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Download Stone Age

Stone Age
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Stone Age is a fun and challenging puzzle game. You are in control of a dinosaur and you have to make him reach the exit of each cave. Sounds simple? Far from it. The dinosaur can only walk on certain blocks on the level. Some are just ordinary blocks, some are movable in the direction the arrow points, some crumble after you walk on them, and some have coloured keys which are needed to get past locks of the same colour.

The game has two difficulty modes, the only difference being that in Light mode you have a lot more time to complete levels. The faster you finish the levels, the more score you get. Every time you run out of time, the level restarts and you lose a candle. When you run out of candles you lose the game. After each level you get a code to be able to return to it after quitting.

You use the arrow keys to move your dinosaur and arrowed blocks. These can also be moved by "remote control" by pressing Space and selecting the respective block. If you ever get stuck on a level and don't want to wait for the time to end, you can restart it with Q. If you just want to quit, use Esc.

The graphics are simple and cartoony, and the variety of scenarios make the levels more interesting. There's no sound, but a big selection of music. An interesting feature is the Jukebox, which allows you to customize the played tracks much like a playlist editor.

In conclusion, this is an incredibly entertaining and challenging puzzle game, but be warned that it will quickly grow in difficulty. Either that or I just don't have a brain for this kind of thing.

Music will not play under Windows XP.


Reviewed by: SupSuper / Screenshots by: SupSuper / Uploaded by: SupSuper / share on facebook

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