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Happy new year!

Its offically 2009 in Abandonia, as well as in most of the Europa! Despite we had downhills, debate's about the new site design and coup d'état's, we still had plenty of new-old games. And hopefully there's more to come! I'd like to remind that at the change of the year, some games have fallen off from the protection lists, which means we can host them!

For celebrations, we today bring one such game. The instant hit. The cold killer. The game that's seen on many platforms and even on the big screen.


Get it now, before Kano skewers you with his daggers and rips your heart out!

Also, for sports fans, NHL Hockey 93 has also become abandonware. I cant promise you any ripped hearts on that one, but Im sure some of you will love it too. It has its own kind of violence.

posted by TheChosen // 01-01-2009 // not downloadable // game // Action // permalink cold....

Well, I spoke to soon. AB's year started of well, but then it turned into another set of forum drama. I apologize for our staffs (and some other forum-dwellers, who shall not be named) childish behavior, but some people just cant agree, listen or take their discussion somewhere else.

In any case, while everyone else has been arguing, I uploaded another game: Cold Dreams, a puzzle platformer brought us by MrDeadly. Download it, play it, love it. Also, notice that the game files are "little special" so read the info at the end of the review.

posted by TheChosen // 01-01-2009 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
Its cartoon time!

Hay! Two updates in a row! If you include the new years and the day before that, thats five games! Woohoo! Im on a roll!

Uhm, apologiez. I got carried away.

Today's update is a little "special" kind of game, its an animation studio. Nickelodeon one to be more exact. And thanks for this go to Lozzenger2. Cookies and milk to you.

posted by TheChosen // 02-01-2009 // downloadable // game // Unsorted // permalink

Well, the forum drama is finally over. And as we have accuired new imformation about who's leading the site and stuff like that. To make it simple: Kosta is too occupied to take care of any matters  Abandonia-related and its up to the staff to continue the site's development.

Our team is right now seeing and trying on how they could improve this place. Meanwhile,I'l upload another game, Moonbase, so you can all try your building and managing skills too. Kudos to Jake Grey for this one.

posted by TheChosen // 03-01-2009 // downloadable // game // Simulation // permalink
Game: Three Fold

Inofficial part six of our Christian Matchup series multipart update!

Once upon a time there was God... and he said: Let's make that crazy Christian Matchup games crazy rule-wise too!; and it was so. And God saw that it was good, and he called it Three Fold.

posted by Luchsen // 04-01-2009 // downloadable // game // Board // permalink
Status change: Thunderhawk AH-73M
Thunderhawk AH-73M is not sold anymore and so downloadable again.
posted by Luchsen // 08-01-2009 // downloadable // game // Simulation // permalink
!!!: Extras
We finally resolved the problem which barred us from adding extras. If you find extras linking simply to, please leave a note in the respective game discussion. Not to mention again that the same goes for any other irregularities, for example the I-am-an-extra-of-another-game-but-liked-this-game-and-so-slid-hither bug.
posted by Luchsen // 09-01-2009 // permalink
Deadline Extras

Finally the first Extras Update in months, we can thank JMB for supplying Deadline with three box scans and the manual!


posted by Dave // 09-01-2009 // permalink
Abandoned Places Extra

Have you ever played Abandoned Places?

I don't want to know the answer but now you have a good reason to do it!

Enjoy the special maps and  the guide submitted by Paco.

posted by Dave // 11-01-2009 // downloadable // game // RPG // permalink
Space Invaders from Outer Space!

They are back and they are invading our forum!

Enjoy those cute icons, resurrection by me, Data, Horseman and a special thank to russ for the code part ;)

 @Data: goodbye and thank you for everything, this is dedicated to you.

posted by Dave // 13-01-2009 // permalink
Alien Trilogy Extras

Today we have uploaded special material for a classic shooter: Alien Trilogy.

This game is a must try, especially if you love the movie series ;)

BoxShots, Manual and Technical Supplement submitted by our great contributor JMB.

posted by Dave // 15-01-2009 // permalink
Let'sa play!

Whew. Sorry guys. Been slacking off lately with game updates. This hints that I need to take a vacation from this community and we need more game updaters.

But now, I decided to bring something special, featuring the worlds most famous video game character: Mario's Game Gallery, also known as Mario's FUNdamentals! Have fun!

posted by TheChosen // 15-01-2009 // downloadable // game // Board // permalink
!!!: Amazon Marketplace
Amazon Marketplace is not counted a valid seller anymore. Sales by Amazon itself and Marketplace sales of confirmed direct representatives of the publisher are still counted as valid! Status changes of games on site will be announced.
posted by Luchsen // 15-01-2009 // permalink
Life is Fragile!
It definitely is in the latest game on our site: Fragile Allegiance! Play this wonderful strategy game and get hooked for days. Don't say we didn't warn you ;).
posted by red_avatar // 16-01-2009 // not downloadable // game // Strategy // permalink
Servers are back up!
The servers are back online, happy downloading!
posted by Dave // 19-01-2009 // permalink
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