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Happy New Year!
Thanks to the efforts of the mighty eclipsespilce, we can show you what they wrapped videogames (actually, Twilight: 2000) in back in the old days. There are also pictures of the papers included in the original jewel case, so if you've always wondered what a Technical Supplement looks like, then you've come to the best place!
posted by Tracker // 02-01-2012 // permalink
Daily Quiz!

As you may have noticed we disabled the Quiz for few days for maintenance. But now we are excited to announce you that it's back! (Hopefully stronger than before =P)

We'll keep it enabled to hear your feedback, if you notice malfunctions please report them here: Link

Many thanks to the technician Rafiq and happy Quiz guys!

posted by Dave // 09-01-2012 // permalink
A poll has formed!
It is time for you to pick the best Quest for Glory game, or at least tell us which is your favourite. Don't forget to post a reply as well and tell everyone why your pick is the best to you. If you are not a member of the site quickly make an account and get your opinion in as well, don't get to worried though you have seven days till the poll closes and the next one starts.

To get to the post make sure to click on the title, it will take you right there. Then have a browse of our forums, don't forget the chat box at the bottom of the main forum for members of the site.

posted by DarthHelmet86 // 15-01-2012 // permalink
An extra Hero has arrived!
With the help of Fleabass666 we now have the Sierra control manual for Quest for Glory 1: So You Want to be a Hero VGA (wow that is a mouth full isn't it) on our site now. With the details on how the new point and click adventure games are played this manual is a must for people looking to have every bit that came with this game when it first came out.

Don't forget if you have anything that came with a game we are happy to feature it on site, you even get some Pieces of Eight for your hard work. Just make a thread here and tell us about what you have that we just might want!
posted by DarthHelmet86 // 16-01-2012 // extra // permalink

Just when you thought it was safe to hide in the cleaning cupboard...
Those wonderful folks over at Infamous Adventures have done it again and released their glorious remake of Space Quest II - Vohaul's Revenge. They've not only updated the game's graphics but have included over 4000 lines of spoken dialogue, original music and a point and click interface! After the wonderful job they did previously with their remake of King's Quest III - To Heir Is Human I can't recommend this enough, download this now and relive the adventures of everyone's favourite janitor, Roger Wilco. Just don't forget to bring your mop!

Now if that's not enough janitorial glory for you, don't forget that Abandonia has reviews of each game from installment one through to five and a whole host of downloadable extras available here. You can also buy the entire collection from our friends over at Good Old Games, here and here.
posted by Lulu_Jane // 18-01-2012 // permalink

Do you have what it takes to enter the Death Gate?

Enjoy the background music that came with the immersive adventure gameplay in the fantasy world created by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman (yeah, they're the authors of Dragonlance novels as well), brought to your computer screens by Legend Entertainment.

And if you've never played Death Gate before, why don't you download it from us?

posted by Tracker // 21-01-2012 // permalink
Weekly Poll comes back again!
Last weeks poll is over and the winner of best Quest For Glory game is...Dun dun dun...Quest For Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness.

Now it is time for a new poll, this time we want to know what is your favourite genre on our site? Which one do you go to the most often, which one has your favourite games? Remember click on the title and be taken right to our forums and vote your heart out. And you can also add ideas you have for polls to the Weekly Poll Ideas thread, you might even get something if we pick your poll.
posted by DarthHelmet86 // 22-01-2012 // permalink

Quiz Disabled...
It looks like the Quiz went mad again, we will restore it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In the meanwhile participate at our forum polls, play some games and have a look at our forum discussions!

Thanks for your patience.
posted by Dave // 27-01-2012 // permalink

...and it's back again!
Arghhh! Those evil hamsters ate all the cables!

The beloved Quiz is back and your patience has been rewarded, we worked all the day on it because we know you care!

Please send us your feedback, we are still working on it to avoid future problems, in case something goes wrong again please leave a note in our forums and will we try to do our best to solve the issue.

Happy Quiz and remember to refresh the picture, you never know ;)
posted by Dave // 27-01-2012 // permalink

It is time for the weekly poll again.
Last weeks poll winner was Adventure games with RPGs following along not far behind.

This week we have a new poll about what your favourite first person perspective RPG from our site? If your favourite game is not in the list give us a post about what it is, even if it is give us a post about why it is your favourite game. If you aren't a member sign up now and vote in the poll before it is all over.

posted by DarthHelmet86 // 29-01-2012 // permalink
Mountain Mysteries...
We have an old timer here for you today which I know many of you are going to remember. The Alpine Encounter is now up on site and ready for you to enjoy! You'd better get your thinking caps on because you only have 12 hours to stop a nefarious world domination scheme...

Many thanks to Marko River and DarthHelmet86 for helping us get this game to you.

posted by Lulu_Jane // 29-01-2012 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
Are you looking for some company?

Now you can have it, in the form of the original soundtrack of Companions of Xanth - the game which was infamous for it's twisted storyline (and a few other things you should see yourself). It was about a bet between two friends to see whether they could hate the best videogame ever which is... Companions of Xanth.

Speaking of bets, why don't you download it and see if you can hate it? Let us know what it was like in the forums.

posted by Tracker // 30-01-2012 // permalink
And the beat goes on...

Let us show you some great tunes from Frederik Pohl's Gateway, by our all time favourite interactive fiction writers Legend Entertainment.

And as always, be sure to check out the game as well if you've never heard about it before!

Have fun!

posted by Tracker // 02-02-2012 // permalink
Help for the lost is here!
Have you ever played Veil of Darkness and been lost? Couldn't find the important items? Missed out on some of the weapons perhaps? If any of these is true for you then do we have the extra for you today. Thanks to the mighty Paco we have the entire game mapped out and every item and secret door marked. Even if you have beaten the game give the maps a download and have a look and see if you missed something.
posted by DarthHelmet86 // 03-02-2012 // extra // permalink
The weekly poll, has it been a week already?
So the last poll has closed and we have a tie! People just could not decide between Ultima Underworld 1,2 and Eye of the Beholder 1,2,3 so they both win the best First Person RPG on our site. And now it is time for the new poll, this time handed to us by Tracker.

Which one of the games listed would you most like to see as a movie? With the promise that the movie would actually stick to source material and be good mind you. Remember click on the title to get linked right to the poll and have a browse of the rest of our forums while you are there. If you aren't a member sign up now and don't let this poll pass you by.
posted by DarthHelmet86 // 05-02-2012 // permalink

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