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The Future is Dead
With a superhero team including Tropical Oil Man, Robomop, The Iron Tummy, Captain Excitement, and Madame Pepperoni you won't have a problem dragging this world out of its post-apocalyptic slumber. Nothing is impossible for the Superhero League of Hoboken, not even pizzaboxes can keep their contents hidden from the eyes of The Crimson Tape and his gang!

Dr. Entropy WILL be defeated, because now you have some exclusive maps to guide you through the urban maze of this futuristic northeastern US city. They were provided together with some great statistical-based hints by our veteran gamer Paco.
posted by TotalAnarchy // 03-05-2010 // extra // permalink

I want to eat your BRAAAAAAINS!
...Ok, maybe not. But I do want to tell you about the lovely extras that the one and only Geezer has kindly given us. Today, for you, we have both the manual and advertisements for the 1991 Sierra On-Line inc. game, The Castle Of Doctor Brain.

This game was part of the Sierra Discovery Series and of course, it is available for you to play right here on Abandonia. Can you escape from Doctor Brain's dreaded castle? You'll have to get that cranium of yours tingling and find out!

posted by Lulu_Jane // 04-05-2010 // downloadable // game // Puzzle // permalink
The Elder Scrolls speak

In case you didn't know, a couple of months ago Bethesda released free to download one of their most acclaimed titles, Daggerfall. Thanks to Panthro it's now on Abandonia. If you haven't played this yet you're in for a treat!

posted by Japo // 08-05-2010 // downloadable // game // RPG // permalink
Lunacy, madness, it's all verrückt I tell you!
Today, thanks to the wonderful Chris we a have a special extra for you guys - the German language manual for the 1991 game from Rainbow Arts, Mad TV. This game is also available to download right here on Abandonia, but don't fret if German isn't your thing, because it's available in English.

Have you always wondered why television manages to have so many channels but with nothing actually on? Well now is your chance to take control of the station and make things happen. Have fun!

posted by Lulu_Jane // 11-05-2010 // downloadable // game // Simulation // permalink

Another Step Forward
We're here to announce that the DOSBox and ScummVM teams are working day and night to provide you the best retro experience possible, fixing bugs and adding new features in their new releases.

12 May 2010, DOSBox 0.74 is released. Lots of stuff were fixed, most of which I don't understand, but either way several games should work properly now. In a previous newspost on their site, the team specified some of the new graphical features in this version, such as line-based screen updates for CGA and PCjr; white, green and amber monochrome support for Hercules emulation and others. Read more

2 May 2010, ScummVM 1.1.1 was released. This update is devoted to fixing bugs and glitches. In this regard the issues affecting Nippon Safes and Pajama Sam in the previous version were obliterated. Happy gaming! Read more
posted by TotalAnarchy // 13-05-2010 // permalink

Up up and away!
We're taking you high into the skies today! The wonderful Chris has provided us with two great extras for Walt Disney Computer Software's 1992 game, Stunt Island. Thanks to him the registration card and the Disney software catalogue are yours to look at at your leisure.

Sadly this game is still protected, so you can't download it here, however, we have a plethora of flight sim games for you which are available. You can find these by clicking through this newspost. So brace yourselves, it's time to take to the skies!

posted by Lulu_Jane // 14-05-2010 // not downloadable // game // Simulation // permalink
Jul 12, 1880. London, "The Sewers"...
So whose turn it is to save the world now, huh?! Brace yourselves, because you're going to become super secret agent Piers Featherstonehaugh and save the world from mad genetic experiments in full victorian era. And all thanks to a talking cat.

Just so you know, that from now on Piers Featherstonehaugh can always check his bag for a trustworthy Gene Machine walkthrough uploaded by his fellow secret service agent, BranjoHello.
posted by TotalAnarchy // 15-05-2010 // extra // permalink

Modern Battles
Today's strategy game, Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles is a true classic, and one of the best selection of turn-based battles and modern battlefields, such as the Korean War (1950-53), the Persian Gulf War (1990-91), and the Yom Kippur War (1973), plus a series of fictional conflicts placed in 1980 Germany, 1997 China and 1998 Okinawa islands.

An additional Campaign Disk exists, adding 3 more fictional wars involving resurgent North Korea and Germany. This, however, is not included in the download. Special thanks to dkw for reviewing this title for us.
posted by TotalAnarchy // 18-05-2010 // downloadable // game // Strategy // permalink

Swimming Underground
Boulder Dash is a gem that can stand proudly near classics such as Pac-Man in terms of gameplay and the addiction it generates. There's nothing like digging for resources in the middle of may and we've got just the occasion.

Luchsen provided tons of extras for this title. Besides the manual which you may find somewhat useful, don't forget to check the huge collection counting 22 boxshots and scans of advertisements we just uploaded.
posted by TotalAnarchy // 20-05-2010 // extra // permalink

Congratulations Internazionale
Inter made a victory against Bayern in the battle for the first Italian or German treble. Right after the UEFA Champions League Final is finished, we have the proper game for the occasion.

Today's addition is the first official UEFA Champions League game from Krisalis. It may be the proper game, but unfortunately it seems that it won't give you much fun. I guess it's one of those official games... Anyway, if you like the idea of playing with Shearer in Blackburn or with Kluivert in Ajax, this may be the game for you. As some of you have guessed by now, it is the season 1995/96 we're talking about. Check it out.

posted by marko river // 22-05-2010 // downloadable // game // Sports // permalink
The game's afoot...
... And that can only mean one thing, that's right, Sherlock Holmes and Watson are gearing up for some serious detecting! Today we have an extra's update for one of my favourite games on this site - The crafty Xhumed has provided us with the manual for The Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes - The Case Of The Serrated Scalpel.

This game is available right here on Abandonia, and if you have even a passing interest in sherlock Holmes and tales of mystery, I can't recommend this enough. The attention to detail regarding the lore of Sherlock Holmes (for want of a better word) is wonderful. Clicking around in the apartment of Holmes (among other locations) will reveal a treasure trove of references that really show you that the developers loved and knew the source material from Sir Conan Doyle.

But enough from me, time for you guys to polish up your magnifying glass and see if you're clever enough to make solving this case elementary.

posted by Lulu_Jane // 24-05-2010 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
Shattered Horizons
In an endless sea of atoms, stranded far away from any outpost of human civilization, you get surrounded by a bloody alien armada. No chance for survival. No glory awaits you at the other end of the battle. Your only objective - to kill as many as you can!

Quatra Command is a futuristic scrolling shooter in space. Best part is you can run it directly in Windows. The game is up thanks to bluestarultor's efforts. He even supplied an image disk for those who collect them. Enjoy!
posted by TotalAnarchy // 26-05-2010 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink

Welcome to the jungle!
And you know we have fun and games! Today we have a special extras update for you from the incomparable Chris. For your veiwing pleasure he has kindly provided us with the manual for BMG Interactive's Bermuda Syndrome.

This game is available on Abandonia, so I hope you're in the mood for some tree swinging action! Don't forget to pack your mosquito repellent, it's time to head of into the depths of the jungle...

posted by Lulu_Jane // 29-05-2010 // extra // permalink
Bambo: First Blood
After years of hunting, it is only natural for a response to follow. Bambo, a smooth talking and witty bipedal deer has had enough. It is time to return the favour by no longer playing the hunted, but in fact, becoming the hunter. It is time for you to arm up either your M-16, Bazooka or sling-shot and get out into the field and show the humans that you are the most kick-ass stag that has ever lived in the role of the Deer Avenger.

BranjoHello is the Bambo of the contributors to this latest offering with his beautifully worded take on this multi-award winning experience. Professor Oak, playing the role of Colonel Oak in his role as the man who trained Bambo in the arts of warfare. Without him, this game would not be here for he has contributed both the archive and the manual so that if you are ever stuck, you can just refer to this piece of electronic magnificence and know where exactly your prey are hiding out.

posted by Professor Oak // 30-05-2010 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
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