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Download Action Fighter

Action Fighter
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This is a conversion of SEGA's hit created originally for Sega consoles. Later on, Core Design converted this game onto all popular platforms of that time. The game is an up-scrolling shooter, fast and fun on short terms. Every conversion was successful. As you are probably guessing, PC conversion is not as good as the others (except maybe Spectrum) but is more than adequate (although little hard at times). 

You are a secret agent, driving in three different vehicles. There are five missions you need to accomplish and each mission is divided in two parts: the first one is driving through the streets and the second one takes place in the air. At the beginning of the mission, you receive a short briefing about the main enemy you are supposed to destroy at the end. 

Every level starts off with you driving the bike. You have to drive through the street that goes on and on in circles. You are very vulnerable on the bike, since cars can run you over. You can also die if you hit the car from behind. So, you can't really drive at top speed unless you want to test your reflexes. As for your weapon, your weapon fires giant bullets. You need to shoot the enemy vehicles in order to destroy them or simply push them off the track. There is a bank on each side of the road, so you can't accidentally loose a life, however someone can ram you into it. 

As you shoot more and more enemies, letters will appear (you can see the letter boxes from A to F above the action screen) and you should pick them up. When you pick up letter 'D', the bike will change into the car. Now you can run over bikes and hit other cars more safely. After picking up 'F' you'll just need to drive up to the end of the road, since it won't go forever from that point on. At the end of the road there will be a ramp and your vehicle will transform into an airplane. 

Airplane can shoot and throw bombs on the ground targets. While in the airplane mode, there will also be letters to pick, but they are only various improvements. You just need to fly and fight the various enemies until you reach the end of the level, where the big enemy from the briefing is awaiting. The "bosses" are not hard to destroy once you get skilled in the game. 

On both parts of the levels, some friendly vehicles may appear. They are easy to spot, since all other vehicles will disappear and your friends will have SEGA written on their roof. You just need to drive/fly into them (something already seen in the Spy Hunter) and you'll come out with a weapon improvement. Besides doubling your guns/rockets, you can receive a "back laser" that keeps you safe from fast vehicles coming from behind. If you loose a life, you will loose all improvements with it as well. 

While driving on the streets there will be a small arrow in the middle top showing you the next turning. It really does help. Also, there is a strange chopper coming from time to time. While you're driving the bike, it won't hurt you, but if you are driving the car, it will start dropping bombs. You can avoid the bombs or destroy it if you have rockets (second weapons upgrade). 

This game could be better in many aspects simply by comparing to its counterparts on Amiga or C64. However, it will provide you with some fun, and what else is there to expect from a game?



Reviewed by: marko river / Screenshots by: marko river / Uploaded by: marko river / share on facebook

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