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Nightmare Creatures
1884. The London is in chaos as dead rise from their graves to prey on the living. Yet stranger and more lethal creatures lurk in the shadows and only two people can stop the madman behind all this.

But first, they must face...

...the Nightmare Creatures.
posted by The Fifth Horseman // 29-01-2010 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink

I sense a disturbance in the Force...
Maybe it's those new boxshots from a galaxy far, far away that just dropped out of hyperspace?

Leading the formation is the young hero named 21603 along with trusty scanner, back from another successful mission for Rebel Alliance.
posted by The Fifth Horseman // 29-01-2010 // box shots // permalink

King is dead, long live the King... Lion King
And a suitably royal tribute are the new boxshots contributed by Chris.
posted by The Fifth Horseman // 29-01-2010 // box shots // permalink
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