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Time for some shoveling!
You've been beating up some bad guys, shooting mercenaries, blasting tons of aliens all over the universe and slaying demons among the fires of Hell??? Well, that's all just a training for a REAL danger. Get ready for evil apples!

Today's addition is Apple Panic, the first "trap-em-up" game for PC. If you liked Lode Runner you will surly like this one. Besides, you know there is nothing so evil and vicious like those giant apples. So, clean your shovel and prepare for some digging and clapping.

posted by marko river // 27-04-2010 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
New Program - Hamachi

We have just added Hamachi into our list of programs available for download, in case you don't know what the hell I'm talking about just take a look at the description!

Hamachi is a wonderful, free (for non-commercial use) little tool - it's a hassle free way of connecting with other retro gaming freaks over the internet as if you were connected via a LAN.

Hamachi allows you to create a virtual private network via a simple download with a user friendly interface, allowing you to manage your created network as you need it. [...]

posted by Dave // 27-04-2010 // permalink
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