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Submitted by admin on 19. October 2020 - 19:57.
Profitable E-sports Teams
E-sports, also known as electronic sports, refers to the world of organized video gaming played on a competitive level with tournament structures and cash prizes. E-sports involves multiplayer competitions, particularly between professional players, whether individually or as a team. Popular with at-home gamers, participants from different teams or leagues compete in the same video games. Some of the familiar eSports games played are Fortnite, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Madden NFL, Mortal Kombat, and League of Legends. E-sports has gained so much popularity that there are now Esportsbetting sites. These sites let you post your predictions for eSports matches and contend for real money prizes.

Will E-sports Be in The Olympics?

The demographics of gaming in today’s world continues to change from recreational to competitive. Gamers worldwide can participate in eSports though it requires a great deal of commitment, dedication, focus, and loads of practice to become a professional. E-sports is already becoming mainstream, with the eSports 2019 World Championship being a huge success. The match was based on the game League of Legends and took place in Paris, France, on November 10th.
The first nationwide eSports competition for Space Invaders was held in 1980, with 10,000 participants after home consoles became somewhat standard in 1972. Five years ago, eSports, a fast-growing global phenomenon, was already an explosive billion-dollar industry with billions of dollars at stake and millions of fans.
Leading up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, to be held in Japan from July 23rd, 2021, there will be an eSports tournament. The 2024 Summer Olympics, being held in Paris, will comprise of demonstration eSports events.
It is highly unlikely that eSports will take over conventional sports as each one has its following and satisfies different preferences. E-sports gratifies online lovers, and for those who love the outdoors, sports arenas would be hard to let go of. That said, the viewership of a single eSports final is higher than that of professional hockey, soccer, and baseball finals. E-sports currently enjoys a worldwide audience of 454 million people.
According to, the most profitable E-sports teams are:
• Cloud9 & Team SoloMid - both worth US$400 million
• Team Liquid – US$320 million
• FaZe Clan – US$240 million
• Immortals Gaming Club – US$210 million
• Gen.G – US$185 million
• Fnatic – US$175 million
• Envy Gaming – US$170 million

Can E-sports Be A Career?

In 2013, the Staples Center in Los Angeles had sold out tickets within minutes for the League of Legends championship. Live events and streaming services have transformed casual gamers into earnest stars who sometimes earn seven-figures and enjoy enormous brand endorsements and sponsorships. If you’re wondering whether eSports can be a profitable career, by all means, yes! And for other wagering opportunities for the non-professional gamers, you can engage in Esportsbetting, a popular way to bet on eSports. There are numerous online sites available that facilitate Esporstbetting.
E-sports has functionalities that are very similar to traditional sports leagues. In April of 2018, the NBA held a draft inauguration of its eSports league, centered around the basketball-themed NBA 2K game franchise. Professional eSports players were nominated with all the splendor and spectacle customarily reserved for players on the court.
E-sports has extended its reach to colleges with a considerable number of them offering the competitions. These college competitions are recognized by a governing body that gives thousands of dollars in prize money, which is then put towards scholarships for the champions.

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