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Download 4-D Sports Boxing

4-D Sports Boxing
514 kb



4D Sports Boxing is not a very pretty game (actually more along the lines of ugly) but it gets under your skin somehow. It's because of some fun and interesting features. First of all, you can create your boxer. This can be fun, as they look so horrible; you can get a kick just out of creating a short fat boxer with pink underpants.

Still, if you want to play this game seriously, your boxer's characteristics will be very important during the later stages of the game. Another fun feature is that you can improve your boxer's abilities after each match. The point of the game is to become the champion. This will not be easy. First of all, you are on a tight schedule, and secondly, "The Champ" will be very hard to beat, even if your boxer is maxed-out in every respect.

The fight itself also provides lots of fun. There are many different punches and combinations of punches that deal different kinds of damage affecting, for example, health or stamina. You can mock your opponent in many different ways if you feel like showing superiority, or you can perform somersaults and just celebrate while your opponent is knocked out on the ground. Yes, yes, it seems a bit cruel, but let's face it, it adds fun and charm to the game.

Now you're probably wondering why a mark of 4? Well, first of all I just can't ignore the fact that the boxers in this game are simply unbelievably ugly, and secondly, the time limit you have to reach the No.1 position is just too short so you can't allow yourself to have fun with weaker boxers, but are forced to march straight to the top. Well, I guess that's how it is in the real boxing world.

Still, an excellent game if you feel like beating the living daylights out of your friend or computer and celebrating afterwards, both on screen and in real life.


Reviewed by: Kosta / Screenshots by: Kosta / Uploaded by: Kosta / share on facebook

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