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Project Nomad
Project Nomad has been requested in the forum a few times, so I think there�ll be some happy faces among you today. This space opera has a galaxy of exotic worlds waiting to be explored and a plot that just begs to be played. Can you hear the call to board your spaceship? Where�s my suit. . ? Once again, Sebatianos has proven himself to be one of the hardest working members with a fine review and eye-catching screenshots.
posted by wendymaree // 01-01-2005 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
Oh no - More Lemmings
A bit late with the update today, but here we are. Radiv has supplied us with OH NO! More Lemmings! I think we are getting close to a complete Lemmings collection. Have fun with it!
posted by Tom Henrik // 02-01-2005 // downloadable // game // Puzzle // permalink
Test Drive - Triple Pack
Today's update is a racey one (or three in one): Test Drive - Triple Pack. Radiv X has given some compelling reasons why we should get behind the steering wheel of a porsche and burn rubber. Some attractive screenshots offer even more enticement. The games are Test Drive, Test Drive II - The Duel and Test Drive III - The Passion.
posted by wendymaree // 03-01-2005 // downloadable // game // Racing // permalink
Elite Plus
Elite Plus is a space trader simulation with excellent VGA graphics. It is an updated version of the classic Elite and is now considered by far the better of the two. Thanks and popcorn go out to punch999 for a terrific review and screenshots.
posted by wendymaree // 04-01-2005 // downloadable // game // Simulation // permalink
Zone 66
Remember song lyrics that went, 'You can get your kicks on Route 66'? Today, for your enjoyment, we have a game called Zone 66 which will supply plenty of kicks, especially if you're into overhead shooters. This one is rumoured to be the most under-rated of its genre and features 360 degree freedom of movement. The impressive review and screenshots were supplied by Einherjar. I altered not a word of his review, and for edit-happy me that's unusual. Great work, Einherjar - and, of course, a crunchy snack is coming your way. ;)
posted by wendymaree // 05-01-2005 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
A Mind Forever Voyaging
Today we have a text-based game for you, courtesy of JaG. He was a fellow updater on EchoRing while it was still up, and to my surprise and excitement, he decided to join our cause, and help us out with the site! So a big welcome to him, and a big praise for the flawless review he supplied. You'll be reading some more soon ;) Well, back to the game, it is an Infocom title called A Mind Forever Voyaging which is a must for all text-based games fans! Happy typing!
posted by Kosta // 06-01-2005 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
Gold Rush
Gold Rush is another cool Sierra game and has some historical value � not only for the authentic and detailed recreation of the period in which it was set - but also because it was one of the first adventure games that was truly replayable. Our own evil genius, Fawfulhasfury, has written the ace review and supplied the screenshots. Popcorn, marshmellows or choc chip cookies, Fawful?
posted by wendymaree // 07-01-2005 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
Castle Wolfenstein
Was Castle Wolfenstein the best action game ever made? Certainly not in terms of sophisticated graphics. Yet some argue that the great ideas incorporated into the full-on action gameplay provoke an adrenalin rush not equaled by many games today. In his well-thought out review, Jag gives a technical overview and tells of the history and the power contained in this revolutionary game.
posted by wendymaree // 08-01-2005 // not downloadable // game // Action // permalink
Aleshar - World of Ice
Hi all! I'm finally seeing some sun outside, after who knows how long, so I'll make this a quick update and try to get some tan ;) Einherjar has made an excellent review of Aleshar: World of Ice, an RPG game published in 1997. by Hypothermia. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but give it a try nontheless - and be sure to read the manual first :)
posted by Kosta // 08-01-2005 // downloadable // game // RPG // permalink
Want to have some fun? Of course, you do! (With a passing nod to that inescapable glass of rye in Return To Zork.) Well, today's trip down memory lane is not to Zork but to Oscar - although not the famous awards. Read Tulac's helpful review to find out more about this top arcade game and also catch an eyefull of the brilliant screenshots he has supplied to accompany his review.
posted by wendymaree // 09-01-2005 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
SimCity Classic
This game is part of a series that launched and defined a genre: SimCity Classic. This city planning game has been expertly and thoroughly reviewed by Jag who also supplied the archive and screenshots. Thanks, Jag!
posted by wendymaree // 10-01-2005 // downloadable // game // Simulation // permalink
Home Alone 2 - Lost In New York
A platform action game with great graphics, Home Alone 2 is based on the film of the same name. The game, screenshots and neato review were all supplied by evil genius and very huggable guy, Fawful. (Don't tell him I said that...might ruin his reputation.)
posted by wendymaree // 11-01-2005 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
Incredible Machine 2
Incredible Machine 2 will have you enthralled for hours assembling weird and wonderful machines. This wacky puzzle game is part of the Incredible Machine series of which we have another two onsite. Yamcha 565656 has supplied us with the game archive, some nice screenshots and a tantalising review. He�s definitely earned his choc chip cookies. Thanks, Yamcha! :)
posted by wendymaree // 12-01-2005 // not downloadable // game // Puzzle // permalink
There's a huge puzzle/quest game with fantastic graphics waiting for you onsite - Hodj 'n' Podj. The box for the game came with this description: A wacky buncha games in a wacky kinda world. Enough said. The game, stunning screenshots and meticulously researched review all came from my fellow Mod and very nice guy, Omuletzu. Mods Rule!
posted by wendymaree // 13-01-2005 // permalink
Today we have the biggest game update ever - a humongous review accompanied by 12 phenomenal screenshots - courtesy of The Fifth Horseman who supplied us with all the necessary ingredients. Game in question is Castlevania and, with all provided, I'm sure you can easily decide whether or not its your cup of tea! Enjoy!
posted by Kosta // 14-01-2005 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
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