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Submitted by admin on 27. October 2021 - 13:23.
Loving retro games

Retro Games

For players who like old-school games, there is not much that can beat retro games. The term retro games refer to classic games through old computer games or video games. These games can be played in different ways. Through older consoles like Nintendo 8-bit. The alternative is on a computer via an emulator or via new hardware, where you also can play games like online slots these days. For those of us who grew up in the '90s, these games are somewhat nostalgic. But in the 2000s, these games were given new life, and many returned to playing retro games. Maybe to relive childhood or just because it's enjoyable and entertaining to play these games.

Famous retro games

There are lots of retro games to discover today. For those of us who had Nintendo, Super Mario is perhaps the best-known example. If you had Sega, you were guaranteed to play Sonic. Zelda is another game that everyone has heard of, just like Donkey Kong. Most of the most famous titles were launched in the '80s. But they have been given new life today when new consoles with old games have been released, which means that you no longer need a 20-year-old console to enjoy these fantastic games.

The most notable examples

There are certainly hundreds of retro games today but not all have become as popular. Below we go through the most popular options. As mentioned, these games can still be played today for those of you who are eager to get a trip down memory lane.

Super Mario

Super Mario is perhaps the most famous example of all. Here you go on an adventure with the prominent character Mario and his friends. You encounter many obstacles along the way and have to get through the different paths of the game. Meet friends Luigi and the beautiful princess. Super Mario has been released in several variants over the years. One of the biggest successes is Mario Cart, a top-rated racing game and one of our absolute favorites.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is the story of the famous fictional gorilla that was launched back in 1981. Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator behind the game. In Donkey Kong you go on an adventure with the gorilla and his friends Diddy Kong. You also have to watch out for enemies like angry crocodiles as well as the Kremlin and its leader King K. Rool.

The Legend of Zelda

There are not many games that have the same status as the Zelda games. The game series has been named The Legend of Zelda, and this game was revolutionary when it came when it was possible for the first time to save their previous progress and thus resume where they left off last. This is a very famous game amongs players in Sweden as well. Nineteen versions of the game have been released, but the games from 1986 and 1987 are the most acclaimed variants. Zelda has done a lot for the outside world and has become world-famous. For example, Seth Rogen has named his dog Zelda and Robin Williams named his daughter Zelda.


In Tetris, the task is to arrange falling symbols. The game is available today in hundreds if not thousands of variants. But it is the version of Game Boy from 1989 that is the most played. The name Tetris is from the Greek word tetra which means four. This refers to the number of squares per block which is exactly four. In total, seven different types of blocks fall on a playing field. The player can control these blocks sideways and turn the blocks. By matching the various blocks, you can make the blocks disappear and the goal is to make as many blocks as possible disappear. For each block that disappears, points are awarded, and the mission is to collect as many points as possible.

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