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Bambo: First Blood
After years of hunting, it is only natural for a response to follow. Bambo, a smooth talking and witty bipedal deer has had enough. It is time to return the favour by no longer playing the hunted, but in fact, becoming the hunter. It is time for you to arm up either your M-16, Bazooka or sling-shot and get out into the field and show the humans that you are the most kick-ass stag that has ever lived in the role of the Deer Avenger.

BranjoHello is the Bambo of the contributors to this latest offering with his beautifully worded take on this multi-award winning experience. Professor Oak, playing the role of Colonel Oak in his role as the man who trained Bambo in the arts of warfare. Without him, this game would not be here for he has contributed both the archive and the manual so that if you are ever stuck, you can just refer to this piece of electronic magnificence and know where exactly your prey are hiding out.

posted by Professor Oak // 30-05-2010 // downloadable // game // Action // permalink
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