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Submitted by admin on 14. July 2021 - 12:45.
The Greatest Horror Game Franchises of All Time
The horror genre proves that people like being scared. That’s why it’s a genre that has been lasting for decades and will continue to thrive. There have been lots of horror games over the years. This has given rise to several successful horror franchises over the years. But only some of them can be called the greatest of all time. In that regard, here are some of them:

The Silent Hill Franchise

These games belong to the stack of games that defined the survival-horror genre. The town of Silent Hill is the setting for each entry in the series. It’s a town filled with fog and all kinds of grotesque creatures. But the blood and gore aren’t the means through which the game scares you. It builds the tension as it gets under your skin. Puzzle solving is another big mechanic of the franchise which defines the genre. The horror genre is a popular one when it comes to other aspects of popular culture like books and movies. The iGaming industry has also been inspired by this genre. The many horror slot games serve as proof of this. Though various online casino sites will focus on various things. For example, the best roulette sites will focus on providing the best roulette games. The thing to remember about these sites is to enjoy them responsibly.

The Dead Space Franchise

Blood and gore are a part of the Dead Space franchise. It’s a series of games that build eerie tension by putting the player in tough situations. For example, a dark hallway that seems safe as the zombies/aliens are dead can turn into a fight for your life once one or two of them suddenly attack you. As the franchise’s title suggests, the game is set in various places in space. There’s also an ancient artifact involved, but you’ll have to find out its role yourself. There is one feature that separates the Dead Space games from the other horror games. Usually, you shoot the enemy in your head to deal maximum damage. The aliens won’t budge if you shoot them in the head in Dead Space. Instead, you’ll need to shoot off their limbs to incapacitate them. You’ll also get various weapons, suits, and upgrades to help you in your missions.

The Resident Evil Franchise

This is another horror franchise that blood and gore play a part. The eerie setting is here as well but it’s present in all kinds of locations. For example, old mansions, cities, and labs are places that are frequent in the games. In this franchise, the outbreak of a virus is the cause of horror as it turns people into zombies. So, expect some jump scares when playing any game of this franchise. You’ll get to play with some iconic characters in the series like Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and others. You’ll meet the Tyrant and Nemesis and Umbrella Corporation, the company behind the virus. Crafting ammo and improving weapons are part of the franchise and so is solving puzzles. The first game got a remake and so did the second and third ones, so if you’re looking to try them out then you can enjoy them with modern graphics.

posted by admin // 14-07-2021 // permalink
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