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Time is running out and this will make Jack Bauer look like an amateur! Today the thrilling Geezer has provided us with both the manual and box shots for the Access Software adventure game, Countdown.

The race is on - framed for a crime you are innocent of and needing to escape death row, it could all be so simple, except you can't remember anything. You have 96 hours (in real time) to make this happen - and as your memory slowly creeps back you'll discover that it's not only your fate that hangs in the balance, but that of the entire world. This game is available here at Abandonia, but I'd best stop talking as those precious seconds are quickly slipping away and time is of the essence...
posted by Lulu_Jane // 03-06-2010 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink

Even the Aliens Know How To Hold a Gun
The ancient, alien world of Yavaun teeters on the brink of anarchy as the winds of change threaten to blow the civilization asunder! Four different races waged war against each other in order to accomplish their own goals, and within this chaos and destruction you have the chance to shape their end or triumph.

War Wind is a real-time strategy game heavily borrowing from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, released one year earlier, in 1995. This update was possible thanks to the combined efforts of dkw (in-depth review), Paco (screens) and marko river (archive).
posted by TotalAnarchy // 04-06-2010 // downloadable // game // Strategy // permalink

Darkspawn at Our Borders
There was once a time when all the world lived in peace. The harmony was kept intact by greater beings, now known as the Ancients. It was the Golden Age, or so the tomes speak... One day, the balance started to decay, and destruction took root across the lands. All the greater races died; the lesser ones survived, but were still engulfed in chaos.

Only the passing of time healed the old wounds, and civilizations started flourishing once again. A realm full of magic and adventure await you in Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos, and who knows, maybe you'll even save the world. For those who need additional help, Paco uploaded maps for every level in the game. You can now find them in the extras section.
posted by TotalAnarchy // 06-06-2010 // extra // permalink

Shadow Man is Here
Both the blood of the living and the bones of the dead need some cleansing, and only Shadow Man has the power to do it. Travel between dimensions and prevent Evil from entering our world.

This 3rd-person action game was reviewed by Branjohello and the archive was uploaded by marko river. Big thanks to our precious contributors for another update well done.
posted by TotalAnarchy // 09-06-2010 // not downloadable // game // Action // permalink

New Arena Section - Mêlée Island
Soon you'll be wearing my sword like a shish kebab!

We have just opened a new forum section, a sort of Arena dedicated to all those Abandonians who love to play new/old games on multiplayer together!

You can organize matches, tournaments and score challenges, remember to post tutorials and all those programs that are needed to play, but please don't link to games who aren't Abandoned.

Have fun =)
posted by Dave // 10-06-2010 // permalink

My Beard... Is Gone
Hegor the Dragon-Slayer was once a simple child, son of Thoron, a revered hunter. But after his father died trying to save his village from the rage of a dragon, Hegor vowed he'll track and kill this evil beast. And thus a great hero was born...

When he arrived in the small village of Egdon, Hegor met Commat, an ageing dragon-slayer, which in fact was full of fake and invented stories. What caught our hero's eye was the tale about the underground kingdom of Durgan, ruled by the sinister Necron. Little did he know that, after a couple of years, those dark dungeons will bring destruction once again in his home village of Thelston...

Learn all about the story behind Barbarian in the new extras uploaded by Geezer: the Introduction Story, the Instruction Reference and the boxshots. More coffers full of gold for our brave contributor!
posted by TotalAnarchy // 12-06-2010 // extra // permalink

Shalom and Salam Alaikum!
I hope you've got your shiny strategy shoes on today, because we've got something tricky for you! The machiavellian Geezer has kindly provided us with boxshots the manual and disc images for Mastertronic Group's, Conflict - Middle East Political Simulator.

This game is available on site, and casts you as the Israeli prime minister. Do you think you have the diplomatic finesse to navigate this political minefield or are you a hungry warmonger? Only time will tell...

posted by Lulu_Jane // 13-06-2010 // downloadable // game // Strategy // permalink
Angry Wheels
We don't add racing games that often, but today it's different. Today you're going to unleash your drifts on the burning asphalt, and impress the crowd like never before! Well, actually I doubt you can do any drifts in Power Drift, despite the title, but you'll be spinning a couple of times when crashing.

Power Drift was reviewed by bobson, who played it for the first time in his C64/Amiga days. Another game on site, more gold in the coffers!
posted by TotalAnarchy // 16-06-2010 // downloadable // game // Racing // permalink

Let's all play together

Today's addition is the first of it's kind in the history of abandonia ever. Chris reviewed and prepared an actual old-school MMO (yes, massive multiplayer online). We are talking about the ImagiNation Network by Sierra.

All this wouldn't be possible without the wonderful team at the Innrevival project who re-created the server software for the ImagiNation Network. Thank you!

posted by _r.u.s.s. // 19-06-2010 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
Time to get your gears grinding!
Today, thanks to the glorious BrainRain, we have a wonderful selection of boxshots for you. The Incredible Machine is awaiting you - available on site, in full technicolour glory! Marvel at the boxshots! Thrill at the game! Do not pass go or collect 200 dollars! Go, GO GO! ;)
posted by Lulu_Jane // 21-06-2010 // not downloadable // game // Puzzle // permalink
11 Years of Classic Gaming

The sunny summer day of 21 June is extremely special for our community. It's that time again when we must celebrate Abandonia's birthday and think about the years we passed together. Eleven years is a beautiful age for a website, especially in Abandonia's case, since the prospect for retrogaming looks so bright.

In the past years, I've seen the industry offering a lot of spotlight to old titles. We must give credit especially to in what concerns our beloved PCs, but we can't forget the impressive retro libraries made available through the consoles' online stores, such as XBLA and WiiWare. The interest remains live in other directions as well. The new Alien Breed from Team17, the new X-Com FPS from 2K Games, or even the simple fact Stardock's Elemental: War of Magic is largely inspired by Master of Magic are good examples.

In short, Abandonia can become so much more than it is today and you can show us in which direction. We've made the first step and established a close contact with our technical team at Studentis. There were many bugfixes and improvements made. From now on, there's nothing stopping us in becoming a better site.

I also think it's imperative for me to say a collective Thank You to our contributors and staff members, because as I said before Abandonia is community-driven and besides this newspost and some Pieces of Eight, I can find no other way to express all the people's gratitude for all your dedication. Of course, there's no way to mention all the geeks... and normal people that took up residence in our forums, so I'm going to focus on exceptional contributors, a Murray the Talking Skull PoE Awards of sorts:

Geezer The number one extras source for Abandonia. If I counted right, there were roughly 200 extras files added from him in the last year, that is not counting boxshots independently. He's currently ranked number 2 by PoEs and it doesn't look like it will take that long to surpass Sebatianos at this pace.

Marko river Our most ardent reviewer with 18 retrospects written since Abandonia's last birthday, and many more to come. He's number 3 in our worldwide PoE standings and obviously aims for more.

Ermuli He's also an avid extras contributor, but people are most grateful towards him for keeping the ISO Cellar alive with constant new additions. At the moment Ermuli takes the 6th place with over 11000 PoEs.

Poker Crow Not much has passed since we finally fixed the translation bug - a bit over an year, and we still have problems with it. However, in such a short time, Poker Crow managed to translate 127 reviews into Spanish. Thanks to this he's about to step into the Top 10. For more on contributions, PoEs and Top Tens check our memberlist and history page.

Happy Birthday Abandonia!

posted by TotalAnarchy // 21-06-2010 // permalink
The Re-Definition of Fantasy RPG
The Wizardry series is one incredible epic RPG adventure played from a first-person perspective. The plots for the last three (VI, VII, and 8) are inter-connected and you can even import your party between them. This time your journey gets you into a ruined castle, that once belonged to a powerful wizard. Find out what happened to the previous owners and the item they possessed, The Cosmic Forge, a powerful magical quill that can make your every wish come true.

We already had the seventh part in the series, and we'll be adding its prequel, Wizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge. Death Incarnate wrote an excellent in-depth review, tackling most of the game's aspects with great care, and even supplying a set of useful tips at the end. He also uploaded the german version and the Magic Words which you can find in the extras section.

However with this the update is not complete. Geezer added a batch of awesome boxshots, and also made sure you receive the full documentation including the Playmaster's Guide and the Reference Card. Now you have no excuse to avoid this game! Apologies for updating the Wizardry games in reverse order, and I can't promise we'll start from the first one next time. :P
posted by TotalAnarchy // 23-06-2010 // not downloadable // game // RPG // permalink

Mekhong Madness!
Today, just for you lovelies, the wonderful Neville has provided us with the manual for EA's 1993 real time sim, SEAL Team.

Of course this game is available on site, so if you think you're up to the task soldier, then it's time to get cracking! There's vietcong everywhere and it's up to you to turn the tide of war. Do you have what it takes to make or change history?

posted by Lulu_Jane // 25-06-2010 // downloadable // game // Simulation // permalink
Torpedoes in Sight
Pearl Harbor 1941 was the start of many things. Primarily, it forced an undecided USA to take direct action in humanity's second bloodiest war of all time. The Pacific area of operations was peculiar, because the largest battles were carried either on the water or in the air, with a stalemate land conflict in Indochina. Therefore most of the games based on the Pacific WWII, include exclusively naval-aerial warfare, like in the more recent Battlestations: Midway.

Aces of the Pacific is a classic flight game, which you can transform according to your preferences, into an arcade-ish or a true simulation experience. Thanks to Ermuli, you can now enjoy a set of boxshots and the disk images in the extras section.
posted by TotalAnarchy // 26-06-2010 // extra // permalink

World Domination
As the newly appointed president of Chimerica, it's your job to lead this poor Central American nation to glory. You can choose your own way of doing this, be it with an iron fist or with a traditional democratic leadership.

Hidden Agenda is a strategy game that tests your ability to ignore/promote your own interests in state politics, and how will this affect the future of your people. As promised Geezer added loads of documents to guide your decisions: the user manual, the reference manual, the disk images and the boxart. Enjoy!
posted by TotalAnarchy // 28-06-2010 // extra // permalink

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