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Submitted by admin on 12. October 2021 - 13:22.
Gamblers USA Keeps Pushing in the US Regulated Markets
Gambling is a billion-dollar industry in the United States. Americans spend more money gambling than on movies and sporting events combined. It's no wonder that online casinos in Michigan are popping up all over the internet, but what about those who live in states where gambling is illegal? Gamblers USA has been pushing into the US-regulated market.

What is a regulated market?

In the United States, there exist some different types of laws regarding gambling. For instance, in most states and territories, an individual must be over 18 (21 in some places) to gamble and may not bet against themselves (like Texas Hold'em, for example). Additionally, many areas have specific statutes that prohibit the operation or promotion of gambling within a certain distance from places such as schools and government buildings. In other areas, there are strict limitations regarding the advertising of casino bonuses. However, some states have stopped outlawing these activities by permitting sanctioned casinos to provide their services via land-based or online casino platforms.

What do you have to know about a regulated market?

Slot machines in casinos are run by state-authorized companies that have the right to offer the game only within the given region of operations. These so-called "regulated markets" exist in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. Slot machines outside these regions are usually not legal, even if they look like real slot machines. The licensed US markets are very different from each other regarding legislation, licensing, and the like. However, they all share one common feature: when you register an account with an online casino, you will require to provide your real name - the same name on your credit card statement or bank account if you deposited funds or cashed out winnings.

How can I pay at a regulated online casino in the USA?

You won't have any problems with depositing because most USA casinos accept American Express, Visa, and MasterCard deposits. Of course, the welcome offer will be a lot better if you use Bitcoin or another deposit method that can't be traced. The main problem is withdrawing your money, as most USA-regulated online casinos will only allow withdrawals from the same name on file - which usually can't be a Bitcoin address or a random alias. You might be able to use a secondary account that doesn't have any deposits attached to it yet. Still, some casinos require players to have deposited before they approve them for additional accounts. Another option is to use companies like Zamsino is the main go to site in Canada who act as a go-between so that you can play anonymously without compromising your personal information. You will still be able to withdraw if you win, even if the casino doesn't accept American players, because we'll send them a check or wire money to your bank account before you request it.

Characteristics of casino regulated market

Players benefit from the presence of a regulator because it means that they can enjoy secure and fair gaming. The characteristics are:


Players in case of problems can use it. The regulator is accessible to the players. A player cannot directly contact the casino, but they can complain to the regulator with whom they have done business. At most casinos, the regulator's complaints department will also informally resolve disputes between individual gamblers and casinos,

Anti-money laundering

Regulators are always interested in detecting instances of money laundering, which is the process by which criminals hide their ill-gotten gains. It endangers not only casinos but society at large. The regulator must verify that all players have filled in a form with personal information before playing casino games online. A player has to identify themselves to the casino before they can play online casino games. The regulator keeps track of all players' online activities. The casinos where they have opened accounts must submit reports about their transactions with them regularly, so that regulators can determine if any money has been laundered through these systems,


A player can ban themselves from playing at a casino. In most cases, if the player is caught in the casino or online gambling room, they just have to leave. Casinos must implement procedures for self-exclusion. A player can ask them to block their access, preventing them from entering the casino,

No advertising for online casinos

The regulator will not allow casinos to advertise on its territory. If interested players are looking for an online casino, they can contact the regulator; they provide a list of regulated online casinos in Michigan once you have approached them. A player is aware of their obligations. The law makes them responsible for knowing the rules and regulations of the country where they are playing. A casino cannot be held accountable for a player's lack of knowledge about the law in their own country,

Complaints mediation

The regulator will try to resolve complaints between players and casinos before resorting to legal action. Many countries also provide free help in this area. At most casinos, players can contact the customer support service to find out about their options,

Party responsible

The regulator will be responsible for deciding if a casino has broken its rules. If the casino has not adhered to the regulations, it may receive fines or other sanctions. Casinos that operate illegally face closure and repercussions at an international level,


A reputable casino will have a good reputation. The regulator can provide information about casinos' reputations. Fraudulent operators risk not only legal action but also the loss of their reputations and subsequent business,

No unfair advantage

The regulator will ensure that the casino does not have an advantage over players, which would be unacceptable. The software has to be made available to the regulator for analysis and testing purposes. In most cases, regulators also check the regulations adhered to by casinos' employees who work with online or offline games.


Gamblers USA is the largest online gambling company globally, but it hasn't had much luck penetrating US markets that are regulated. They continue to push forward and try new things like their partnership with Dreamlead Ltd. It seems likely that they will continue this trend by looking for other ways to enter these markets, which could benefit gamblers who want more options than just playing on unregulated sites where there is no oversight whatsoever. If you gamble frequently, do you feel safe using an unlicensed website?

posted by admin // 12-10-2021 // permalink
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