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Avast, ye land lubbers!
Under the flag of the dreaded Chris, a new fleet of box scans has arrived: Battle Bugs, Bermuda Syndrome, Campaign, EcoQuest, Fantasy General, Mad TV, Pirates! Gold (arr, matey!), Railroad Tycoon, Stunt Island, Theme Park and World of Xeen.
posted by The Fifth Horseman // 31-01-2010 // box shots // permalink
Unsheath your swords!
Because today we've got a special treat for all you RPG hack and slash fans! Yes, we're unprotecting Eye Of The Beholder 3 - Assault On Myth Drannor! This is the third installment in the classic Eye Of The Beholder series, and it has you facing a new evil lurking in the ruins of Myth Drannor. So slip on your adventuring boots and ready your party, it's time to be a hero!

Many heroic thanks to Mad-E-Fact for providing us with this game and the review!

posted by Lulu_Jane // 31-01-2010 // not downloadable // game // Action // permalink
Registration problems have been fixed!
The bug that was stopping you from registering normally has now been fixed! Email notifications of private messages is now back to normal too. A huge thanks to Robert for helping us out!

So what are you retro-heads waiting for? Get gaming! :D

posted by Lulu_Jane // 31-01-2010 // permalink
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