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The game's afoot...
... And that can only mean one thing, that's right, Sherlock Holmes and Watson are gearing up for some serious detecting! Today we have an extra's update for one of my favourite games on this site - The crafty Xhumed has provided us with the manual for The Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes - The Case Of The Serrated Scalpel.

This game is available right here on Abandonia, and if you have even a passing interest in sherlock Holmes and tales of mystery, I can't recommend this enough. The attention to detail regarding the lore of Sherlock Holmes (for want of a better word) is wonderful. Clicking around in the apartment of Holmes (among other locations) will reveal a treasure trove of references that really show you that the developers loved and knew the source material from Sir Conan Doyle.

But enough from me, time for you guys to polish up your magnifying glass and see if you're clever enough to make solving this case elementary.

posted by Lulu_Jane // 24-05-2010 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
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