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Download Deer Avenger

Deer Avenger
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Hunting simulations have always targeted a particular niche in the computer-game market. Deer Hunter was considered the master of a genre that many players viewed as the embodiment of boredom. You go into a forest and... kill a deer, if you’re lucky enough not to be spotted and the deer doesn’t escape. Bambo (Bambi + Rambo: a deep bow to the developers), a macho deer from the nearby forest, thought the same, but didn’t know what to do about it. One day Bambo, totally enraged, armed himself and decided to turn the tables, and so the hunter became the hunted.

The game has an open style: there are no missions, levels, or anything of the sort. Simply arm yourself (with an M-16 rifle, bazooka, or sling shot) and go hunting at one of three proposed sites: snow-covered Minnesota, the backwoods of West Virginia, or Connecticut. On the map of the selected location, move the circle, looking for clues that hunters have left behind (porn magazines, beer cans, toilet paper, etc.), and then press "Hunt," which will transfer you to the screen where the actual hunting takes place. The screen can be scrolled 360 degrees horizontally and somewhat less vertically in part, and all commands are issued using the mouse. You acquire the naive hunters' attention by farting or with a wide range of comical calls. When you hear their footsteps or comments, then that means they are in the vicinity, and you can aim your weapon at them and shoot. There are seven different hunters (Earl, Jedd, Tad, Tree Hugger, Bubba, Tree Man, and Biff) who may end up on your trophy wall. For each hunter, there is a different animation when you deprive him of his life. The animation can also vary depending on which weapon you used. You have binoculars, but they are practically useless, although you may come across some interesting gags with them.

The graphics are very cute: cartoonish for moving things and photorealistic for the static background. The hunters represent a variety of stereotypes; from yuppie to hillbilly. There are background forest sounds, and like any other hunting game, there is no music. The true driving force behind this game is the humor in the comments of our heroic deer and his prey. Everything is a parody, and the great humor really makes you want to play a little bit more. Bambo is, in one word, fascinating: his comments are hilarious and will catch you completely off guard.

Deer Avenger is an excellent parodic game, perfect for relaxation while having your afternoon coffee. Unfortunately, that is also its downside: Once you catch all of the hunters, there will be no real motivation to return to this game - at least for a while. But then you'll start to miss crazy Bambo, and the insanity will start all over again.


Reviewed by: BranjoHello / Screenshots by: Professor Oak / Uploaded by: Professor Oak / share on facebook

User Reviews

Posted on: 2013-07-24 by tmw5911
absolutely love it

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