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Download Gargoyle Medieval Pack

Gargoyle Medieval Pack
1320 kb



The Gargoyle Medieval Pack consists of three similar games. In each of these the Gargoyles are the evil creatures from whom the small elves are trying to defend themselves.


In this game one nasty gargoyle is trying to burn down the castle. You are in control of a water tank and your job is to catch the fireballs before they land on the ground. On every concurrent stage the speed of the monster and the missiles he fires increases.You can collect gems falling from the sky to temporarily make your tank wider, but beware of the stones, as they do the opposite. After two waves of fireballs the gargoyle goes further into the castle, and the background in the game changes accordingly.

You have multiple tanks on different levels - three of them at most- however, every time you miss a fireball you lose your lowest tank, making the game far more difficult. If you miss a fireball with a higher level tank, try to catch it with a lower one - if you still have it - or else you shall lose a life.

Remember to press space at the end of each round – it is necessary in order to start the next wave of fireballs.


It’s an assault! The Gargoyles have gathered their best soldiers and are attacking with everything they have! In this game you control a shooting wagon, and your mission is to annihilate these nasty creatures with bows and arrows. This is probably the most complex game from this collection; in every fifth stage you encounter a boss, a much larger version of the flying monsters you have been battling in the previous four levels, and if you succeed it is not the time for cheering – new waves will soon be approaching, and their forces will be more deadly!

You are not defenceless, however, as after each boss fight you can buy items to expand your wagons' abilities. It could be a better weapon, larger pots in which to collect bonuses, or just a healing elixir. There are several types of bonuses that fall from killed gargoyles – it could be coins in a variety of values, or one of many different elixir bottles. These can give you a healing effect, a bomb (press the spacebar to use) or have some other surprising effect. These bonuses are not easy to catch. You can collect them only with one of the pots on the edges of your wagon, and the pots are destructible – if a gargoyle missile hits it, it’s gone until the next round.


This time the gargoyles have invaded the castle and they are throwing your companions out. You are in control of a rescue team – two elves with a trampoline to catch your brothers. Controls are simplified in this game; as your elves can only stand in three positions, you do not move constantly over the ground. Your companions are thrown from different heights, and bounce from the trampoline to the same height as they were thrown from. Good timing is all that you need to progress in this game.


If you do download this archive, you’ll get three quite simple arcade-style games. Nothing new, nothing special, but these games are not in any way bad. I would place them somewhere in the middle - they can be a lot of fun, but probably won’t keep you at the computer for too long.


Reviewed by: bobson / Screenshots by: bobson / Uploaded by: lamparita / share on facebook

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