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Download Innocent Until Caught

Innocent Until Caught
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The Tayte System. One of the most deadly places in the known universe, where dangers lurk behind every corner... or behind the nearest meteor. Not a place to be for any sane being, but you are Jack Ladd; the biggest tax deviant alive. You have managed to get away with everything so far, UNTIL the I.R.D.S. (the Interstellar Revenue Decimation Service) decided to hunt you down. They want what you owe them; fines for hundreds of felonies, thousands of misdemeanors, and millions of UNTAXED credits earned. You have 28 days to pay it all back, or they will hunt you down... torture you a bit, sell your internal organs and at last they will kill you. You have to make sure that he will manage to collect the sum in question.

The game feels a lot like Space Quest 6 - Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier. It is hard to say exactly why, but maybe it is the tragic hero, the space adventures and the slum quarters they both feature. As you can see from the screens the game supplies a very good in-game graphic, but a superbly rendered movie graphic! The game interface is also great. If you are familiar with any type of adventure game, you will be able to just jump straight into the action. And if you are not familiar with this genre, the game is an excellent introduction - combining a good written plot, lots of humour, interesting and funny dialoges, superb graphic, nice sound and a very practical scene map. The scene map show you an overview of the current screen with exit spots and so on. A great help for newbie players, but also for veterans.

The game is not well known, but I hope that by putting it on this site it will get the praise it deserves. A strong game for everyone with no downsides.

Some of you may experience a bug when trying to board the train in the subway. If you're running the game in DOSBox make sure you increase the cycles to at least 6000 before starting the game. Increasing them while in-game won't do the trick.


Reviewed by: Tom Henrik / Screenshots by: Tom Henrik / Uploaded by: Tom Henrik / share on facebook

User Reviews

Posted on: 2015-09-16 by El
Pros: + Graphics are good and animations are simple and smooth. + Attempts are made for adult themed humor. Cons: - You will definitely need to take the advice in the game description and get the cycles in DosBox up or else the text bubbles take forever to cycle when speaking with NPC's. - There is at least one spot where your character will automatically go read a sign, every, time, you walk past it near the beginning. - The humor feels kind of dry. - NPC's don't do much in the way of giving clues as to what you are trying to do with the stuff that you find. - Some of the items are incredibly easy to miss unless you use the Eyeball over every inch of the screen. - Hand icons make it hard to figure out just where to click to pick up items. - Mouse driven movement (point and click) + 3D environment = Difficulty in going into doors.

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