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Submitted by admin on 28. October 2021 - 19:43.
What Poker Style Might Your Opponents Use?
What styles are you likely to come across and how can you spot them? Keep reading to find out. Poker is a game of strategy, and oftentimes players can favor some strategies over others, creating a style of playing that they can’t help but follow. Understanding how your opposing players are likely to play is an important element of deciding how you are going to play. If you see a pattern of behavior, you can make moves to trip up your opponent and win the pot. Poker styles come in two main forms: tight vs loose, and passive vs aggressive. The combinations of the four make up the poker styles you are most likely to see at the table. You can tell a tight or loose player by how many hands they play. A tight player will play less hands and only the best, while loose players will play often with a variety of hands and tend to only fold on the worst. Passive vs aggressive players can be spotted in what risks they’re willing to take. Passive players will avoid confrontation and constantly fear losing, where aggressive players will raise more and aren’t afraid to lose chips. So what styles are you likely to come across and how can you spot them? Keep reading to find out. IMAGE: (Source: Poker)

Tight passive

So going by the rules listed above, a tight passive player will play only their best hands, and fear losing. More characteristics to look for are that they won’t play many pots and will pre-flop with a good hand. It can become the case that they play so little that when they do play, everyone else folds, assuming it must be a stellar unbeatable hand. They are quick to bluff and will often fold to cards like aces. They won’t take shots and are in it for the long haul. You can take advantage of a weak player by emitting confidence in your hand to a player who will fold at the slightest hint of aggression. It can help your game to get firsthand experience of all of these styles. You can observe all the different styles on gaming platforms like GGPoker Canada for example. Additionally, you can take a look at the GGTeam on Twitch or observe some live tables and see if you can spot the characteristics of different styles of different players.

Loose passive

Loose passive players will dip their hand into a lot of pots, and call raises just so they can see a flop. However, they don’t tend to take chances and leave that to the rest of the table, preferring to watch and see. You won’t ever be able to bluff them, since they don’t feel like there’s anything to lose and will simply, call, call, call in every play. If you have a good hand with a loose passive player, take them for all their worth and bet for value.

Tight aggressive

Like the tight-passive players, tight aggressive plants are selective with their pots. However, they will play their cards strongly. They will wait for the best opportunity to strike and aren’t afraid of betting high. This is the most effective approach to the game, a middle ground of the elements that will win you the most pots in poker. Try to avoid clashing with a tight aggressive player, since it’s likely that they will have the better hand.

Loose aggressive

A loose, aggressive player will raise or re-raise over various hands and will often bet on most flops. They are the most elusive to understand since they tend to scatter their confidence across many hands. A lot of pros have gone far with this technique in Texas No Limit Hold’em because they use their chips to apply pressure on their opponents. However, this is the method: sometimes this approach is sheer madness. Players will play all over the table with no rhyme or reason. These players have a tendency to overplay their hands which you can take advantage of.

posted by admin // 28-10-2021 // permalink
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