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The Land of the Winds
In Storm Master, you play as a benevolent tyrant, who rules over the land of Eolia, which basically means "land of the winds". However, this is not the first time when the term is used to designate a realm. In Ancient Greece there was a historical region wearing the same name. Situated in Asia Minor, north of Ionia, bordered to the east by the Kingdom of Lydia and with its western shores washed by the warm waters of the Aegean Sea, Aeolia's main city was Smyrna (modern Izmir).

Certainly, the guys from Silmarils inspired themselves a bit from the ancient greeks' ways of managing their homeland, but with city names like Volgaatil, Xhuultil and Ozgaatil, I'd say the orcish language had a bigger influence on this game. Storm Master is a strategy that tasks you with managing your country, fighting at the same time in a unending war with the neighbour island of Sharkaania.

This was requested a long time ago, so here it is: you can now read the manual in the extras section. Additionally a scan of the floppy disk was added as a boxshot. Both files were supplied, by one of our Grand Magisters - munuainen.
posted by TotalAnarchy // 05-02-2010 // extra // permalink

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