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Download Cabal

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You get to be an “army of one” in Cabal, a shooting gallery type game along the line of Operation Wolf or Front Line. You fearless hero must wade through a seemingly endless supply of soldiers, tanks and transports while trying not to get shot or blown to bits.

Control is straightforward using the arrow keys to move and control the targeting crosshair, while “Z” fires your weapon, and “X” tosses a grenade. Your weapon, with unlimited ammo, can be upgraded during game play by collecting a power up dropped by a dying enemy. Grenades are in limited supply, but are dropped rather regularly by your foes as they fall under your hail of hot lead.

You must dodge the bullets, grenades and artillery shells of the enemy, which is easier said than done. Remember you can duck, and still fire, which can come in handy. You should try to target armored vehicles while they are moving as they do not fire at you until they stop. Some buildings and terrain objects can be blown up for some quick, but substantial points (assuming you can pick up the points).

To advance from one level to the next you must kill a specific number of enemies. Once you have completed the level you run to the next level, until you reach the ultimate objective, such as a helicopter.

Music was never heard and there is no configuration option for it that I could find. Sound effects a bare bones speaker “bleeps” when you pick up a power up. The graphic are presented in 16-color EGA, unless you select CGA.

Annie grab your gun because you’ll need it in Cabal. It’s you against the entire enemy army, but unlike Rambo you’ll be dying left and right!


Reviewed by: Anonymous / Screenshots by: Anonymous / Uploaded by: Anonymous / share on facebook

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