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Download Amazing Spider-Man, The

Amazing Spider-Man, The
173 kb



Have you ever dreamt of being a superhero? Dreamt of taking on the bad guy, and rescuing the damsel in distress while you’re at it? Then this could be a game for you. You’ll take the role of a really famous hero in this one. 

Yes, really famous, for we all know this hero to come out of Marvel’s forges; the man who was bitten by a radioactive spider and turned into one of the most awesome superheroes to date: The Amazing Spiderman.

As the game starts, we find Spiderman’s girl, Mary Jane, in trouble as the evil Mysterio kidnaps her and takes her to his hideout, Rockwell Studios. Of course Spiderman is hot on his trail.

So now you take the role of Spiderman, and guide him through his most dangerous adventure yet! You’ll have to follow Mysterio deep into his lair to free Mary Jane. 

So, what can Spiderman expect down there? Well, a lot of puzzles mostly. In fact, you’ll be puzzling all your way through this game, trying to get to that button, over that gap or past that monster. These puzzles can be challenging, but most are not all that difficult; I thought they were fun! 

Luckily, Spiderman has some skills to help him. His most trusty feature is the ability to launch webs. You can use these to swing from surface to surface, activate switches or tie down monsters. Be careful, though! Monsters tied down this way can still hurt you, and if you just ignore them afterwards, your superhero will die more quickly than a fly in a spider’s web. Spiderman is also able to walk on walls and even on ceilings (which can look funny at times). But again, beware! Some surfaces are too difficult even for Spiderman to hold on to, and you don’t want him falling into a burning pit now, do you? 

If you don’t want Spidey to fall down that pit, you’ll want to know something about moving him around. I found the controls to be pretty straightforward: Left and Right to move, Space and any direction (Also diagonally) to launch a web and Up to go, well… up! The way Spiderman behaves will take some getting used to, but don’t worry, you’ll be swinging around in no time! 

Spiderman’s adventure takes him all through Rockwell Studios, and naturally he’s going to get hurt at times. But our hero needn’t fear, as there are rooms within the complex where he can recover and also save his progress. You recognize these rooms by a huge clapper and a flashing blue floor. You recover by standing on the floor, and save by climbing onto the board and having it snap shut. 

Regrettably, Amazing Spiderman isn’t that remarkable in the graphics department. The graphics in the game are nothing special, but to be fair, they aren’t terrible either. Sound, too, is nothing special. I found the music to be better than I had expected. However, as is always the case with PC-speaker sound, it gets annoying after a while. 

A sad thing is that the game does not save your progress for some reason. The scores I set were not saved, and neither was the take (level) I was in. Every time I restarted the game, I had to start all over again. A pity, for sure. 

But what are you waiting for? Mary Jane needs your help! Quick, Spiderman, click the download button and get going to defeat Mysterio! Good luck!



Reviewed by: Doubler / Screenshots by: Doubler / Uploaded by: The Fifth Horseman / share on facebook

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