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Download Space Crusade

Space Crusade
1004 kb



Space Crusade was released 1993 by Gremlin Interactive and is based on the same title tabletop game from Games Workshop.

Space Crusade is a turn based 1 to 3 player strategic game where players take control of a Space marine Squad. The AI is acting for the aliens. After choosing a mission, the marines must be equipped and orders have to be chosen. The higher the rank of the commander, the higher the amount of orders he can give in battle. The commander is the most important figure of your squad. He can gain higher ranks by completing missions which will, in turn, allow more orders to be given out, and will also allow him to carry more equipment. All three commanders can be saved after completing a mission.

The gaming area is shown from a 2D top view, whereas the combat is shown in a pseudo-3D isometric view.

This game is not easy to beat. There is much depth to it, and you'll have to learn every trick. Sometimes only luck will help you trough tough situations. In order to understand how aliens are hit, you have to understand how the dice work. Please see the tables for details.

Space Crusade is a straight 4. The multiplayer option was great in 1993 and is still fun today.

Start the game with the sc.bat!

If your mouse doesn't move and reacts to clicks only hit CTRL-F10 to lock your mouse.


Reviewed by: Falcoix / Screenshots by: Falcoix / Uploaded by: Falcoix / share on facebook

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