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  1. Need help with finding a game
  2. Name Of The Game?
  3. Need Help Identifying An Oldy
  4. It's A Long Shot....
  5. This Game Needs A Name
  6. Busco Juego De Dos.
  7. What Game Is This
  8. A Game Which I Don'remember...
  9. Old Game, Not Sure Where To Find It
  10. Forgotten Text Based Game
  11. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  12. Cinema Tycoon
  13. Velocity
  14. Old Rpg
  15. Racing Game
  16. Looking For Game
  17. Looking For Game I Played As A Kid
  18. Racecar-building Game... Anybody Know It?
  19. An Old Rpg
  20. Old Tank Game I Cant Remember
  21. Need To Identify This Game.
  22. Cant Remember A Game Name
  23. A Game, Can't Remember Name.
  24. Name The Game
  25. Can't Remember...
  26. Beatdown
  27. Unknown title
  28. Skate (i Think)
  29. Cartoon History of the Universe
  30. Cavaraet
  31. Amy, A Dog
  32. Can Some Help Me Pls
  33. Still Trying To Remember An Old Game
  34. Searching Game
  35. Help Me! Which Game Is This?
  36. Request Of Unknown Game
  37. Grand Prix Management Sim
  38. Kung Fu (or Karate?) Game
  39. like Dragon View
  40. Game Similar To Risk
  41. Von Crashen Burn's Flying Circus
  42. Sam "something"
  43. Alien Adventure
  44. Scorched Earth Clone?
  45. Power
  46. Name The Game!
  47. Need Help Identifying A Game
  48. Manga Games
  49. I Want A Game
  50. Dont Know About This Game
  51. Name Of An Old Rpg Game...
  52. Seeking A Game
  53. Frog
  54. Zak (or Something) Games
  55. Can't Remember The Title
  56. Game With A Frog... Ein Spiel Mit Nem Frosch
  57. Help Me Remember A Game Name? ;_;
  58. Looking For "the Adventures Of Eskimo Joe"
  59. Please Help With Name
  60. Help Me Remember The Nam....eh, You Know The Drill
  61. Constructor
  62. Pride And Predjudice
  63. Whats These Games?
  64. Help Me Find The Name...
  65. Need Hlp With A Name
  66. Forgotten Name!
  67. Name That Game!
  68. Searching For A Game... Please Help!
  69. Arabian Trading
  70. Need Help With Game Name
  71. Some Pyramids Puzzle Game
  72. Trying To Find A Game..
  73. Another Request Starquest
  74. Save Your Bacon
  75. Picnic Ants
  76. Unknown text based adventure
  77. Another Looking For A Game Topic!
  78. Some Old Space Fighter Game
  79. Help Iding An Old Game
  80. Similar To Street Rod
  81. Looking For A Game
  82. Another Sink Or Swim
  83. Help With A Name
  84. I'm Looking For A Game
  85. Need Name Of Game
  86. One More Request, Don't Know The Name, Obscure
  87. Really Old Fotball Manager
  88. Help: The People Who Run The Site
  89. Unknown title
  90. Help Me Find The Name Of A Game
  91. Thuis In Het Mileu
  92. I Cant Remember The Name
  93. Vendetta
  94. Please Help! Can't Remember Name Of Game
  95. Planes And Helicopters
  96. Sort Of A Wizard Academy
  97. Mystery Game (mercs?)
  98. Old Dos Game Requests
  99. Whats That Game Called?
  100. Unknown Game Request
  101. Quite A Hard Nut!
  102. Unknown Titles
  103. Indy.exe: A Very Little Game About Indiana Jones
  104. I Need Help Remembering This Old Adventure Game!
  105. Vivi
  106. Help Naming A Game.....
  107. Searching For A Tmnt Game
  108. Looking For This Game
  109. Help Me Find This Space Game From The Mid 80's
  110. Help Me Find This Game
  111. Looking For An Old Dos ..uh..detective..card Game..?
  112. Looking For A Adventure/strategy Game
  113. Old Soccer Game
  114. Gold Digger
  115. I Think I'm Going To Spontaneously Combust
  116. Looking For An Old Desert Storm Strategy Game
  117. In Search Of An Old Game
  118. Sort Of Samurai Game
  119. Help!
  120. Game Similar To Scorched Earth
  121. Help, Or Does Anyone Remember...
  122. Forgot The Name Of This Game....
  123. Bouncing Bob Goes to Hell
  124. Trying To Identify Game (educational Graphic Adventure One)
  125. Blue Ball 2 (i Want It Bad!)
  126. Some Game I Played Years And Years Ago
  127. Looking For Game
  128. Two Strategy Games
  129. I Love This Game But Can't Remember
  130. Looking For Two Games
  131. Two Games, One Adventure, Other Strategy
  132. Gladiator Game
  133. An Old Shareware Rpg
  134. Can't Remember The Game Name
  135. Looking For A Game..
  136. Looking For The Name Of A Game
  137. A Game Friend Asked Me For...
  138. Looking For A Game
  139. Looking For An Old Robot Game - Don't Know Name
  140. Unknown Game
  141. Help Name This Game...
  142. P51?
  143. Looking For Old Rpg Game
  144. Looking For A Game
  145. Looking For An Old Apple 2e Game
  146. Solar Winds and unknown game
  147. Don't remember the title
  148. Escape The Enemy In Chess Fields.
  149. Virtual Reality Game...
  150. Point And Click Adventure [name Unknown]
  151. Space Game, Help Me Find The Name
  152. Trying To Remember....
  153. What Was This?
  154. Forgotten Old Game!
  155. Was On Dominator (old Demo Disk)
  156. Awsome Space Strategy Game!
  157. Am I Losing My Mind?
  158. Anyone Know A Game
  159. Crypt-worthy Game...
  160. What Is This Game?
  161. The Name Is Bloody
  162. Windows Based Space Conquer Game, Can't Remeber The Name
  163. Arena Battle Game
  164. Looking For A Game
  165. Old Game That I Can't Remember The Name Of
  166. Tower of Hanoi
  167. Help Me Find A Game Please
  168. Need Help Finding...
  169. I Need Help... Can't Remember Title...
  170. 3d Hovership/spaceship Shooter From 1990?
  171. Space Ship Game
  172. help me with 2games
  173. An Unknown Game
  174. Can't Remember Title Of Game I Used To Play-can Anyone Help?
  175. An Old Game I Can't Remember The Name Of...
  176. Bloopies
  177. Sim City With Pepole In It
  178. What Was This Game?
  179. Bounce
  180. Win Crack
  181. Can't Remember Title, Please Help!
  182. Help With Name Please!
  183. I Dont Remember The Name. Help Please :)
  184. Trojan Ii
  185. Game 35
  186. Help My Dad
  187. Please Help
  188. Searching A Game But Dont Know The Name
  189. Name Of A Platform Game
  190. Looking For A Game, Not Sure What The Title Is
  191. Old Gold Mining Game - Need Help Remembering Name...
  192. Need Help Finding An Old Game
  193. Classic Dos Game: Arena
  194. Trajan Ii
  195. Space Strategy Game With "navy Hymn" In Intro - Who Knows It?
  196. Old Football Manager Game.
  197. Looking For A Game
  198. Unkown Title: Pc Puzzle Game
  199. Dont Recall Name For A Game
  200. Unknown Game Title
  201. Unknown Title
  202. Interesting Mid 90's Card Game. Can't Remember Name.
  203. Overhead Turn Based Rpg (strategy?)
  204. Unknown Game
  205. Battleship Game
  206. Can Someone Plz Help Me
  207. Can't For The Life Of Me Remember The Name Of This Game...
  208. Who Knows The Title Of This Game
  209. Trying To Find This Game...
  210. Help Identifying Old Game
  211. Bioman
  212. Looking For An Old Wizard Vs Wizard Game
  213. What Is The Name Of This Game ?
  214. What Was That End Of The World Game?
  215. Searching an Important Game Of My Life!
  216. QBasic Gorillas | [?]
  217. Looking For A Game...
  218. A Rpg/survival Game: Please Help Me To Find It
  219. Looking For A Side-scrolling Aircraft Game
  220. Please Help Me Remember The Name
  221. Help On Naming An Old Game
  222. Cant Remember Name Of Game
  223. Search An Adventure
  224. It's A Hexxagon Clone For Windows 3.1
  225. Some Tank Game - Networked
  226. 3-dish Airplane Shooter
  227. I'm Looking For A Game...
  228. Daniel
  229. Pixel At War
  230. Ancient Educational Game
  231. Barbarians With Axes On Floating Disks!
  232. Ship Docking Game
  233. Forgotten game...
  234. Space Pizza Delivery?
  235. can't remember the name of this game
  236. Nuclear Power Plant simulator DOS
  237. 2D ank game
  238. Space Strategy game: Unknown
  239. mouse catching game
  240. old 1st person shooter in space suit
  241. Dam Building Game
  242. Space Game... Planets as Letters
  243. Title forgotten - RPG Game like Mad Max
  244. Title forgotten :(
  245. Hexagonal Fantasy Strategy RPG?
  246. Another unknown title, a hexagonal realtime fantasy strategy game
  247. Does anyone know of this game?
  248. Looking for rare Alice title
  249. Who knows this game?
  250. Adventure Game / Space Insane Asylum Ship / Star Trek/Wars? / LucasArts?