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Submitted by admin on 11. November 2020 - 15:59.
Classic Old-School Games We Keep Coming Back To

There’s something about the magical feeling of nostalgia we get when playing old-school video games. Whether it’s because they remind us of simpler times when the most we had to deal with was trivial things, or simply because they were at the start of our long gaming journey, nothing beats a few hours with a classic on our hands. If you’re feeling like you want to ditch the graphics-intensive games of today and go back to some simple, pure entertainment, then here are a few old school classics you can play instead!

While to some it might seem like a strange choice to add Roulette to this list, this casino staple has made its way into the hands of gamers for decades. There have been dozens of versions of roulette made for a slew of consoles over the years, and most of us have given the wheel a few spins simply out of curiosity. Today, roulette and other casino classics can be found in online casinos. These websites host a lot of great games that players can try for free or play for real money. With that in mind, you can play roulette online here and enjoy the game’s simple charm.

Resident Evil
Resident Evil has without a doubt become one of the biggest game franchises in the world. With the many new remakes of old-school Resident Evil games coming our way, many of us are tempted to travel back in time and give the original horror-inducing titles another go! Of course, this is a great idea! While the new versions of the first few games are far better than what any of us had expected, there’s a certain charm to the blocky graphics and weird controls that enhance the terrifying atmosphere these games inherently carry.

Bloody Roar
Here’s a game that a lot of you might not be familiar with. While we originally wanted to go with Tekken for this list, we decided to honor a less popular fighting game instead. This gem gained some traction back in the day but ultimately wasn’t too successful outside of Japan. Like most of the incredible fighting games through the years, Bloody Roar included special moves, great combos, and intense gameplay. What truly set the game apart though was the beast transformations that every character could activate to boost their power and show off a new set of moves!

It was never a question whether the old Pokémon games would make it on this list. The legendary franchise might have spawned the sensation that is Pokémon GO and the mega-popular anime series, but most of us were introduced to it through the classic Nintendo games that first came out decades ago! It might be a little hard for us to get out hands on a Nintendo Gameboy or a Nintendo DS these days, but luckily, emulators have us covered! You can download these incredibly helpful apps on your PC or mobile and run old-school games like the Pokémon games without a problem.

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