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Say hello to my leetle friend!
No, it's not Tony Montana's M16 rifle, it's Luke McCabe's giant sunglasses! You guessed it (or maybe you didn't) but today we have a whole host of extras for Crime Wave. Thanks to the fantastic Geezer we have both the manual and the boxshots available for your enjoyment. Of course, this side-scrolling shooter is also available right here at your friendly neighbourhood Abandonia, so hop to it, somebody has to save the presidents daughter!
posted by Lulu_Jane // 01-09-2010 // extra // permalink
The Culprit is...You!
The police can't handle all the crimes on its own. That's why you joined the Eagle Eye Detectives, Jennifer and Jake - in order to solve all the mysteries that your hometown has in store for you. Find the champion skateboard, catch the angry arsonist or uncover the secret behind the ghastly ghost, many exciting cases await you in Eagle Eye Mysteries.

Eagle Eye Mysteries was released in 1993 by EA*Kids, EA's educational publishing label. It's intended for children of course, but it's also very captivating for older audiences. Special thanks to dkw for reviewing it and Dishy for supplying the archive.
posted by TotalAnarchy // 04-09-2010 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink

The Hunt For Resources
Some things never change. Like the FMVs in the Command & Conquer games. Even though almost noone else in the industry uses real actors, they still appear in the C&C universe even today. However, the franchise's popularity didn't explode because of them. It was thanks to the polished and enhanced real-time strategy formula used previously in Dune II that C&C lead and defined a genre for years after.

Thanks to Geezer, we've added some new goodies for the first title in the series. Mainly the lengthy manual and a set of boxshots. Enjoy!
posted by TotalAnarchy // 06-09-2010 // extra // permalink

A bad day at the Circus!
Even a circus can run into money troubles, and Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun has run into them like a brick wall. Freddy has one more day to pay back his loan shark, and you are the only one who can save him. On top of that an evil clown is trying to ruin the show, and Freddy. So head over to the Big Top and save Freddy and the show.

Big thanks go out to bobson who gave us the game and the review.
posted by DarthHelmet86 // 09-09-2010 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink

Adventures in Time
If for every unsolved crime there's the Hardy Boys duo stepping up for the challenge, then every unfinished history paper needs a Bill and a Ted, because now they have a time machine and with it they can question the historical characters themselves. Travel in time together with them and meet legendary people from our past in the flesh and bones! You'll never get a second chance.

Thanks to our already well-known contributor, Geezer, we've added three more extras files for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure: the manual, the Circuits of Time and the Disk Images.
posted by TotalAnarchy // 12-09-2010 // extra // permalink

Super Mario Bros. is 25 years old today.
On this date twenty five years ago Super Mario Bros. was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System. And while this game is not on our site some other Mario and Lugi games are such as Donkey Kong where Mario started, Mario Bros. VGA where Mario and Lugi first worked together, get Mario Teaches Typing and have Mario teach you typing and the Mario Game Gallery.

So give these games a go, they might not be the Birthday boy but can be just as fun. If you want to try any of these games out, just click the title and the second post has all the links you will need to join the party.
posted by DarthHelmet86 // 13-09-2010 // permalink

Sun Tzu says

"There are two kinds of gamers: wargamers and pussies." No, seriously, if you're one of those who think that the lands are divided into hexagons, and time into turns, let us know what you think of The Perfect General II. And if you don't like it, we have a couple of Barbie games over here I think--just kidding. Thanks go to Chris and dkw.

posted by Japo // 15-09-2010 // downloadable // game // Strategy // permalink
Incubation weekend - day 1
Not so long ago we have given thee one of the most interesting turn based strategy games: Incubation. On this weekend we add some more candies to this fine cake.

Today, if you click on the title of the news, you'll get a chance to listen to the soundtrack from the game.

posted by bobson // 18-09-2010 // permalink
Earlier today, the sad news was revealed that had to shut down. The reasons for this are still pretty sketchy, but let's remember them as a company which gave us classics at low prices fixed to run on modern systems. RIP

Update: There are certain facts indicating that, even though is being shut down in one form or another, it will be replaced by something else the CD Projekt guys have in mind. What it is exactly, wether it's a new service featuring also new games, DRM and client-only downloads, or the site is just changing domains and the BETA in the logo - it's all speculation.

That being said we will not recheck the abandonware status for the games hosted exclusively on GOG, and they will be considered "Sold" for the time being. Please refrain from requesting their download.
posted by red_avatar // 19-09-2010 // permalink

Incubation weekend - day 2
Second day of Incubation weekend has come. It is up to you to decide which one is better, but I can guarantee that today's addition will take more of your time Turn-Based Strategy lovers. Click the title of this news and look for words: Wilderness Missions.

Thank you Fluffdragon for the archive.

When the add-on will be downloading you can also check out scans of the game CD's. Now go to the wilderness!

posted by bobson // 19-09-2010 // extra // permalink
Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!
Ah yes, the eternal quest to get your groove on, and nobody had it quite so tough as poor old Larry, Larry Laffer. The ever-so-smooth Luchsen has provided us with today's special extra - the design document for Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patty Does A Little Undercover Work. Now unfortunately we can't provide you with a download for this game as it's still being sold, however, we have a veritable bounty of game related extras, from the boxshots to game codes and the music which you can find on Abandonia Frequency. But if this still doesn't satisfy your white polyester suit rockin' needs, Larry's very first adventure, Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards is available right here for your enjoyment.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to boogie!

posted by Lulu_Jane // 21-09-2010 // extra // permalink
Wheels of Fire
Our number of racing games on the site is quite limited. Luckily, bobson decided to fix this with a new addition - Carnage - just as the name implies you can turn the track into the most devastated roads the satellites have ever seen, by throwing mines around and bombing your opponents. Besides this, it seems like the usual top-down racing fun.

Exclusive thanks to bobson for reviewing this little game, and to SlowCoder for supplying the archive.
posted by TotalAnarchy // 23-09-2010 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink

Elementary my dear Abandonian!
Or maybe it's not, but it's definitely time to put your sleuthing hat on! Today, thanks to the wonderful Geezer, we have the manual for 1990's crime and adventure game, Crime Time. And because we care about the time you spend honing your detective skills, this game is also available right here at Abandonia. So hop to it, no-one is going to solve the puzzle of this mysterious corpse but you!
posted by Lulu_Jane // 24-09-2010 // extra // permalink
Dr. Robotnik's Evil Schemes End Here!
One of the biggest franchises in terms of game numbers is undoubtedly Sonic the Hedgehog. Just like all your other favourite platform heroes, he's destined to keep sprinting and collecting rings forever, without aging even a little bit. A lot of gamers, however, say that after countless of titles pounded onto the market, SEGA's mascot has changed... for the worse. In their eyes, Sonic died with the Adventures on Dreamcast, leaving behind only his downgraded clone.

It's up to you to decide if that's the truth, though. The only thing we can offer you is a chance to revisit the classics. Unfortunately, Sonic the Hedgehog is primarily a console series, and the selection of PC releases is rather limited. Among the few such games, it's hard not to notice Sonic CD, sporting the same old side-scrolling gameplay complemented by splendid CDROM audio and video clips.

This is the first Sonic game featured on Abandonia, and we owe it all to SpiDol, who reviewed it and supplied the archive, together with a patch which should help you run it in XP. Take note, though, the version we offer on site is a ripped one.
posted by TotalAnarchy // 25-09-2010 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink

Number of the Beast
Probably as you look to the title of this news you think about a triple six, but that is not the number sponsoring today's addition. The number as the Beast itself has been altered. Luchsen spent some time and created 5 maps for each level in the game called Altered Beast.

posted by bobson // 28-09-2010 // extra // permalink
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