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Download Crossbow - The Legend of William Tell

Crossbow - The Legend of William Tell
197 kb



“Brave hero, you are my truest eye; my most skilled champion; my trusted commander! I put you in charge of the oblivious children of my sister-in-law. What buffoons! I have sent them on a ‘road trip’ of sorts. Protect them at all costs…”

Well, that’s not exactly the plot, but it may as well be. You have to protect a group of wandering adventures – and wandering is all they seem to do – that are completely oblivious to the myriad of mayhem and plethora of perils that surround them. All manner of badgering beast, evil magic, and natural disaster challenge you for the life of the adventures. The only weapon you have to defend them is your trusty…

Crossbow! This is a PC remake of an old arcade favorite offering EGA graphics, which are passable but certainly not a bull’s eye. The sound misses the mark consisting only of noises via the speaker, but at least they indicate the pending baddie about to beset your group.

DOSBox played the game (I’m on XP) but with some graphical glitches. VDMSound worked well, but I would suggest you “Cap the DOS timer frequency” and reduce the CPU usage.

Like a searing crossbow bolt to the neck, this game hurts at first, and then mercifully ends quickly! If you were a fan of the arcade game then this will hit the mark, otherwise you can find a better way to get shafted.


Reviewed by: Taskmaster / Screenshots by: Taskmaster / Uploaded by: Taskmaster / share on facebook

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