released without ever being play-tested, which has led to it being renowned for its difficulty even today. It is far from impossible, but a majority of players never complete the game.

Rayman - In conclusion

Rayman is an absolutely fantastic game and an immortal classic. It has inspired countless game developers and spawned a series of 45 games, the original perhaps the best one. The world, characters, powers and bosses are one-of-a-kind, and the sound and visual effects are way ahead of their time. I really want to give the game a full score of 5/5, but because of the tremendous difficulty it makes many players rage-quit towards the end of the adventure. For this reason alone we stop at a rating of 4. If you want a nostalgic and magical platform experience and do not fear a proper challenge, Rayman may be the perfect option for you!

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