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Download 3D World Boxing

3D World Boxing
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The first thing which struck me about this game was that you can begin playing very quickly; there are not that many tiresome menus. You choose either a one-off match, where you just select two boxers, or a complete championship. Go one-off and set the number of rounds and the time of each one. 

Then, to start off, an easy match between the first-ranked boxer vs. the twenty-first is a good way to go. You can play around a little with the poor chump before placing him firmly on the canvas. Nice clean fun, but it doesn't offer anything special. 

The Championship is the far more interesting type of game; this is where you train a boxer and take him up the rankings. You start out by meeting a few losers, so you get the hang of the game, but the skill of your opponents rapidly increases. So you need to prepare in the best way: by looking at the other boxer's weaknesses and distributing your skill points accordingly. If he has a weak defense, try hitting that chin a few times with full power, and he'll soon be seeing stars. A high endurance, on the other hand, means you've got a long, gruesome fight on your hands. 

Graphically this game holds its own, as you can see. Sports games in general don't really need high class graphics, but this game actually looks ok. The music, though, (and I'm going out on a limb by calling it that) is not anything you'd put in your stereo on a Friday night...

So far so good, but: The controls suck! Yes, I'm sorry, but that's the way it is... It's hard to make your boxer understand which punch you want him to throw and when. Many times you'll be caught cursing the guy for just jumping around without doing much of anything. This is largely due to the fact that you can't set up the keys to control him, so you're left to the cursor keys and Enter... 

But with a lot of training (and maybe cursing) you might actually still like this game. And the gaming world is awfully dry of decent boxing games, so give it a try!


Reviewed by: Red Diablo / Screenshots by: Red Diablo / Uploaded by: Red Diablo / share on facebook

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