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Download Gene Machine, The

Gene Machine, The
57935 kb



Story: 5/5

It's the 19th century, and you are Piers Featherstonehaugh, the most unknown famous adventurer of the British empire. You just returned from a mission in America, and are now back for some well deserved rest, but alas! a talking cat interferes. More puzzled by the fact that the cat can't pronounce your name correctly, then the fact he speaks you hear listen to his story. It seems the evil doctor Dinsey (what a familiar name) has created a machine that combines two creatures, and transforms them into one! And even worse, he plans to use the machine to create an army of mutants to take over the world.

So Piers sets out to stop this evil doctor, being as intelligent as Piers, this must be a very easy task. I mean after only 15 minutes of play, I destroyed the first computer ever build. I encouraged J.T. Ripper into doing something about the sinners in London, and I laughed at the fact my own doctor would be an evil mind. What could that poor dr. Jekyll have to hi(y)de anyway?

Yes, our Piers is about as smart as the hindside of a cow, and has a viance about as charming as that. But that doesnt prevent him from being snobbish, not at all! And with this fool you have to save the world, good grief.

Gameplay: 3/5

The game is not that big, and actually rather simple. it works completely by the point and click system, and the cursor tells you when you are hovering over something important. On top of that, the items that can be taken or used really stand out from the backgrounds. Thus I doubt any hardcore adventuring fan will have a hard time cracking this nut.


The game has cartoony characters, wich give it a timeless look. some may hate it but I found it to my liking. the backgrounds are perfect for the game, and blend in really well with the story.

Sound: 2/5

If you are hoping for cool sound effects, tough luck, sound is not that great in this game The music isn't great either, it's the same over and over again. That's actually all I wanted to say about it.

Overall: 4/5
I would rate this game a 3, its nice, but has its downsides. However Piers ignorant stupidity, while believing he is nothing short from a genius, pulled it straight back to a 4. If you like dry humor, want to play a simple but fun adventure, go download it. If you are the type of person that ended Myst in a few hours, this probarly wont be much of a challenge, but that doesnt make the dialouge less funny though.

Runs nicely in dosbox, if you screw up the cpu cycles. Runs even better in Win XP, but you wont have any sound. on the other hand, you wont be missing much either. You might have some problems getting your game saved in XP though, it works fine in dosbox.


Reviewed by: STA-Spike / Screenshots by: STA-Spike / Uploaded by: STA-Spike / share on facebook

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