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Download Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future Part II
456 kb



I'm sure you all know the great movie trilogy Back to the Future. Those were great movies, and a number of games were based upon them. Here’s the second game: BttF2. 

First off let me just give you a small piece of advice: Once you start the game it will ask you for the soundcard, joystick/keyboard and video options. If you have a joystick, change the setting, then select AdLib sound. Once you select the graphic mode - I suggest EGA, although MCGA/VGA isn't too bad - the game will start, so if you didn't set the sound, you'll be stuck with the PC speaker. 

Also, I must warn you to slow down DOSBox to some 500 cycles, because the game will be far too fast otherwise (and be careful when redefining keys – if DOSBox isn’t set even slower, to around 50 cycles, you’ll be pressing a key and the game will assign it to more then one function). 

Now you're set and finally on your way. As you may remember from the movie, Marty is in the future, riding one of those cool hoverboards... You might not find them so cool after you're done with the game, because you'll have to ride them a lot! The level is timed, and if you simply skate you won't be fast enough. That's why you need to grab hold of a car going in your direction. You also need to fight other skaters and avoid the obstacles. Luckily you have some power-ups that restore your energy. You need to pass a few stages and you even get to skate on water (tricky). 

Then you’ll have to think for a while, because you’ll have to open the right doors (and close them in due time) in order to rescue Jennifer - and you do want to rescue her: Police have taken her to her future house and she must get out unnoticed, so lead the family members away from her path. This puzzle part is my favorite, but watch out - it's more difficult than it sounds. 

Then it's off to more action again, as you walk along the streets back in the year 1985 (you know, that gambling booklet Marty bought and which caused so much trouble). You need to beat up some guys who don't want you around. In the end you even get to kick the behind of the arch-villain of your family (Biff). 

Next up is the sliding block puzzle. You remember the jumbled pictures where you needed to slide the little pieces, so you'd get a clear image? Well that's exactly what you need to do. You need to restore normality while listening to Marty play Johnny B. Goode. It's the picture of the band playing back in the 50s - remember how Marty taught them to play that and Chubby Checker overheard it? 

And now the moment you've all been waiting for: more skating. You know the drill. Skate, fight, evade and skate a lot more! 

The game doesn't have much to do with the movie, really, because it's just some scenes taken from the story, which don't make much sense on their own (they lack depth). If you're in the mood for a mediocre action game with some thinking involved, just so you can set your mind at ease, then go for it. Otherwise wait until you are in such a mood. 

For all who wish to be really successful without practicing hard, here's a cheat you can use: At the screen where you're asked to press "fire" to start the game or R to redefine the keys type "einstein", and the cheating mode will be turned on (you cheater).



Reviewed by: Sebatianos / Screenshots by: Sebatianos / Uploaded by: Sebatianos / share on facebook

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