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While the rest of the world sets fire to the sky, here on Abandonia we put fire to our mascot - and lo and behold, he was transformed into LeChuck! What could all this mean? Simple. As a new year passes, it also means games have matured another year, and that means that there are some games that are now considered abandonware. Some of them we already have on the site, ready for your downloading pleasure. Others are old gems that we would like to share with all of you, if only someone would first share them with us. Some of you might have guessed at least one game that now fits our description of abandonware, by looking at our little burning friend on the left. However, you can get a full list by clicking on him, and let him be your guide into the new year.
posted by Tom Henrik // 01-01-2007 // permalink
MicroProse Soccer
According to our reviewer Bruno G. MicroProse Soccer is all about shooting, dribbling and scoring! An excellent choice when it's off-season.
posted by Romano // 03-01-2007 // downloadable // game // Sports // permalink
Montezumas Revenge
Take on the role of Panama Joe and fight off hordes of rolling skulls and dancing spiders in dozens of levels in an Aztec palace. Gain everlasting glory and heaps of gold along the way in Montezuma's Revenge
posted by Reup // 07-01-2007 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
Wacky Funsters
Every real gamer must be terrified of the idea that the games will start to make sense. Great old games that brought us tons of fun should never be forgotten and it is up to you to save them! You are Geekwad and it's your mission to play Wacky Funsters and help preserve the classical games forever!
posted by Romano // 10-01-2007 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
Commander Keen 6 - Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter
Commander Keen 6: Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter is the first Commander Keen game that wasn't made by Apogee. Since all the other Commander Keen games are still sold, this will unfortunately be the only Commander Keen you'll get for free here for a long time.
Thanks go to Fawfulhasfury & Unknown Hero for providing this game.

posted by Romano // 14-01-2007 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
Thanks to the continued contribution from our members, we are able to showcase box scans for yet another game on the site; Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos. However, the person who submitted these scans didn't leave his or her name. If you were responsible for these scans, please let us know so we can give the proper credits. And, to the rest of you, we always want more box scans. So if you have a game that is featured on the site, and a scanner, please help us out. Thank you. It really means a lot to us.
posted by Tom Henrik // 15-01-2007 // box shots // permalink
Zeliard might be an old game, but do not underestimate this great classic. It was years before its time in several aspects of gameplay, and is even by today's standards a great game. I think all of you will enjoy this pearl as much as I did. Have fun!
posted by Tom Henrik // 16-01-2007 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
Blue Max - Aces of the Great War
Today is yet another birthday of Abandonia's owner Kosta. May he enjoy it and party as hard as he wants too and may this high flying game Blue Max: Aces of the Great War give wings to both him and the site, to be able to take on the challenges that are yet to come in life.
posted by Romano // 18-01-2007 // downloadable // game // Simulation // permalink
Ever wonder if one man could single handedly stop an entire army? According to GameBringer it's nearly impossible, but come check out our newest action game Cabal anyway and see if you really are an army of one.
posted by ReamusLQ // 20-01-2007 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
European Championship 1992
For all soccer fans, here is a good one. European Championship 1992! All you have to do is to score goals, to win and go to the next stage, but it will not be so easy, because gameplay is a bit difficult.
posted by Romano // 24-01-2007 // downloadable // game // Sports // permalink
Space Racer
Want a high speed game which required a low speed (at least by today's standards) computer? Then try out Space Racer!
My bet is, you'll like it!

posted by Romano // 31-01-2007 // downloadable // game // Racing // permalink
Nectaris added
Today's update is the futuristic strategy game Nectaris. It's a fine blend between action and turn-based strategy. The gameplay is like chess :D
So go ahead and check it out.

posted by Romano // 04-02-2007 // downloadable // game // Strategy // permalink
Jonny Quest - Curse of the Mayan Warriors
Too young to remember Jonny Quest, a very popular cartoon from the mid sixties? Don't worry because we have the computerized version of his adventure from the mid nineties called Jonny Quest - Curse of the Mayan Warriors.
posted by Romano // 07-02-2007 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
M.A.X. - Mechanized Assault and Exploration
To start you off proper this week, our first update is a huge one: M.A.X. - Mechanized Assault and Exploration is a fully featured strategy game with a mech/scifi setting. And, although often neglected, it is truly a gem that sets an example for other games in its category! The download might take a while, but it sure is worth the wait!
posted by Reup // 12-02-2007 // not downloadable // game // Strategy // permalink
Euro Soccer
Euro Soccer is a game that is easy to master. As our reviewer Bruno G. likes to say, it is a "normal" soccer game. You only kick the ball, pass and score, nothing more.
posted by Romano // 14-02-2007 // downloadable // game // Sports // permalink
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