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Submitted by admin on 25. November 2021 - 14:03.
Virtual Reality Casino: What It Is
The online casino non-replica of the allure and casinos environs found at brick and mortar casinos brought about VR casinos. Here, you can get at least 80% immersed in the games like you are playing in land-based casinos. Also, you can experience a three-dimensional environment while you pick your choice of casino game. All you need to do is get a VR headset and sign up with a VR operator.

How VR Evolved

To many it came to light some years back, maybe 5years back. However it happens to have a long history coming from 1800, Sir Charles Wheatstone invented the precursor to VR headset in 1838 then it was known as the Wheatstone stereoscope, after 101 years a View-Master was invented by Edwin Eugene Mayer. The first use of Virtual Reality started in the 1980s, since then there has been growth technologically. 2010 a prototype for Oculus Rift VR was created by Palmer Luckey. With the notice of VR and gambling niche proving profitable, SlotsMillion VR was introduced as the foremost Virtual Reality Casino. We have many more like In-Game Chats, The Games, Casino VR Poker, The Gear.

Virtual Reality Casino Equipment

Lots of accessories are available for playing VR Casino, we have Sony Playstation VR, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear. However, the best and most recommended happens to be the Oculus Rift VR Headset. Before getting one, make sure you have a computer that's compatible with the strong demands of VR programming. Computer Spec(A Geforce GTX 970 or greater; A head-mounted display; A PC with USB 3.0 support; CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 equivalent or greater CPU; 8GB RAM of Memory; 2x USB 3.0 ports and HDMI 1.3; Windows 7 SPI or newer).

Virtual Reality Casino Games

A good online casino site should have virtual reality casino games. There are many VR casino games online players can indulge in.

VR Slots

They are the most popular casino games on the net. It has huge payouts and it allows you to experience a Slots Online game. On VR slots you can find Jack and the Beanstalk, Starburst, Miss Midas, Dracula, and many more.

VR Blackjack

The feel of a brick and mortar casino happens here, with the use of a headset at a VR Casino, reaching out and placing chips on the table, you'd see and feel the cards, and you hit, stand, or double. It also offers the same fun and excitement players get in BlackjackOnline.

VR Roulette

The first game was created by Microgaming; the third most popular casino game. Since it's one of the most played games, it's non- surprisingly played by high gamblers and rollers with smaller wallets globally. The black and red segmented wheel of chance took Live Roulette a step further giving players the chance to step right into the game.


Gamers can only enjoy VR casinos if they use the best accessories like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive either for fun or money-wise. Traditionally the game requires owning a controller (multiple buttons, triggers, and thumbsticks). Now for VR all you need is to have a data glove and your presence will be detected, this detects your body movements, feeds the computer, the computer analyzes your data, and transforms your actions into reactions you will see on the screen. VR Online Casino developers made sure you still stand a chance if you're unable to afford the accessories, then you will be able to go use your keyboard or controller.

posted by admin // 25-11-2021 // permalink
Ninja Casino Games

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