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  1. A Game About Mars
  2. Spectre VR & ???
  3. Fights of Zulu | Loserball
  4. Freaks!
  5. Valhalla (aka Ragnarok) | Criminals
  6. Help Me To Find This Game
  7. Grime - The Revenge of the MOLD
  8. Old space shooter, with bases...
  9. Secret Agent syled game, trying to remember name
  10. Old game COMPILATION, long story....
  11. looking for a game thats propely warez
  12. Hello. I have a list of quite many games i need identifying
  13. Trying to remember a game I've found some time ago...
  14. DOS Shareware Flight Sim
  15. Role playing game
  16. Two old games
  17. Freeware PC Adventure Game With Indiana Jones Look-A-Like
  18. How to ask us to find your forgotten game
  19. Fantasy Adventure game on multiple CDs
  20. Bloody adventure game with a bipedal fox in a haunted forest
  21. Post-Apocalyptic Survivor
  22. Fantasy RPG (maybe) Top Down Game
  23. Cycle game, very polygonal, dialup multiplayer
  24. Audubon Wildlife Adventure - Whales
  25. top down RPG amiga ega early 90s
  26. Macintosh shareware simple RPG
  27. Arcade racing game
  28. old Amiga game
  29. Mid 80's space shooter on DOS
  30. OLD rpg?
  31. kid's PC game about a red haired school girl
  32. Old Ship Game & one other multi post in one !
  33. Anime style shareware fantasy TBS (Windows)
  34. Can't remember the name of this old PS1 game, please help :(
  35. Looking for an old Space Fighters game
  36. Old Mac Adventure Game
  37. a man hanging and falling down from platforms
  38. island simulation game
  39. Space Sim, economy + strategy
  40. Haunted Mansion Video Game ??
  41. A Sierra game and an old RPG
  42. Awesome grid-based movement strategy adventure game
  43. Hercules/Ancient Greece/Trials DOS game
  44. New member - looking for IBM PC game "Oubliette"
  45. Sound Race (platformer, possible shareware/promotional game)
  46. HELP: Two games are driving me nuts!!!
  47. [ID Game] Looking for two old platform games
  48. real time fantasy game with 4 wizards
  49. mac, early to mid 90s. Gone Fishing?
  50. Looking for a jrpg with different starts
  51. users who had helped in game identification: leaderboard
  52. please wanna help ...
  53. Searching for PIM
  54. A Bomberman like game
  55. Platform Slasher with a Knight
  56. 1980s sci-fi platformer
  57. Outflank some percentes of the map
  58. An isometric platformer with an alien
  59. c64 2d red stickman sidescroller action game
  60. A game that allowed you to paint your desktop
  61. Medieval point and click adventure (possibly educational?)
  62. Text based Adventure Game on old IBM-something about a mansion?
  63. Name of this game??
  64. A 90's puzzle game for kids: a clown and his friends.
  65. Searching for game
  66. Looking for two games
  67. point & click adventure, police detective
  68. Can't remember much about it
  69. top-down shooter pc game from 90'ies, I played as a kid.
  70. Tiles flipping game
  71. Old puzzle game played in 92 involving a knight
  72. DOS space game with alien race called "Luchok"
  73. Scifi trading/adventure game
  74. Point and click game where you played as a monkey?
  75. 90's medical themed game
  76. Old Freeware PC Space 4x Type Windows Game
  77. Old Alien Breeding / Feeding Game (Shareware)
  78. (Old PC) Rotating Garden bugs/flowers/ladybug game
  79. Turn based strategy game Windows 95
  80. 8-Bit Girls Magic School RPG similar to Gurk
  81. Deer Hunter Game (W98/XP?)
  82. Racing game in crazy tracks and like a crazy TV gameshow
  83. Kind of 1-st person game with cool intro
  84. Apple II game exploring a castle
  85. Looking for an text adventure for Apple IIe
  86. Crickety Manor
  87. Need Help! Im looking for an older Puzzle Game with Animals
  88. Children's puzzle game with bear mascot
  89. Top Down PC RPG From Early to Mid 90s
  90. Packaging game for Windows
  91. Asking for old dog puzzle game
  92. Reflection Chess
  93. Early 80's snake/pac man hybrid game?
  94. Magazine Windows Game - Fly rocket through maze and avoid obstacles
  95. scavenger
  96. A travelling wizard in a green outfit...who is he?
  97. medieval strategy
  98. Needing help in remembering Games name! Something like "Rocko"
  99. 1st person adventure in spaceship 1996-1997
  100. orange maze type thing??
  101. Trying to find the title of a game with pipes?
  102. Turn based, tank, air battle Strategy game
  103. Pac-Man Parody, possibly newer than DOS era, possibly not.
  104. PacMan-esque game from late 80's early 90's
  105. Archaeology edutainment game, uncover artefacts that take you back in time
  106. Dos Taxi FPS
  107. trying to find shareware space game
  108. A 2D side scolling ball game
  109. A Lode Runner Clone for DOS
  110. creature evolution simulator similar to Simlife
  111. Wandering haunted green halls
  112. PC Game With Red And Blue Wizard In 2D Platform
  113. Multiplayer w. Rabbits killing each other
  114. 3D FPS Adventure old game name
  115. early 90' (late 80's?) PC RPG/adventure game - desert/postapocalyptic setting
  116. Looking for Old Adventure Game Name
  117. Red-vs-Blue first-person boxy tank game
  118. Looking for an adventure game
  119. Base on the moon looking for disappeared earth
  120. Top Down, medieval, strategic, rpg game
  121. Shareware PC 4X Realtime space game, similar to Stars!
  122. BT Scoop or Scoot? Help Please
  123. Win 9x-era Turn Based Space War Game
  124. Platformer game for windows 9x
  125. Dos/Win95 space game
  126. Need Help: Looking for an old game!
  127. C-64 sidescroller (?)
  128. Pool/Snooker game
  129. Movie Maker With Dancing Cats
  130. Looking for an Old Quiz Game
  131. Space Game with about 9 different races
  132. Can't remember name of old DOS game, HELP!
  133. Triangle Space Ships Game?
  134. Forgotten old FPS
  135. Late 90s superhero comic creation game
  136. Topdown Arcade Racer for the ATARI ST
  137. Looking for a old epic game!
  138. Catching a rainbow / Arcade Game
  139. I can't remember the name of this game!
  140. looking for a game here peeps wheeelp! :D
  141. must find this rpd dos game
  142. 1st person adventure game in a school
  143. worm game
  144. Turn based, strategy DOS or Windows game
  145. A wizard battle / chess game [plus finding two more]
  146. lost vehicle and weapon building 2d platformer game
  147. PC Game, 2D platform, about a wizard...
  148. "Electrifying Adventures"
  149. A bright doom-like game set in a town or city?
  150. The Darkest Night Part II: The Vendetta
  151. Space-based artillery game with satellites and asteroids
  152. Looking for a lost "Sumer game variant"
  153. Space-themed rail shooter, takes place in space and then you infiltrate a facility
  154. Point n' Click adventure game for PC.
  155. Third person PC action game with a winter level and warrior/samurai protagonist
  156. It was a isometric or top down medieval dungeon crawler type game
  157. Drunk driving game (Hard one!)
  158. 1st Person Yellow Brick Road
  159. Futuristic surfer game
  160. Bomb Defusing sort of game
  161. 2 games: 1 top-down season-changing cutesy strategy game. Other: Descent-style 6DOF
  162. 1st person shooter, similar too Quake 1
  163. WW1 SHMUP early 90s
  164. reverse frogger -- man falling down screen
  165. Trying to find a old DOS game, featuring a capsule robot and a space planet world
  166. "Sentinel" top down shooter for Windows
  167. Kanaan - cancelled game (1999)
  168. Rare and possibly unheard of game
  169. Old DoS RTS game
  170. Looking for download: Dutch anti-alcohol platformer for Dos - "Zefalo"
  171. 3D racing game with flying cars and UFOs.
  172. Colourful Tetris-Clone with Monkey Scientist that bursts into flames
  173. Not a Game (Financial Program - Win 95?)
  174. Unknown Space Turn-Based Strategy Game
  175. Trying to find info about this TPS(?)
  176. Live Action Interactive Movie-Making Computer Game from late 90s/early 2000s
  177. Looking for an old (around 94/95) Pc Board Game
  178. 90ish point and click adventure (in space?)
  179. Action Game set in a Dark Forrest
  180. DOS side-scroller, forgotten title
  181. naval game
  182. Space strategy turn based Windows game from 90s?
  183. Looking old adventure puzzle game 1984-1996
  184. Two old games. Maybe you can help me?
  185. Late-90's live-action first-person point-and-click
  186. Middle aged third person action
  187. PC game: Arena (no, not that one)
  188. what was this rpg?
  189. Help me find a game
  190. [PATCH] Yendorian Tales Book 1, Chapter 2 & Tyrants of Thaine
  191. Duel. The game's name is Duel.
  192. 3rd person game, with circles for "pixels"
  193. 3-D FPS Jetpack game. Outback... outland.. outrun(ners)?
  194. Monster farming game. defend against alien spiders
  195. RPG from the 90s
  196. Forgotten Zelda Type Game, Help! XD
  197. Looking for a couple of old edutainment games?
  198. Space Pirate themed game
  199. FBI quest type game with real life actors [Flash Traffic: City Of Angels]
  200. Looking for a Game
  201. Old game.
  202. It was certainly called HardHat
  203. Old worldbuilding game
  204. Trying to Remember a Super Old Star Wars Game
  205. Old Mediaval like game
  206. Adult take picture game from 90s
  207. Cave and dragon and treasures
  208. Game about elephants for DOS
  209. Scene creator game for Dos
  210. Puzzle type game for DOS
  211. PC Windows Third Person Shooter
  212. diablo alike, top-down I gues
  213. Third person arcade-like shooter from the early 2000's
  214. Camping Game with Orange Monster??
  215. Literally the best game i've ever played in my life, can't find it.
  216. Searching old games of early 1990
  217. Blue pill old game
  218. Escaping from the maze
  219. Forgotten name of scary game I once played
  220. Help finding an old 3d (sim?) type game
  221. Old GTA like game
  222. Old driving car game
  223. Isometric fantasy castle builder/fort defense
  224. (very) Old Dos Game - like Crusader Kings
  225. A 3D game about building bases on various planets and fighting alien insects
  226. The Evil Farming Game
  227. A car game where you shoot other cars
  228. 90s? Medieval Battleship SLG game
  229. D&D-inspired game
  230. PS2/PS1 Game
  231. 3D Puzzle Game with Fires, A Wooden Box and a Ball missing
  232. Rainbow Frog Game
  233. I am looking for an old isometric game
  234. Looking for a sega genesis cartridge game named
  235. Looking for name of "Sterntaler" game and Chewit (both DOS)
  236. help me find a unity game pls
  237. Looking for a game about chips and cannons
  238. Looking for a Lode runner clone
  239. A game about spaceships
  240. Early 00's Windows point and click adventure w/rats
  241. Lost 2D-Space-Game conquering the Starsystem!
  242. [Amiga]Similar game to Fire Force
  243. Im looking for a strategy game that i dont know its name!
  244. McGruff the Crime Dog "No Show" Apple II game
  245. Forgotten Platform Multiplayer Wizard Game
  246. Off road arcade racer
  247. 3rd person 90s game
  248. Old combat 2 player game - shooting at each other
  249. Forgotten DSi Educational Platformer
  250. That Evil Farming Game?