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Download Alien Breed

Alien Breed
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Alien Breed is an action game originally made for the Amiga, but it was converted to PC for your and my pleasure. The creators of the game are the well-known Team17.

You start the game as a brave soldier alone in the base and your task is to fight your way through, killing all that is in your way.

'What is in my way?' you may ask.
Aliens, and lots of them, and they come in many shapes and sizes.

'So how do I get rid of them?'
Well, use your brain... erm, guns, which you can get at the start of the game. But be warned, the ammo is in short supply, and you should pick up extra packs from the floor.

'What else can I pick up from the floor?'
You can pick up health which is, of course, vital to your survival. You can also pick up keys, with which you open doors - the good thing is that you can open any door with any key, whereas the bad thing is that you can get stuck if you run out of keys, so use them wisely! Not every door needs to be opened. Another thing that can be picked up is money, which was probably left by previous occupants of the base.

'But why do I need money in a base infested with aliens?'
The Intex network computer comes into play here. That's the network incorporated into the base, but there is only one computer per level. From that computer, which is accessed by pressing Alt + fire, you can buy different useful weapons and tools. You can also see the map of the level on it, as well as some other valuable stuff. It is also good to know that you'll use the Intex computer for loading levels once you've passed them, since there is no regular save game.

'This game seems cool, but what does it look like?'
People say a picture is worth a thousand words, so you can take a look at the screenshots yourself. My personal opinion is that the graphics are quite good for the game's age, but you'll need some time getting used to the birds-eye view.

'It looks cool, but what does it sound like?'
The sound is fine; it may get a little repetitive, but it's good as long as you haven't got the PC speaker selected.

'Hmm. I'm a click away from downloading it, but what's the final verdict?'
This game is really amusing! After you get used to it, it can become addictive, but if you want to keep your nerves you should know that Alien Breed is a very challenging game, and it might get frustrating from time to time. However, if you are a skilled player, you might experience fewer problems than I did. Another old saying is: the more the merrier (easier in this case), and yes, there's a two-player mode.


Reviewed by: Tulac / Screenshots by: Tulac / Uploaded by: Tulac / share on facebook

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