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Download Future Wars - Time Travellers

Future Wars - Time Travellers
823 kb



Future Wars, a fantasy point and click game that will have you adventuring through the past, present and the future. Controls are easy to use, graphics are nice, sounds are excellent, and the story is fantastic.

As for the storyline, your hero starts the game as a window cleaner, washing them on a tall skyscraper, and having a pompous old fool for a boss. Just as the boss decides to check up on your hero's progress, he spills a bucket of water over the side. After quite some yelling his boss retreats back into his office leaving the window half closed. With no water to clean the windows your hero goes up into the offices to fill the bucket back up with water. Once you reach the offices, you must refill your bucket, and then dump it on your bosses' head. That will make him furious enough to want you dead. Your hero runs through an office or two, a secret passage and finally finds himself in a strange, mysterious room. In this room he finds a time portal that will take him to another world.

Felling alone and scared he sets off into this new world wondering where he is and what the time is. It looks as if he has gone back in time to the medieval age of castles and “Knights in shining armour”. Here he finds a king whose daughter has been kidnapped and asks for your hero’s assistance in finding her. The monks are the likely culprits now that they have a new Father Superior, but everyone is scared of them and will go nowhere near them to find out if they really took the kings daughter. So your hero finds a way into their little cult to find the answers.

As the search for the king’s daughter nears its end your hero finds that all is not what it seems to be. Something strange is happening here in the medieval age, something that is incomprehensible to the people of our hero’s own age. As the story unravels itself, your hero travels to different time dimensions, confronts strange enemies, and takes part in an event that could change the world forever.


Reviewed by: Scarecrow / Screenshots by: Scarecrow / Uploaded by: Scarecrow / share on facebook

User Reviews

Review after 23 years
Posted on: 2012-12-29 by haggar
Game looks nice, but... Aside from some unlogical puzzles (you need to shake tree that is three feet in diameter, for example) and fact that most object in game are so tiny that you have problem to aim it with a mouse to click it, game suffer from same problems as most old adventure games: you will spend most of the time waiting your character to walk from one corner of the room to the another one. And not to mention that to operate objects you don't need just to click on them, instead you need to come very close to them and then operate. First example is that carpet in boos office under which one lies the key. You will be warned to move away from the carped so you can take the key, but when you move aside it will warn you that you need to get closer. That messages "Come little closer!" will very fast start to irritate you. So you will spend lot of time playing the game, but with a feeling that you didn't make a big progress. Therefore I gave 3 stars to this game.

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