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Download Where Time Stood Still

Where Time Stood Still
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Where Time Stood Still was a real diamond when it appeared. The isometric view on a action-adventure mix which follows a story about four people that accidentally find themselves in the forgotten part of the world where obviously time stood still for millions of years. Such a story you've heard (or seen) many times, but at the time the game came out it still hasn't been used much.

After the famous "The Great Escape", Denton Designs were more than able to create another action-adventure legend with an improved engine, graphics and gameplay raised to the new level. Naturally the game will remind you of "The Great Escape", as it has a similar appearance and gameplay. This time you control four people. Every one of them has its own abilities, personalities and relations with others. You'll have to lead them carefully through the dangers of this world-forgotten place and reach safety of the boring world.

Generally, you have to explore the surrounding area finding items and deal with troubles. The leader (and the pilot) is Jarret and is the one you directly control. His now unlucky passengers are a young couple Dirk and Gloria and Clive, Gloria's father and wealthy businessman - you could say that it's a bit expected. Every character has his own skills and can carry up to four items. Also, their relationships have an influence on the game. The controls consist only of directions and a fire button which you use for firing or running (depending on are you moving). Press SPACE to enter inventory. If an item can be seen on the screen, then you can pick it up, but pick it up only when it's near. Otherwise, character may get confused. Also, characters may get tired, hungry, thirsty...

There are some problematic things in this game. If you run, characters may get lost and can't follow you. Also, tiny passages may be tricky as characters may get stuck. Still, they manage to figure out when they should move back or so, but they might need a few seconds. But the biggest problem would be the lack of a save option. This means that you'll have to play the game all over again if you make a fatal mistake and this game is the kind of game in which you progress by learning from your mistakes. This game is an old-fashioned one (it appeared for old platforms as well), but at least one save position would make everything much easier since this is not exactly a simple action game. On the other hand, perhaps it's not meant to be easy since surviving in the forgotten world is far from easy.

Although there are some things that make this game very hard and that greatly increase the time needed to beat this one and although not so famous like some other games of that period, there is no doubt that this game is a legendry one. Unfortunately probably only the most patient players will manage to beat it, which makes the PC version less attractive. Therefore this version doesn't get the highest mark, but the phrase "legendary" stays. Highly recommended to every action-adventure fan.


If you had problems passing the input selection screen, use the numbers on the keyboard and then press 0 to activate the game.


Reviewed by: marko river / Screenshots by: marko river / Uploaded by: marko river / share on facebook

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