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Ia Ia Cthulhu Ftagh'n!

Happy New Year, fellow Abandonians!

What would be a better reason to celebrate the beginning of 2013 than presenting you a new game?

Local badass TotalAnarchy tracked down a copy of the Necronomicon, and summoned us a horror adventure from nowhere else but the dreaded, dark, twisted realm of H.P. Lovecraft. Prisoner of Ice was part of the Cthulhu franchise following games like Call of Cthtulhu: Shadow of the Comet, and Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of Earth.

If you're looking forward to a grim adventure around the world of mortals, traveling to places like the Antarctica or Buenos Aires, only to solve one of the greatest mysteries involving a chain of murders you've come to the right place.

posted by Tracker // 01-01-2013 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
Help Me Doctor, I See Stars
We bring the spotlights over another gem - Theme Hospital. A place where crazy doctors search frenetically for cures to the most surreal diseases. That includes being infected by alien DNA. Much like with Theme Park, this is funnier than your usual management simulation and pretty simple to play. But hard to master!

Exclusive thanks go to BranjoHello who has reviewed this undying classic. The game itself is not available for download here, since it is sold legally by the copyright holders.

posted by TotalAnarchy // 18-01-2013 // not downloadable // game // Simulation // permalink
To High Rock and Back
Valiant hero called Ermuli brought us some ancient artifacts he found during his adventures. He probably could get a nice reward from the Emperor from them, but he wanted other adventurers to use them instead. So get these Daggerfall boxshots and good luck in your adventures.
posted by marko river // 31-01-2013 // box shots // permalink
Poll: What's your preferred game database?
Are you one of us who need to know from time to time things like the year the first X-Wing was released? Where do you resort to get game information? Do you know a little-known good database website? Click to go to the forum, vote and discuss!
posted by Japo // 02-03-2013 // permalink
Ocean Trader goodies

Thanks to Smashgorand we have added the manual for Ocean Trader, as well as a perfect, non ripped archive, and the original CD image. Go trading!

posted by Japo // 18-03-2013 // extra // permalink
Discworld 2 - Mortality Bytes
That's right! Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Arete and The Fifth Horseman the hilarious Discworld 2 - Mortality Bytes is now reviewed and ready for you to download and enjoy. Have fun and don't let the luggage bite you!
posted by Lulu_Jane // 22-03-2013 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
Bust or drive
Today, from the burning streets, we received Grand Theft Auto boxshots from our wild driver Ermuli. Check them out while you pour gasoline and prepare for new chase... And drive safely in real life :)
posted by marko river // 31-03-2013 // box shots // permalink
War manuals

We have added a text manual for Wing Commander Academy thanks to AbandoniaEddie, and the manuals for Battle Isle 2 (MILOP + Weapon Systems + Reference Cards in one PDF) thanks to Tharod. Fire at will!

posted by Japo // 30-04-2013 // permalink
Writers wanted, will pay with games

Big news! We're beginning to publish games without reviews, to actually enhance the process of getting reviews for the unpublished games we had, lost in the attic. This means that you no longer have to wait unreasonably long times to see your contributions published because you aren't feeling like a writer.

It also means that when you see a game without a review, identified by a huge "review this" banner, you can click on the banner to volunteer for reviewing it. We think that this way we'll actually get games reviewed faster, and do a better job of making games available to you.

We're starting this with a double game release:

  • Warcraft II Tides of Darkness and the expansion Beyond the Dark Portal, courtesy of The Fifth Horseman, complete with manuals. This was really overdue! If you haven't played yet the second game of Blizzard's Warcraft universe (really?!) now you can; and if you have, I'm sure you'll be up for some revisiting.

  • Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, from AbandoniaEddie: an old flight simulator licensed from the first human to break the sound barrier.
    • Enjoy, and please consider helping us with reviewing them!

      posted by Japo // 14-06-2013 // permalink
Writers still wanted

Both games announced last week have found volunteering reviewers, thank you!

But we'll continue publishing in the future, so keep in mind. Also if you feel like writing a review of a particular game, you can search for it in the requests board, and if it's approved, we can probably find the game for you to review, so it can be added to the website.

posted by Japo // 21-06-2013 // permalink
Is this real...? Or is this just... unreal?

It was a long time ago that we surprised you with a new game, but here it is! It's not exactly THAT game with the same name from Epic MegaGames, but sure it's epic in it's own way.

If you are ready for some old fashioned hack-and-slash action against dragons, dinosaurs, and polar bears 1991 style, here it is! Immerse yourself in a world of ice, forests, and vile beasts - and ride a flame spewing lizard above the world!

We would like to thank marko_river for the excellent and unbiased review and the beautiful screenshots, oldschool DOS sensei Ermuli for the archives, and local treasure hunter Geezer for a scan of the original manual, a disk image of the original diskettes, and of course two high resolution boxshots of the jewel case.

posted by Tracker // 23-07-2013 // permalink
Monster exterminators wanted!

The city of Phlan, once a flourishing trade port, is becoming overrun with monsters of all sorts... and rumor has it that they have amassed a quite spectacular hoard from pillaging the city! This is where you come in, brave adventurers: drive them out of the city and loot their coffers... or die trying.

Pool of Radiance was the first of many Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, or AD&D for short, role-playing games published by Strategic Simulations, Inc. back in the day, a series that would become known as the famed Gold Box games, named after the gold-colored boxes they came in.

So, dear player, look up why negative Armor Class is suddenly good and what the heck THAC0 means, roll your die, and go kill some monsters and steal all their money!

posted by Tomekk // 29-07-2013 // not downloadable // game // RPG // permalink
B.A.T. in Azure color
Today's addition is the game archive and floppy discs files for Italian version of B.A.T. Look it up in Extras section of the game.

Cup of cakes goes to DaG II for providing the material. Have a alienless day :)

posted by marko river // 31-07-2013 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
Fire up some nitro
You want something big and loud and crashing? Then it's Monday Nitro time.

Today's addition is wrestling game WCW Nitro. Some throwing, kicking and jumping with over-muscular men for you and bowl of cookies for SpiDoL for bringing us the game.

posted by marko river // 01-09-2013 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
Dweep around
We have a cute little candy today. Dweep is the shareware game that came out in 1999 and won several rewards. We present you Dweep Gold that contains some additional levels. Have fun helping Dweep or creating your own levels.

Bowl of cookies goes to JudgeDeadd for this contribution. And now, it's time to dweep :)

posted by marko river // 07-09-2013 // downloadable // game // Puzzle // permalink
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