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Bunch of Manuals
Hello. We've been quite for a while. And several things happened like New Year and 20k likes of our FB page. So let's add a bunch of material. Manuals, for example :)

221B Baker St.
Armored Fist
Beverly Hills Cop
California Games II
Charlie Chaplin
The First Samurai
Hexx - Heresy of the Wizard
Innocent Until Caught
Jungle Strike
Kings Quest II - Romancing the Throne
The Lion King
Mortal Kombat
Operation Europe - Path to Victory 1939-45
Personal Nightmare
Rise of the Dragon
Simon the Sorcerer
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day
WWF Wrestlemania

Also, several months ago we added two manuals that are very hard to find, but forgot to mention it here:
Aces of the Pacific
Aces Over Europe

All manuals provided by Neville. Bunch of cups of cookies for him today :)

posted by marko river // 27-03-2016 // downloadable // game // Simulation // permalink
Science time
Hi children and children at heart :)
Today's addition is educational game written by no less then Isaac Asimov. I mean, he wrote the articles in the game, not the game itself :) If you haven't heard of him, well now you have. Have fun and learn a few things with Isaac Asimov's Science Adventure. The cookies go to arete and The Fifth Horseman.

posted by marko river // 10-04-2016 // downloadable // game // Puzzle // permalink
Reminder please change your password

It has come to our knowledge that a stolen list of all user emails and password hashes is circulating around the Internet. The data belongs to Abandonia among many other websites, and it is not clear how up-to-date it is. According to Abandonia's owner:

- In the case of Abandonia the data is probably from the breach in November 2015, about which we informed at the time.

- At that time measures were taken to make the site more secure.

We recommend everyone to change their password if they haven't yet since the time of the breach -- even though "plain text" passwords themselves don't seem to be compromised to our knowledge.

In order to change your password, please remember that you must do this via the website NOT the forum. Click on "my account" on the top website bar, then on the "edit" tab.

We are sorry this happened.
posted by Japo // 28-05-2016 // permalink

More Manualing
5 new manuals from Maneville... Sorry, I mean Neville :)
WWF European Rampage Tour
The Hunt for Red October
Back to the Future Part III
Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance

posted by marko river // 21-07-2016 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
Ninja Casino Games

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