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Hello all you wonderful retro-lovelies! You may have noticed a few changes to our front page over the last little while. We've been taking steps to increase our communication with you via various means and as part of that you will now see Abandonia's twitter feed if you scroll a little down this page.

We hope that this will help increase communication between us and you, and even if you don't use Twitter, the feed is worth glancing over now and then as we post news-links and links to interesting gaming and retro related bits and pieces that don't appear anywhere else on site or on our network.

Please bear in mind that as always, our front page is a work in progress so let's work together to help make Abandonia the best retro-gaming hub that we can!

posted by Lulu_Jane // 08-11-2011 // permalink
Can you hear those drums?
Those voodoo drums thump thump thudding in the night? Those drums can only mean one thing: Today we bring you Jane Jensen's 1993 opus, Gabriel Knight: Sins Of The Fathers.

Although this game is currently being sold by Good Old Games (so we cannot provide you with the archive, but have happily pointed you in their direction on the game page) we have a wonderfully thorough review by our very own TotalAnarchy and you will find a plethora of related games which are available for your downloading pleasure via the game page. So turn the lights down low, steel yourself and enter the mysterious voodoo world of New Orleans!

posted by Lulu_Jane // 15-11-2011 // not downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
ScummVM 1.4.0 Released

It's time for celebrations for the ScummVM project and its developement crew!

We want to congratulate with them for the impressive milestone reached: 10 years of continuous support, developement and dedication.

You all have our admiration!

Abandonians, what are you waiting for?

The last release is downloadable on their official page, don't forget to read the release notes for details:


posted by Dave // 16-11-2011 // permalink
A CyClone has blown into town!
With a strong gust of wind Abandonia has some new extras on the site. Some boxshots and a rulebook and data card for the game CyClones. Not the best known FPS ever this game still delivers the action packed fun you would expect and with these extras you can get even more in depth with it. What are you waiting for give them and the game a download and enjoy.

A big thanks to Geezer for scanning and giving us these wonderful extras.

posted by DarthHelmet86 // 19-11-2011 // extra // permalink
Behind the Brigade
More boxshots today. Thanks to Ermuli, you can grab some scans of Steel Panthers III - Brigade Command.

In case you are a strategy fan and haven't played any of Steel Panthers games, entire series is available on our site. Have fun.

posted by marko river // 23-11-2011 // box shots // permalink
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