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Download A-Train

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Ever play Railroad Tycoon? Did you like it? If so, you will definitely like A-Train. I’m not going to say Railroad Tycoon was a copy of A-Train, nor that it was the other way around, but the two games are slightly similar. 

As you should have figured out by now, A-Train is a train simulation. And it’s more than that: Besides from building a magnificent transport system, you can also build things like stadiums and ski resorts in order to strengthen your empire. 

As for the trains, it’s fairly easy. You build train stations, connect them with railroad tracks, purchase the trains and lay down routes for them. You also have to select what they will transport - passengers, trading goods, etc. Once you have done that, money will start pouring in. Well, pouring is a strong word, as your profit takes its time and that’s where your troubles begin. You can’t go on and build build build, or else your financial resources will be gone in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, there’s other ways to increase your funds. Stocks for example. The bottom line is, if you build slowly and reasonably, take your time and make clever investments, you will be rich in the end, and if you do it really well, you’ll be filthy rich. 

The graphics of this game are quite nice – it’s an oldskool Maxis-style simulation meaning there’s always a big hustle-bustle on the screen, Trains traveling around loaded with little boxes, and so on. Also, you can set the graphic mode: 640x480, 640x350, or the Hercules resolution in monochrome mode. You can also choose between monochromes and color in the other resolutions. 

The music fits into the atmosphere nicely. Cheery melodies are guiding you through the process of managing your resources, finances and transports. There isn’t much to say about the sound except the occasional toots of the trains. 

All in all, the game is well worth playing. Those of you that played Railroad Tycoon will feel at home here but might get bored after a while. The last part also goes for the rest of you, but you will have fun the longest. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a boring game, it’s just that the long-term-playing experience could have been better. Over all, I give this game 3 points.



Reviewed by: Grinder / Screenshots by: Grinder / Uploaded by: Grinder / share on facebook

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