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Deus is an action/survival/adventure game and the second (and best) game in the
<a href="">Robinson's Requiem</a> series. Deus was made in 1996 by Silmarils.

You start the game on an unknown hostile planet with a dirty, smelly old parachute that looks like it's going to fall apart and only your fists to defend yourself with. The main objective of Deus is to escape the planet and at the same time keep yourself alive, which is not an easy job.

There are two game modes in Deus - arcade and simulation. In arcade mode the game is much easier because you don't have to worry about dying from food poisoning, infection and other things. In simulation mode you have to be very very careful of what you do, or you can be killed very quickly. The thing I like about Deus is that there are many ways to heal yourself and survive, such as making yourself some clothes.

On the planet there are a number of enemies and animals such as snakes and birds to watch out for. There is also a good selection of weapons, including a knife, a spear, a bow and arrow and of course your fists. Some major enemies to watch out for are infection, poisoning and bloodloss. I can't count how many times I have died from these things.

The sound in Deus is quite nice and varied, from the natural sounds around you to the sound of you stabbing someone to death.
The graphics have much improved from Robinson's Requiem; now you can tell what you are looking at, and the enemies are nicely detailed. The animals also look quite nice, except for the birds. There is also plenty of play time in Deus due to its two gameplay modes and its difficulty - that is, if you don't get bored from dying all the time. There are a few problems with Deus, such as crashing, dying and getting stuck so save often or you may just be wasting your time.

There are a total of 22 ways to die in Deus, the most common being food poisoning, infection and hypothermia. Make sure your food or water is clean before eating or drinking it; try boiling the water or using water purification tablets on it.
The controls in Deus are also very difficult; I recommend you use the keypad to move, Enter to attack and Ctrl to jump.

I recommend you first play Deus on arcade mode as it is easier until you get used to it. So download Deus and play this great (but hard) game. My rating is 3 - I would give it a 4 if it weren't so difficult.

* Take your time looking around.
* Monitor your temperature. If it's 37 degrees or over you have some form of infection or poisoning. If it's below 36.2 you are cold and should find a place to rest.
* If the blue bar gets too low drink water, even if it's not pure.
* If the yellow bar gets too low eat any food you can find.
* If you see blue stars on the screen you are almost dead.
* Always bandage your wounds to prevent infection.
* Only use antibiotics when necessary.


Reviewed by: chickenman / Screenshots by: chickenman / Uploaded by: chickenman / share on facebook

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